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Can you please update the Notifications template for the new version of buddypress?


Just bought this theme. Last mention of making it responsive is a year ago. Any update to share?

LayerUnion will provide timely updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions.

This theme does not work with latest Wordpress/Buddypress. Templates are not updated.

Really slow support too. BEWARE BUYERS.

I’m going to give a 0-star rating on this, purely because there has been an update for Buddypress a good while ago, and I am still waiting for LayerUnion to update their template files.

Will responsive version soon?

Can you please update the Notifications template for the new version of buddypress?


I’m having an issue with WooCommerce’s shop page and product page breaking the theme (stretches the page, makes the container div over 1,000 pixels width). I can give further details on this upon request.

Sounds like the vendor isn’t responding. Time for complaints.

Dear purchasers,

We would like to apologize for the many delays in support. Engage is now under a new support system and LayerUnion is committed to providing you with fast support.

The first step we have taken to solve the theme problems is update the notifications section of BP to ensure compatibility. The update is in the Themeforest queue and hopefully will be released soon.

Next is responsive, we will seek to solve this problem this weekend, we will notify you as soon as it is available.


The update has been approved, please redownload the theme to get the most recent version. Thanks

You should make this theme responsive quickly. Because, without mobile responsiveness, many potential buyers will ignore this theme.

I am getting this problem on install and nothing of the suggested fixes are working…please help:

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-4288994-engage-wordpress-buddypress-bbpress-theme.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Warning: Missing argument 3 for wpseo_upgrader_process_complete() in /home/marknewcomer/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-seo/inc/wpseo-non-ajax-functions.php on line 259

Having similar problems when just trying to upload the style sheet file.

The search doesn’t seem to work at all with buddypress. What is the solution to this?

Im not able to install. No style sheet file. Please help!

Thank you! Now Im getting an error.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_has_groups() in /home2/xxxx/public_html/xxxxx/wp-content/themes/engage/front-page.php on line 46

Be sure to have groups enabled from the buddy press settings in the WP Dashboard. Then create a test group to make sure it works properly.

Thanks! It worked.

Is the theme now responsive?

I am waiting on TF to approve the responsive version of the file. Still in queue for the approval. An email will be sent when it is approved. Hopefully soon!

When visiting http://layerunion.com/activity/ the links in the drop downs are not visable. (small css change needed)

using chrome

Major update has just been approved. Be sure to check the changelog.txt file for all details.

This update includes:

Responsive Version!
FontAwesome Integration
Significant decrease in HTTP requests which should speed up the site as well.

Thank you all for purchasing Engage.

Can you tell me when this update is ready ! day or five days

The update is live now! Re-download the theme files.


I am looking to buy this theme but need to confirm if it has a custom dashboard for members joining the application ?

I am planning to use it as an intranet portal. But dont want the same dashboard for admin and users, Does the theme has a different dashboard for users ?

The dashboard between users/admins is the standard WP variation of dashboards, nothing custom.

Is the template compatible with simple intranet plugin ?

I have not tested but I do not see why it would not be.


I don’t see any change, and the last update in the changelog.txt file is “old” : v1.1.4 (1.16.2014). Is this really the responsive version ??


Well I just looked at the new downloadable files and you are right, TF didn’t include the right version of the theme in the package. I have submitted a new upload request to try and fix this issue. Terribly sorry.

Hello and thank you now www site is responsive could you tell me how i put my translated language files in theme. I put languages files in language folder put nothing happends . i m from finland and it for a reason why i have to do that.

Best regards Mikko


the accont signup button says “Account registration is currently closed to new sign-ups.”

how to i enable users to register?


Enable registration through WP settings, try this link User Registration.