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Hi - One more thing. How can i hide buttons in my buddybar?

What I mean is that I dont want my buddybar to drop down when I do the mouse over.

If you are referring to the my account drop down menu after log in, then you want to open your style.css file and find line 497 (assuming you have not edited this file). The line should be this:

#sub-header ul#menu ul {
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0;
    line-height: 25px;

Change it to this:

#sub-header ul#menu ul {
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0;
    line-height: 25px;
        display: none !important;


I need to work on a professional web board-centric site for classifieds ads so registered users can post their knowledge and professional experience to share with others, and user have the chance to respond and share their knowledge

Examples pages: http://www.bukisa.com/ http://www.truekeo.com/

What I need: a powerfull login page: http://www.truekeo.com/registrate.php#.UvC6j3d5POg a blog page a powerful control panel page of your admin page

Does this theme support all this?


I do not think the register functions the way you want it to. Good luck with your search!

I’m so happy with this theme! Been waiting months for something like this to come along the I’m stoked that it is now working great with the latest version of buddypress

If there is another update coming out, a left side widget would be fantastic

Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much, we will keep your suggestion in mind!

Hello. This theme is compatible with wordpress 3.8?

I have a question, you can add a widget for a music player on the main page? a widget to put html code thank you very much

All text widgets do support html, but there is not widget area for the homepage as of yet.

Hi, This message appears for registration. Registration closed-Account registration is currently closed to new sign-ups. How do I resolve? TIA

OK fixed! WP General, Settings, anyone can register!

Perfect! Glad you could figure it out, I was just about to respond with the answer! Enjoy the theme and don’t forget to rate it.

Is this theme compatible with buddydrive plugin? I really need files sharing feature in my community, so I really need to know that before buying this theme. Or is there any plugin with similar function working with this theme? Thanks.

The BuddyDrive functionality does work with the theme, but it would require a bit of css edits to make the page template compatible with the Engage style. Thanks!

Hi a little similar to an earlier post 11 months ago, regarding different main nav menus for logged in and logged out users.

I would also like this, but wondered would this feature allow only logged in users to see the forum and profiles. So that it’s private to non users?

Also how would I go about getting this feature, when purchasing?

Thanks, Cara

This customization request would have to be done by a developer.

Hi support, installed it and on pages tab in buddy press cant see register and activate page. so created new pages but did not found any template listed with the name Register or activate Finally what i get is a page named register nothing there no form just a comment form at bottom. same for activate page. In other buddypress themes i found these pages. does that make sense ? may be im doing something wrong? Im on a halt due to this i need to work on my clients site using this.

hope for a early reply

other wise thank you for amazing theme.

The Register page is handled via jQuery lightbox. Other than that I am not entirely sure what you are needing?

Are you planing to make this theme responsive at some point ?

No plans currently.

Hey Guys,

Love the theme – you can see it here -> http://www.karaschilling.com/blog

I’m having a problem making the blog post only show a summary on this page and display a Read More button. Thoughts?

Thanks for your help!

Hey Ryan,

When you insert your content in the Create Post area, insert the following tag anywhere you want the summary of post to end.


Thanks and hopefully that solves your query!


Is it possible to get the horizontal menu on a diffrent section? For example under the breadcrumbs?

Can you please update the Notifications template for the new version of buddypress?


Just bought this theme. Last mention of making it responsive is a year ago. Any update to share?

LayerUnion will provide timely updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions.

This theme does not work with latest Wordpress/Buddypress. Templates are not updated.

Really slow support too. BEWARE BUYERS.

I’m going to give a 0-star rating on this, purely because there has been an update for Buddypress a good while ago, and I am still waiting for LayerUnion to update their template files.

Will responsive version soon?

Can you please update the Notifications template for the new version of buddypress?


I’m having an issue with WooCommerce’s shop page and product page breaking the theme (stretches the page, makes the container div over 1,000 pixels width). I can give further details on this upon request.

Sounds like the vendor isn’t responding. Time for complaints.

Dear purchasers,

We would like to apologize for the many delays in support. Engage is now under a new support system and LayerUnion is committed to providing you with fast support.

The first step we have taken to solve the theme problems is update the notifications section of BP to ensure compatibility. The update is in the Themeforest queue and hopefully will be released soon.

Next is responsive, we will seek to solve this problem this weekend, we will notify you as soon as it is available.


The update has been approved, please redownload the theme to get the most recent version. Thanks