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Very beautiful work guys! Please update your changelog … FK

Hello, great theme! I’m thinking of purchasing it but was wondering:

1. Can you remove the titles from underneath the images on the home page?

2. Can you resize the white space in between each photo on the home page and when you click into a page?

3. Can you use custom image sizes for the thumbnails on the home page? As a photographer I need everything to stay in a 2:3 aspect ratio.



Thanks for your interest! :)

Regarding your questions:

1. Yes. You can remove them using the theme customizer.

2. You can adjust the space between portfolio items on the homepage using the customizer. But for the portfolio single pages, you would need to use custom CSS to adjust the bottom margin of each portfolio image.

3. The theme will automatically try to display most photos with their original aspect ratio in the flexible grid layout (as you can see on the demo site). So there should not be any problem with your 2:3 photos.

Anyway, could you send me some of your photos? I will try to help you check it here on my end and let you know if it works. You can send an email to me at ‘support[at]uxbarn.com’.

Hello, if i try to go to the Theme Options i get the message that i don’t have the right to go on the site. whats wrong?


Hmm. The theme actually does not have the “Theme Options” menu (most of the options are in the theme customizer—“Appearance > Customize”).

So, I guess it is from one of the plugins you are currently using?

Hello! Very impressive theme, just would like to know some info before purchasing.


1 – Is it written in HTML, CSS code so it can be modify aftermarket, and can I have full acces to the codes?

2 – I found difficult to come back when navigating inside single project, is it possible to insert a “back” voice at the bottom of the page to redirect at prevoius page?

3 – Is it possible to keep categories bar “All – advertising …”, also inside single project to easy come back?

4 – Can I modify the color of text area (currently lightgray in demo site), and color of background right in the customizer?

5 – I would like to disable right click and shortcuts keyboard, is it possible with a plug in?

6 – What’s maximum size for logo area?

Thank you very much in advance for your support Waiting for your response

Please don’t worry. I would be happy if I could clarify all the questions for you! :)

1. For the Next/Previous navigation, yes, the theme does have that feature in the latest version of the Enso theme. The navigation will link to the items that are adjacent to the item you are viewing regardless of their categories. This screenshot illustrates the feature in action: https://cl.ly/4df7e4e4ecae

So, we received some feedback suggested that there should also be a kind of navigation that can link to the items of the same categories. That’s why we are considering adding the category links as I mentioned in my first reply.

I forgot to mention about the Next/Prev navigatation earlier. Sorry for the confusion!

2. You can absolutely add photos into the post content on its single post page. Sample screenshot: https://cl.ly/69f91c536a8f

3. Yes, you can hide the portfolio titles using the option in the customizer.

4. Yes, the theme has been built using proper HTML tags for their jobs. So, with good content and more help from a third-party plugin for the SEO specific tasks (like Yoast SEO), you will be good to go.

5. You can add any number of portfolio items you wanted. Then you can set the number of maximum display per page in the customizer.

I hope I answered the questions! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you so much you are very kind and patient.

But I don’t understand if I can set a portfolio page as just a gallery. So if I enter in portfolio and then I click on an image, it will only show up in the lightbox.

I need to create portfolio page just as a gallery, and then a project page like what I see on the demo.

Hope you can understand me!

Thanks and best regards

Unfortunately, I am afraid there’s no option to directly use the lightbox on the portfolio template.

The theme only has a portfolio template that shows portfolio items that link to their own single page for more content and images. The lightbox by default works with the gallery images on the portfolio single pages.

Hi, after updating the theme to 1.05 the footer backgroundcolor changed from the selected one to black. where can i change the footer background color?

problem solved

Hey Hey,

I’m thinking about buying this amazing template, but I’m still very uncertain in one point: Is it possible to place two images next to each other/ side by side? In your example, the images on the detail pages are always displayed one below the other. But sometimes it makes sense to place two pictures next to each other – like in a gallery…

Thank you very much in advance for your support :)

Best, best Vicky

Hello Vicky!

Thanks for your interest! :)

Unfortunately, there’s no option for that. The theme only displays the images vertically on portfolio single pages I am afraid.