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Pre-Sale questions: Can I add more input fields in the contact form? If yes, do I need to edit the code or is a standard function of the contact form? Can I fix the menu so that it doesn´t move when scrolling down? Thank you.

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

Yes, you can add more fields but you’ll have to edit some HTML/PHP. Sticky header is supported, you can test it on the demo – http://ensconce-wp.webfactoryltd.com/demo-login.php

I have a brand new wordpress installation and I purchased your theme and I’m getting the notorious Are you sure you want to do this error message. I am using Wordpress 4.0.1 which isn’t listed on your supported software but I wouldn’t think that would keep it from installing the theme.

I’m working with wordpress on a localhost installation so there is no ftp transferring going on. Please advise…any information you can give would be helpful and appreciated.


Hi, thank you for purchasing!

We don’t provide any support via comments.

How I can put letters in uppercase menu?

Hi, thank you for purchasing!

We don’t provide any support via comments.

Hi WebFactory,

I’ve got a pre-sale question about this awesome theme:

Is it supporting the Woocommerce plugin? I am about to build a “few products” webshop, and the Ensconce would be the greatest theme to customize.

Waiting for your kind answer!

regards, sulaco79

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

The theme is not specifically designed for WooCommerce however the shortcodes Woo uses will work without any problems and we already had a few customers using it with Woo.

Thanks for your prompt answer!

I am not a Code Ninja, but I’ll give it a go. :)

Thank you for purchasing! If you run into any problems feel free to contact our support.

Hi, the video does not play on my android tablet. Can the video play on tablets and phones?


HI, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

No, unfortunately it can’t.

Wish I had known the video would not play on a phone before purchasing the theme, It should have been noted at the very start I will not do business with them ever again

Thank you for purchasing. Sorry to hear you’re not satisfied :(

Hi! This theme supports multi language, preferentially the Polylang Plugin? Thanks in advance. Best Regards

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

No, there is no direct support for Polylang plugin.

Pre-sale questions: I’m a newbie at this so forgive the elementary questions:

1) I’ll be using a standard youtube video. Hence, the dimensions (height/width) are smaller than that of this landing page. Is there a way to customize that area so that, for instance, the video is left while there’s a column of copy on the right?

2) I see that this is promoted as a responsive video theme, but the comments are saying it’s not responsive. Can you explain? If I get this theme will my youtube video work across all sizes?

Thank you!

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

1) no, video is always 100% wide relative to the screen. height is adjusted according to its ratio

2) theme is responsive. video works on those mobile devices that it can. some don’t support it. I suggest opening the demo on your phone and having a look.

Hi, the contact form doesn’t seem to work? http://build-tek.com.au/

Hi, thank you for purchasing!

We can’t provide help via comments. Please contact out support.

Hi, is it got the visual editor with it?

Thank you.

Hi, Thank for taking an interest in our items.

Yes, there is a visual editor you can use with our theme.

Hi! I just need to place a video on my landing page for my Pinnacle theme, is this applicable. Thanks!

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

Ensconce is a theme. You can’t have 2 themes active at the same time. So you have to choose Ensconce or …

Hi WebFactory, I am trying to link from the button on the landing page to another front page section. So, on my site www.sureshotfilm.com my button says ‘Get Promotion Now’. The link is set to #section-13. In Safari the link works a treat but in Firefox and Chrome the link takes you to below the ‘Get Promotion Now’ heading. So, it is not clear that you have landed at the correct section unless you scroll up. Can you please suggest a fix? Many thanks. Ange

Hi, Thanks for purchasing!

Please contact our support team via email since we can’t provide any support here in comments.

Video wont play on smartphones???? No!!!!!!!! Refund pls?

Hi, Thanks for purchasing!

Please contact our support team.

I just purchased ensconse landing page plugin and opened the zip and have tried to plugin the ensconce-v140.zip file but it just refuses to do it. Please help!

thought it was a plugin! doh….

Hi, Thanks for purchasing! Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

Yeah, Ensconce is a theme, so you’ll need to upload it as a WordPress theme :) If you have any questions about it, please contact our support team directly via email next time.