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Hi, I’ve been using Entrance for about 9 months and it works mostly fine. I’m having a major problem with the footer / sidebar.

About 1.5 months ago I found that many of my custom sidebars (made for the purposes of affiliate sales) vanished. It was a basic sidebar widget (see screenshot) and it vanished.

Today, when I tried to edit the footer links (because they had vanished and I didn’t notice), the sidebars vanished again.

This is odd because it only removes SOME of the custom side bars, but not all.

Given this is happening with the sidebar / footer in a basic text widget, I imagine this is a theme issue. Can you please help?

Hi, can you please send me your login info so I can check it.

Hi, I have sent you a direct email to your email account (associated with ThemeForest).

I wasn’t sure if my response would be public!

Also, second request: While you are taking a look, you might also see that the site does not open on mobile (none of my devices are working). I believe it is the interaction between the theme and my Thrive Quiz Leads plugin. If you could troubleshoot this after the side panel, that would be great (and hopefully save you some time).

Thanks, I have replied to your email

Hi! I’m having two problems with the home page:

First, I can’t find the way to edit it, changing the order of the categories and the way they appear (grid, list, etc). I have a static page as you can see, I have to delete a category that doesn’t longer exist but still appear there. Second, I chose a background but I can’t see it in my homepage, it appears all white and nothing on the sides. Where can I change that?

Thanks a lot!

Forgot to give you the link..

(I’ve found here the background thing but not the first question)

Hi, you can edit the page with Content Builder meta box below the content editor in your Page Edit screen.
You can move blocks by dragging up/down to change the order.
To delete a category block, click on the arrow button on each block to open the interface and click Delete. To change the way the block appear, choose one of the style in the block interface.
Don’t forget to click the Save/Update button.


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Thank you very much for this template and congratulation for this work. I have a specific need and do not know how to do it.

Currently, the ‘barplot’ category links toward the default, which provides all post under the barplot category. I would like:

- To be able to custom this page: add text, order post …


- To link toward a specific page I created.

Is that possible? Thanks for your support !

Dear Gawibowo, thanks for your reply.

I successfully added some text as you proposed but it is not enough for what I want to do.

Is it possible to realize my second option: make in sort the barplot section is redirected to a specific page I created? May be doing a redirection?

Thanks a lot!

You can use a plugin like Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin or Redirection to redirect to a page.

Thanks for your reply, I will try that!

Hello gawibowo!

I’m a happy user of your entrance theme for wordpress ( But now I have two problems. The major one is, that the website is not responsive anymore. When you’re surfing the mobile and tablet version of the website, the text is not minimized, the header logo and the navigation is gone too. Second problem is, that entrance did not update yesterday, even though I activated the “Theme Update Notifier”.

Have you experienced such problems with other websites, which use entrance?

Kind regards, Ben

Hi, I checked your site, the text and logo look fine in mobile, but the mobile navigation doesn’t work. Could you please try to disable your plugins and see if it fixes the problem?

The update notifier has been disabled because some users have problem with it. You can use Envato Market plugin to update the theme. The plugin will display a notice in your WordPress dashboard when an update is available.

Hey there,

I’m having trouble getting the theme uploaded. I’ve followed all of the correct steps, but I’m still getting an error code.

I now noticed that the theme isn’t supported by the latest update for Wordpress. Are you able to help me get it working?

Hi, what is the error code?


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Thanks for the theme, the more I use it, the more I like it!

I am using the slider on the home page. I like it but would like to make it 2 times less high. I can’t find how to do it with CSS. Any clue would be awesome..

Thanks again.


To change the slider size, you need to edit the featured image size in functions.php line 399:
            'full'        => array(1040, 440),

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Thank you for this quick answer! It works like a charm, awesome!


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Thanks again for your awesome theme.

I use a lot of image galleries on my website ( They look nice on computers, but appear badly on smartphone.

Is there anything I can do to improve / customize it? This default did not happen on my other website where I followed the same procedure exactly (but with another theme:

Thank you very much for your help


Hi, which gallery do you mean? Do you have a screenshot of the problem?


holtzy Purchased

Thanks for your answer. I have 2 closely related problems:

1 I use the gallery facility of wordpress for images, and usually choose 5 columns. Looks nice on laptop, but I would need to put them one above each other on phones because if not they tend to overlap: see

2 When I use the ‘3 columns’ option during the edition, the result is fine on computer, but disappointing on phones: ( Is it possible to display the 3 columns one above each other on phones?

THanks for your help!

Please add this code in Customize -> Additional CSS:
@media (max-width: 640px) {
    .gallery-columns-5 .gallery-item,
    .gallery-columns-6 .gallery-item {
        width: 100% !important;
    .g7-one_third {
        width: 100%;