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Thank you. Glad you like it.

I think its perfect in every way. Great job man! I’m gonna buy it :)

Fantastic! Contact me in our support corner if you need anything.

Looks great so far… thanks again!

Great looking theme. Good luck with sales!

Thanks AJ, I appreciate that.

Congrats, amazing theme!!

Thank you Iulian.

Looks great! Do you happen to demo logins?

I’ll need to setup a demo user account and post here. Thanks

Great Theme LayerUnion, I just have a few questions.

-Will this support Buddypress 2.0 when it is released? -Can I login with a dummy account on the demo to test it more? -Does this theme have support for the standard BuddyPress Blogs Directory page when WordPress Multi-site is enabled? -Can you change the background image?

The next version of BuddyPress will be 1.7 not 2.0, and yes. Yes, it also has built in support for blog directory. Header and sub-header backgrounds can be changed from theme options, as well as color scheme. I’ll need to setup a demo user account and post here. Thanks

Congrats, looks wonderful ! :)

Thank you.


Could you please explain the benefit of having both BBPress and BuddyPress Forums on the same site? Does it mean that actually one will need to maintain 2 different Forums on one site, or they are interact with each other and share the user’s Logins?


BuddyPress gives the option in settings to use site-wide forums (bbPress) and/or group forums. Both are shown here for demonstration purposes.

Hi, nice theme – do I absolutely need to install BuddyPress, or can the theme work just with bbPress?

I simply want to use your theme for a simple forum plus blog – and don’t want the hassle of installing/configuring/maintaining BuddyPress…


I just tested, and encountered an issue while trying to run bbPress ONLY, without installing and activating BuddyPress as you’ve mentioned.

I’ve since fixed it, and am submitting the update now. Look for bbPress ONLY support added in v.1.1 :)

Thanks, will buy as soon as I get back to office

Theme update has been approved, v.1.1 is now available. Cheers!

Hi there, can I modify the homepage seperately from the theme menu? Like homepage2..

It currently uses a single homepage (front-page.php). However if you can think of another homepage layout you would like to see, I’d be more than happy to consider including it in an update. Cheers

responsive in the works?

Yes, I’m starting on this now actually. We’re adding responsiveness as well as post format support to the blogs. :)

this is a lovely theme, my only issue is that I want a theme as beautiful as this but with no buddypress/bbpress support, a homepage slider, video embedding short codes and maybe a portfolio…I would buy a theme like this immediately.

Sounds like you’re in the market for a portfolio theme then :)

We have a new portfolio theme in development now (about 75% completed)

You can follow us here on TF or signup for our email newsletter on our site and you will be notified once it’s ready.


Hi, yep, I signed up for your list earlier. Seriously engage is my ideal theme but needs some additions like I said, slider, video support, portfolio…don’t make too many changes to engage!!! the fonts, the style, the look, the tabbed shortcodes, info boxes…all lovely, exactly what I want :)

Just added a theme update (v1.1.0) to the queue. You can view the changelog here.

It is now live and available for download.

Curious did you guys think of using twitter bootstrap ? love the design only things i didn’t love are the bbpress forums aren’t as polished as the rest. I also would love if this were responsive too. :-)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, we have responsiveness being added for the next update as well as post formats (v.1.2).

Does this support Multi site without buddy press and bp press ?

Just a regular multisite installation ?

Will this include signup for a blog option to signup popup form ?


Checking now…

Yea please :) alsokindly forward me the link where you are checking it :)

Yes, it does work. I’ve tested this here locally. Here is a screenshot of it in action. Thanks,

Any way I can upload the demo wordpress theme you guys have and work from there on mine?

Are you asking for dummy content data to import? Cheers,

Yes exactly, is there any? I didnt see it in the theme files

I can do a export for the WordPress demo content. However, BuddyPress doesn’t have the ability to import/export in this same manner.

I did however find this plugin if it helps you: BuddyPress Default Data Plugin

Also, for any future support related questions please use our support system located here.



Love this theme and have a couple of questions:

- Do we have the ability to have different main nav menus for logged in users and logged out users so it shows different links? Or can the theme at least handle the code change to do this? - Does it use gravatar?



I have the code to do it now. I can give those changes via a support request, or you can wait for the next theme update to be approved and download them from here. Cheers,

Sounds great. I’ll be purchasing tonight. I’d love to get them via support if possible. We are trying to launch our site this weekend and that has been what is holding us up. Thanks!

Great. You can just create a support request and I’ll attached the update files. Cheers.

Just purchased it, it’s a nice looking theme but I’m have some issues with it. The first is, I already have an established blog, how do I make the blog – and NOT the welcome page – the home page. Also, we should be able to allow/disallow and rearrange the order of those strips/blocks in the welcome page.

I would LOVE to have those strips from the welcome page – Recent Members, Groups, etc – at the bottom of my blog posts and I would like to be able to reorder them too but since there are no options for them in the theme options page, how would I go about doing that?


Sorry for that. Please try again now. Thank you.

NP, but it is now asking for… “An Envato Purchase code is required when submitting a ticket.” I don’t see any space to place the code.

Okay, try now please.

Ow wow i’m in love…. imma buy this beauty asap!

:) Glad you like it!