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Hi, I’ve been using Entrance for about 9 months and it works mostly fine. I’m having a major problem with the footer / sidebar.

About 1.5 months ago I found that many of my custom sidebars (made for the purposes of affiliate sales) vanished. It was a basic sidebar widget (see screenshot) and it vanished.

Today, when I tried to edit the footer links (because they had vanished and I didn’t notice), the sidebars vanished again.

This is odd because it only removes SOME of the custom side bars, but not all.

Given this is happening with the sidebar / footer in a basic text widget, I imagine this is a theme issue. Can you please help?

Hi, can you please send me your login info so I can check it.

Hi, I have sent you a direct email to your email account (associated with ThemeForest).

I wasn’t sure if my response would be public!

Also, second request: While you are taking a look, you might also see that the site does not open on mobile (none of my devices are working). I believe it is the interaction between the theme and my Thrive Quiz Leads plugin. If you could troubleshoot this after the side panel, that would be great (and hopefully save you some time).

Thanks, I have replied to your email