Discussion on Entrance - WordPress Theme for Magazine and Review

Discussion on Entrance - WordPress Theme for Magazine and Review

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Hello, I purchased your entrance theme in 2014 and I was wondering if I’m entitled to get the newest version 1.6?

Hi, please try to redownload the theme.

Thank you, how do I know which version I downloaded? Do you have a change-log or version file in your zip package?

No changelog in the zip file. You can check the version from style.css file in the theme directory, or from the Theme Details in your WordPress admin -> Appearance -> Themes -> Theme Details

Hello, I purchased the Entrance Theme. I am new to coding. I want to put a fixed banner on the right side of my home page. It’s possible ? How I should go about it.

Hi, you can use Entrance Ads widget or WordPress standard widget (Text or Image widget) and insert it to the sidebar area. Please see the Widgets section in the documentation.

is it an abandoned project?

You’ll still get support if you buy it, but no new features will be added to the theme.

Hi I bought your theme but can’t find any demo

Hi, you can see the theme demo from the Live Preview button on the item page.


This might be basic question, but how do I change to the different layouts as provided in example?

I have a homepage as static page, but it’s only has Right/Left Sidebar, full width or default options.

Also, how do I change the blog to have Masonry (Or any other) layout.

Currently I have a new Page which acts as Page Posts Container set via reading setting.

Maybe I’m just missing something,

Thanks in Advance.

Hi, some options in the page edit screen might be hidden in the new WordPress Editor. I suggest you to install Disable Gutenberg plugin, and then in the edit page screen, select template: Blog, it should show Blog Options where you can choose the blog style (masonry, grid, and others).

iI am trying to use the relevanssi short code right in the area i show in the image . i want it to be longer and in the center. i tried everything http://snap.ashampoo.com/EmeU5OUeu2GjvGQtcCpC2Af6ALofQsIv9nl44AAr3H2ROmgQpvTKVziWFw4WJFMj

Hi, currently your support period has expired. Please extend the support, and then send me your site url so I can check it directly and send you the css code.

It’s an elegant theme. I am considering installing it. I am presently using a review theme, over 1K articles published. I imagine some installation issues. One issue is that we use a standard of 620×350 for featured images and 600×400 for in-text images. I see you have prescribed image sizes in the demo. Would the images in my old articles get screwed up somehow?

This theme uses featured images with 720px width. If your original uploaded images are bigger than this size, the theme will automatically resize them to fit the new size. But the images inside content will not be resized automatically, so they may look not full, because the standard content area width is 680px – 720px.

I have version 1.5 how can I update to 1.6?

Hi, please download the theme again to get the newest version, and then you can update it manually by replacing wp-content/themes/entrance with the entrance folder from the new version


we have updated to Wordpress 5.2.3 and it seems the content builder does not work anymore as described in the entrance documentation. We also re-uploaded all entrance files to the latest version, but it does not fix the problem. So we cannot update our homepage at this point.

Kind Regards Sebastian

Hi, this theme is not optimized for gutenberg. If you use WordPress 5.x, please use classic editor plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/

Yes, this fixes the problem. PLEASE put that into the documentation, otherwise the template cannot be used properly.

I will update the documentation ASAP. Thanks.

Hello! I have been using your Entrance theme for 3 years and LOVE it! I do tweak a bit to suit my anal-retentive needs.

I’d like to hire you for a special project. I’ve tried for years with no luck, but this is important to me.

I’d like to move the “comments” (Jet pack, but WP comments are in the same place) and “overall rating” sections up right below the post, above the “share this” (Jetpack) section. I’d like to keep “share this” (Jetpack) and “related” (Jetpack).

Example: https://gaybook.reviews/2019/08/27/the-evolution-of-love-bob-o-links-review/

Does this sound like something you could tackle for me?

Thank you!

Yes, I think I can do that. Please contact me from my contact form for more details about custom work.

Hi! I have Entrance running on the newest version of WP and switched to PHP 7.1. I have an error I need help with:

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: [] operator not supported for strings in /wp-content/themes/entrance/includes/widgets/social.php:110

Line 110: $class[] = $instance[‘style’];

Any help?

