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Wowsers! Looks amazing! Congrats and good luck in your sales! Wish I had the time to code something like this. It would be outstanding to see it live!

P.S. Noticed this was your first item for sale! :) A great starting point! Congrats!

- Bryce Wisekal

Thankyou very much i appreciate this and when you have time let me knwo :P

Dropped you an email :)

- Bryce Wisekal

Bravo, shum e mire.

Falminderit :D

Thankyou very much.

Awesome template!

Thankyou nixdanish

Awesome design, wish you the best with sales :)

I hope so Bedros this is my first one :d

Great template! Nice start here :) Good luck with sales ;)

Thankyou very much.

Hello fellow Encider :D great first product, all the best with your sales bro :)

Hello Encider, thanks bro for the support and every thing see you.

Awesome Work! GLWS !

Peter Zickler

Thankyou very much

Falminderit Arianit :d

waiting for apply in wordpress and i hope in PORTFOLIO put right sidebar… and in BLOG i hope can expand width sidebar for put ads 300×250

thanks :)

Definitly yes it is going to be wordpress but when i dont know eaven my self and i try to make it responsive and to costumize as much as possible.

Wonderful work.. Looks awesome :)..

Thankyou very much.

Rare Theme. very unique , eye pleasing and professional. keep it up with the great work Astrit. this is one of the best designs that i’ve ever seen on Themeforest. hallall :)

Fatoni (strangerr)

hehe flm shum per komplimentet Faton.

Do you have the HTML version of this ?

No no yet but will come soon :d

Nice details.

Well done :)


Amazing design! I see you just got started on this site and me too, I just joined. I’m a Drupal developer, I would like to co-operate with you to convert this into a Drupal theme! Is there any HTML page completed?

Need HTML with Bootstrap, know public day? Thx