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Does it work with the plugin “deviantart muro”? Thanks for your response!

Where is that promised update with fixes and other stuff?

We have updated the theme to work with the latest WP/BP. Version 1.4 is now available for download.

Hi, the bbpress section of the template is not really consistent with the look and feel of the homepage of the blog sections…will this be improved?

Thanks Amr

In its current state this theme is broken – the signup form modal does not work and the latest posts on the homepage are bugged. It’s been weeks now with no real support other than “we’re working on it”. This really needs a fix as it’s getting a bit daft now.

Support is non existent.

Version 1.1.3 of the theme remains broken specifically for the homepage when installing the latest stable versions of bbPress and BuddyPress. My support ticket remains unanswered for what is probably a common problem if every new purchaser follows the same installation instructions. Despite the waiting game I will not be requesting a refund as I haven’t found another theme specific to bbPress/BuddyPress that I like.

We have updated the theme to work with the latest WP/BP. Version 1.4 is now available for download.

Good Morning,

With Engage which incorporates BuddyPress functionality is it possible to have different membership levels within the site. Meaning that certain ‘members’ can access some content, other members can access other content etc. Or do I need to add a plugin like Wishlist Member? Have you had any challenges with Wishlist Member incorporating with your theme? Do you recommend any other membership plugins?

Thank You!

Hi I am having a the following issue with your template: when I press on the “Account Signup” button, I insert the account info but then when I press on the “Create Account” button it does not respond. Nothing happens. I ask you to suggest with urgency. Thank you.

Such a shame the author goes AWOL for long periods of time, because I would’ve bought two copies of this today. My only deterrent, is the uncertainty that bug fixes will be rectified in a timely manner. Oh well.

Since I contacted you I am not getting any answer from you. The script you are selling is not usable since the Signup + the updates on the home page do NOT work. Can you please answer? Thank you.

i have the same problem of FBaldelli! No asnwer yet? Have you tried to open a ticket on their website?


Just bought the template… and have a few (simple) questions:

1) FROM THE BLOG – how do I show more than three blog posts on the front page, I want to show a maximum of 6

2) FROM THE BLOG – the ‘text’ of the post is not showing up under the featured image and title…. how do I fix that?

3) FROM THE BLOG – under the top blue bar is the (demo) text – ‘Engage WordPress & BuddyPress theme lets you signup visitors on your site. Members can build their profile, send messages, friend people, interact in groups, post in the forum’ – under this (on my site) is the FROM THE BLOG section. There is a rather large gap between the two… how can I reduce this gap — I know that I can remove the ‘Engage Wordpress etc. (demo) text and the FROM THE BLOG will automatically ‘move up’ the page, but I do not want to remove this text.

Any suggestions/comments/ideas etc very welcome!

I’d like to buy this theme but the evident lack of updates and support is worrying…

@luckyluciano71 – I opened a ticket approx 3-4 weeks ago and the response was along the lines of “we’re working on it” and then the ticket was closed. Since then he’s seemingly been AWOL.

Such a shame as this is a great theme otherwise

Hi, this seems like the perfect theme for me. But seems like people say support tickets have not been answered? Anyone know what is happening with this theme?

I’m having the same problem as a lot of you other guys here. Signup button won’t work and there isn’t an option to turn it on…

For a BuddyPress theme, this is essential. He’s not answering my support ticket and there’s no answer here as well…

Does anyone know of a way to change this in the source code maybe?



Same problem with buddypress 1.7.2 please, anyone could fix it?



We have updated the theme to work with the latest WP/BP. Version 1.4 is now available for download.

Purchased the theme, author simply isnt responding to any request…Highly discourage ANYONE from buying this broken theme ATM. Useless with buddypress.

We have updated the theme to work with the latest WP/BP. Version 1.4 is now available for download.

Can you guys make one of the HybridAuth plugins work? I’ve always had a ton of luck and ease using their WordPress plugin for social logins.

Too bad author isn’t supporting this. BuddyPress supposedly got better with the 1.7 update. I don’t know, never been particularly impressed with it. It sure tries, but just falls flat in so many places. Not a lot of good cheap social network options though!