If you modified blocks in content builder, you need to check these files:
  • block-1.php
  • block-2.php
  • block-3.php
  • block-4.php
  • block-5.php
  • block-6.php

Any idea what to add to the blocks.php pages to show the star ratings on the main pane? I’m looking at the widgets as a baseline but canNOT remember how I did it.

Any help?

You can use this code to show rating:
<?php echo g7_post_rating(); ?>


we’ve duly purchased and installed your Entrance theme on our website http://livresgay.fr, and we’d like to show the ratings on our Front Page.

We’re using the Content Builder for that page, mostly block-5.php and occasionally block-2.php or block-3.php

Despite going through the codes in the Theme Editor, we haven’t succeeded in finding the answer to that riddle (sorry, we’re only amateurs where code is concerned). Could we kindly ask you to look into the matter and help us, please?

Thanks in advance

Best regards, Dieter & Seb

You can use this code to show rating:
<?php echo g7_post_rating(); ?>
Insert the code in the block you want to use, for example: in block-1.php, insert it at line 22 so the rating will appear below the post title:


Thanks a lot, gawibowo—works perfectly well :-)

Hi, gawibowo,

we recently bought your excellent theme and have it up and running for a couple of days. Since yesterday, the links of the buttons don’t seem to work anymore (I checked the posts, and the right links are still there) – any idea would we could do to make them work again?

Here’s one example: http://livresgay.fr/le-retour-delsa-champion-de-parisdude

Thanks for your help.

Sorry to have bothered you – found the culprit and corrected it :-)

I have quite a few plugins, all quite necessary for my site.

A few days ago (around the time Jetpack updated) and now my Entrance authors cannot uses the rating system. Example: https://gaybook.reviews/wpstorage/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/author.jpg

There are 2 admins for our blog and 22 authors. The quick fix is to set them all to Editors (they can control the ratings slide from the Editor position.

Any idea what’s happening gawibowo?

Sorry, I can’t reproduce the problem on my own site with the latest version of WordPress and Jetpack. In my test, both admin and author can use the rating system normally.

Maybe it’s because of another plugin? To make sure please try to disable your plugins one by one and see which one is causing the problem.


I installed wordpress and followed the instructions. Most of it is ok but I can’t get to the content builder it seems there no way to add blocks at all.

Hi, for WordPress 5.x please use classic editor: https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/

Hello! I would like to change the width of the entire site so the reviews and sidebar cover 100% of the screen. Not just the .container section, the entire page. Like this https://gaybook.reviews/wpstorage/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/fullwidth.jpg I will gladly pay for customized work if it is required.

I did search before asking and all I found was the container width. Mine is set to:

.container { max-width: 100%; padding-left: 10px; padding-right: 10px; }

This has nothing do do with with the full-width layout option.

My site is here: https://gaybook.reviews/

Thank you!

You can change the code in these files and it will affect all pages:
  • header.php (for content area)
  • footer.php (for footer area)

OK, changing container to contain-fluid in header.php worked, but now how do I adjust the size? It is currently at 100% https://gaybook.reviews/wpstorage/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/fullwidth2.jpg I’d like to change it to a number or maybe 90%.

You can use this css code to change the width:
.container-fluid {
    width: 90%;

can your theme be integrated with woocommerce? do you have instructions to do so?

Yes this theme supports WooCommerce. There is no special instruction from the theme. You can just activate WooCommerce plugin and follow the documentation from WooCommerce https://docs.woocommerce.com/

How do I decrease the logo spacing? look at my site: http://theequestrianessentials.com/ there is a big gap at the top and bottom of the logo. Thanks,
The default logo margin is 80 pixels. To change it, insert this code in Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS:
#top {
    margin-top: 80px;
    margin-bottom: 80px;
Change 80px with your own value.

We have a problem with the theme css.

After adding a new page to the top menu, css styles were broken. So we deleted that page from the menu, but styles still broken and no idea how to fix it.

You can see it here: http://puertas8-cp68.wordpresstemporal.com/puertascastalla.com/

What’s the problem? and how can we fix it?

Thank you!

Hi, your site uses HND theme, not Entrance. Please contact the author of HND theme.

Pre-sale question: Can I import different RSS feeds from multiple website??

You can show RSS from multiple websites but only on sidebar and footer, using the WordPress RSS widget.


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