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Woah, really awesome theme! Totally bookmarked If you make a WP version let me know :)

There is already a Wordpress version available, check the description

Woops, totally missed that :P sorry

nice! man great work :P

When I go to the “Features Tour” page the blue strip is out of place on the left and right side when using Firefox 3.5.3, it’s fine under other browsers

Will the WP version ever be available via Themeforest?

Wow, nice work!

Hi i ordered the regular version of the template… didnt read the little notice of the wordpress theme.. it would be really helpful if i can get that one instead. Is there a way i can get refunded for the regular theme so i can order the wordpress version??

email me for a special coupon.


I think that there is something wrong with your pricing. I want the WP-theme WITH PSD . On your side this means I should buy the developer lincense (120$ -50% = 60 USD ). However if I buy the theme here on Themeforest (12 $ and standard package: 50 $ * 50%) I only need to pay 37 USD instead of the 60 USD on your site.

I think this is a bit to complicated. But that’s only my opinion. But I think you need to rethink your pricing.

Best regards Geert

:) It’s fine the way it is now.


If I want the WP-theme and the PSD the best I could do is buy the WP-theme with the 50% on your site and the “normal” theme here on themeforest just for the PSD ?

Best regards Geert

Exactly :) But you will only get the blue version for the psd :)

I know this has nothing to do with this file but I’m really hating Envato’s new design….....

Awesome file though

great work transcend

Hello, i’m trying to embed a SWF inside the video div. Whatever I do it opens the full screen and not binds the actual swf inside that frame.

Can you help me ?

You should put the swf inside the #video div. Also, check the fancybox documentation.


I bought the wordpress version of this theme from your web page. But I have a couple of problems and the file you sent me seems not complete. In the documentation file and on the web site, it says; “Logo PSD file included even on Standard Package” but it’s not included in the file you sent me.

Actually, I’m not interested in the logo psd file, but some parts of your theme DOESN ’T work correctly. (For example; Features Tour part.

I’ve mailed you the file you sent me before. Please check it, you’ll see what I’ve been talking about.

Please, send me the correct file.. Or at least, answer me I’ve been waiting for a week for an answer…

I hope, I could experience your “Incredible support” like it says on your web page! (

I really liked this theme and can’t wait to use it without these problems as soon as possible. Please give me an answer.

Live preview is offline…


I’m sorry to say this but I don’t recommend you to buy the Wordpress version of this template from the author’s personal web page.

I’ve bought it (now, regretting paying $25) and they sent me an incomplete (some features not working, and some PSD files missing) file and they never reply my emails. (You can see my previous comment above…)


I like the design but I’d like to see examples of the other color themes before I buy (looking for dark blue or a brown).

Do you have anyway to share these with me?


In our full version, 2.1, we have a medium blue, gray, light gray, green and red:

Admintasia 2.1 live demo

I purchased this theme and would like to try the other themes. How can I do that?

It looks like only the files for the blue theme are provided ready-made, with the others delivered in PSD . Since I do not have Photoshop, I’d be unable to generate the files for these other themes from their PSDs. Could you please provide them to me?

Thanks, Evan

Hi Evan, The theme comes with a folder called, enlightened_psd_files and it has all of the themes PSD ’s


Hi Adam,

I see, but that would still require me to use Photoshop, wouldn’t it? I guess customizing this theme requires the buyer to have ownership of and proficiency with Photoshop.


You may be able to use a much simpler program such as Adobe Elements of Fireworks. But yes, any pure HTML theme is going to require graphics editing for graphics customization.