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Hello Support

I have a question regarding the calendar plugin “Timely’s All-in-One Event Calendar” installed in your theme: when I create an event and I view it in agenda mode I should be able to automatically have an excerpt with the “read more” button underneath. Instead, I display the lengthy description of the event which makes it a nonsense to have the “read more”. I have another website on another theme and it displays correctly, so it is definitely not a bug in the plugin. Is there an excerpt setting I need modify?

Thanks alot

Hi….the first url shows an excerpt….if you cick on read more you’ll notice a much longer blurb, unlike the second url which shows the whole text. Am I making any sense?

Thanks again

When I click read more, it still shows me the same text

Hello support, my apologies… are totally right! there’s no excerpt on both websites, so this is clearly a bug on the plugin developer’s side. I’ll see if I can solve the issue with them..

sorry for rushing on the sirens …

Please tell me how to change the style of the blog ???

Hi, if you mean to change the homepage style, you can use Blog template or Content Builder. For more detail, please read the documentation about “How To Create Homepage”, or “How To Create Blog Page”.

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How do I offset the post listed in a grid using this theme? I would like to offset the grid on my companies page by 6 post but I can’t figure out how.

Hi, could you please post your question with your buyer’s account?


I have a problem with the theme and WPML! I can’t figure out how to change my url for entrance social widget. At the moment all countries have the same url, and i have different pages(urls) for each country. Where can i change this. I can’t find anything in the string translations.