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Hi Stephanie,

I can send you a link but what’s PM?

Check the active page tab and you’ll see what I am refering to. I guess one of your purchasers, “kendo451”, also had a problem with the active page tab not been cross-browser compliant.

If you try to preview the template’s “Live Preview” in Firefox, you’ll also notice it.

Hi Jale01,

Sorry its stands for private message. If you could send me your link via this way that might help. When I look at the preview it looks correct for me. I am running Vista not sure if that might make a difference.


Hi, Stephanie.

Great job on the design theme.

Just would like to cast another vote for a WordPress version. Do you have an ETA on that? My church is eager for me to get a website done, but I would love to work with your design (in WP).

Cheers, Scott

I’ve spent the last two weeks working with this template and converting to CMS Made Simple for a client.

Unfortunately, it is very fragile and small changes cause it to go out of whack in IE6 and even Firefox. I ended up fixing most of the problems, but it was a lot of work to do it.

This theme is based on the 960 grid, but instead of using the prefix class it uses float:right for the small menu and the sidebar, which breaks the grid.

I ended up converting it to HTML 5 /CSS3 and reworking it to simplify. For example, I use corner-radius and box-shadow properties on the sidebar elements. They don’t work in IE8 but the site still looks decent.

I ended up replacing her grid.css with the original 960.css and killing all the float:rights and adding the prefix classes to the actual elements.

I also put negative 10px margins on the .lightbox and .darkbox sections of the sidebar in order to get the actual content lined up in the 960 grid.

The slider graphic is still off, as far as the grid goes, but it looks pretty good anyway.

There is really a lot of clutter and remnant code in this template and stylesheets. I’m not done but I’ve cut out a lot of it to simplify things.

I’m in the process of converting the slider to a jQuery.

You can see it in action here:

Very nice style and theme, however the coding is sloppy with many bugs in the css and html. I had to spend hours fixing mistakes in the coding and making the theme look correct in multiple browsers before I could even begin tweaking for my site.

I am also interested in a Wordpress Version. Please message when it is available.

Any more word on a WP version? Have the “bugs” discussed here been taken care of? I don’t have the files in front of me, so I can’t see anything for myself, but this is too beautiful a template to let waste away.

If there are errors that have been fixed in some “update,” can you post that it’s been updated?

I was just about to purchase this – as I’m sure others are – and I saw the comments.

Again, this is too nice a design to let waste away. A WP version would be awesome.

Cheers Steph,


I agree with kendo451 and setfree! This Template has a lot of unnecessary and invalid css. Little changes cause a huge problem for the rest of the template. Since I need it for a TYPO3 website I ended up rewriting it completely. Yeah, and the slider will be a jquery slider as well.

I am also interested in this template for Wordpress.

If I purchase this can I just remove the calendar aspect to work with another website or is it all integrated.

Hi, I really enjoy this theme but I, too, am having some problems with compatibility with other browsers. Chrome seems to play nice, but IE8 /9 does not render the menu correctly unless running in compatibility mode.

Would either the author or another owner be so kind as to post a fix for the css? I really don’t want to have to rewrite this all myself!


If i wanted to make this into WP theme, what licensing would i need from you to sell it here on ThemeForrest?

im working on it now for a project regardless, just thought it would be a worthy share online here since its a demand

Where do we find the font to recreate the logo? What’s the point of a PSD if we cannot recreate what we see in the template?

Any ideas on Wordpress version release date? Nice looking theme though. I also bought it hoping it is a WP theme.

when i pull this up in dream weaver EVERYTHING is out of wack. is this normal?

A church I am doing a web site for would like me to use this template, which is a great idea- but I have concerns about this working within Dreamweaver- The preview seems to work fine for me in all the browsers so I am not sure if the issues have been resolved in the download or not. Can you verify that this works in Dreamweaver? Thanks!


HI Acap72, sorry this theme is not compatible with Dreamweaver.

Will be updating this theme (it’s very old sorry) to be responsive and modern. Estimation is Feb 10th.