Discussion on Entrepreneur - Booking for Small Businesses WordPress Theme

Discussion on Entrepreneur - Booking for Small Businesses WordPress Theme

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Grafikx Purchased

Hi !

Given the many problems encountered with Elementor in version 3.16.X, is the Entrepreneur theme compatible and is it safe to update Elementor ? Or should we stay in version 3.15.3 and wait for the Elementor authors to fix the problem ? I saw that you had updated the Widget Pack Plugin to version 2.2.6 but the changelog is not up to date on your site. Is this update due to the latest version of Elementor ?

Thank you. You should be able to update without issue if you are using Page Builder Widget Pack 2.2.6. Make sure to clear your cache. Yes, the latest update is to address some deprecated code in Elementor.


nikosff Purchased

Hi, long-term happy customer here!

There is being some time we’ve seen the booked calendar not getting updates. The last update was sloppy. And now i see that the product is not available https://codecanyon.net/item/booked-appointments-appointment-booking-for-wordpress/9466968

Is this an issue for the future of this theme?

Hi, this is something for which a solution is in the works. You should be notified when the solution is ready. If not, feel free to send us a message in a couple weeks and we can provide more information: https://themeforest.net/user/themovation#contact

Hello, long time user without problems, quick question.

We would like to add a second service at the same timeslot but we notice that the second overwrites the first. For example. Today 5pm-6pm Service 1 (10slots) AND Service 2 (another 10slots).

How can we achieve that? Or how can we find the booked purchase code to contact them? Thanks!


This is a question that has come up before and at that time we asked the creator of the plugin and the response was:

“Unfortunately with the way time slots are created, they are done in such a way that you cannot have two different titled slots in the same time.”

It is something that will be looked into to possibly change in the future, but for now the only way to have more than one at the same time would be to use separate calendars.

Hi ! Is the latest version of the Entrepreneur theme compatible with WordPress 6.3 ? Or should we wait for a theme update?

Hi, yes it is compatible :)


daviiid Purchased

I recently updated theme and plugins, everything is working fine, except that i can’t change the colors of the buttons in the booked plugin. They are stick to orange. I tried changing colors settings in the booked plugin with no luck. I also tried this css .timeslot-people button.button { background-color: #4CAF50 !important; } but looks like the theme wants to keep those orange color. Can anyone help? Thanks

Hi, yes this is because of a change in the Booked plugin but we will be issuing a theme update to address this.

In the meantime you can override it with CSS. You just need to make the code a bit more specific to override the default code and also include the border color:

body div.booked-calendar .booked-appt-list .timeslot .timeslot-people button { background-color: #4CAF50 !important; border-color: #4CAF50 !important; }


I added a custom field radio button with 2 values – Morning, Afternoon. The selected value does not appear on the Pending for approval of the Agent Calendar. At the time of Approval, the agent likes to know the chosen custom field value before approving.


Hi, yes I responded in your ticket: https://themovation.ticksy.com/ticket/3406196/

Please reply in the ticket to follow up.

​I am trying to reduce the space on top and bottom of the page title. If you open the page – Sample Page you will a space on top and bottom of the page title. I need to reduce it. Could you please tell me how I can do it? Is it possible to remove the page title completely on some pages? How do I reduce the size of the font of the page title? Thanks

Hi, yes a response was provided in your ticket: https://themovation.ticksy.com/ticket/3406188/

Please reply in the ticket to follow up.

My client wants the booking agent to view all the bookings of a week/more than a week in report like date, time and name of the person booked instead of having to click on each date on the calendar.

In the current booking system agent has to click on the booked date to see the time and name of the person booked. That is really hard. They want to take a print out or at least a screen where they can see all in a table format instead of clicking on each date.

Is there any way to view the bookings in a table format or is there any plug in or MySQL query which can display all booking on a page for a particular week?

Hi, yes a response was provided in your ticket. Please reply in the ticket to follow up.

Also please note that post-purchase support is provided via the ticket system, so for any additional questions, you can just open a support ticket and we will reply in your ticket.

My client works only 2 days a week (Saturday and Sunday) and there will be only 2 slots for those days with 1 place available (eg: 9-10 and 10-11; there will be only 1 slot available for each).

If I go for “Custom Time Slots”, it creates for the entire week which we do not want? I tried “Time Slots” (not custom time slots), the time we created on time slots did not even appear in the appointment calendar. Could you please tell me what is the best way to create appointments only for 2 days alone (Saturday and Sunday) continuously 6 months?

Will the booking agent be able to create time slots/custom time slots on the calendar with out login into wp-admin (may be on a page using short code)?

Hi, yes a response was provided in your ticket. Please reply in the ticket to follow up.

Also please note that post-purchase support is provided via the ticket system, so for any additional questions, you can just open a support ticket and we will reply in your ticket.


I am looking for an option for the agent to view all the booked appointments (pending, approved etc). At the moment agent can access the appointment calendar only by “mydomain/wp-admin/admin.php?page=booked-appointments”.

I do not want agent to access the “wp-admin” page. So, what I am planning to do is create a page and put the short code for the agent calendar.

Could you please tell me what short code I need to use for an “Booking Agent” to view all the appointments approved or pending in a normal Wordpress page (not wp-admin)?


Hi, yes a response was provided in your ticket. Please reply in the ticket to follow up.

Also please note that post-purchase support is provided via the ticket system, so for any additional questions, you can just open a support ticket and we will reply in your ticket.

Is it possible to send more than one reminder (eg: first reminder 3 days before the appointment, second reminder 1 day before and third reminder on the day of appointment)? Thanks


The plugin includes the option to send out just one appointment reminder, at whichever time you choose in the settings area.

Hi, when choosing a date on the calendar, an error occurs.. Only on iPhone (iOS) devices, I receive the following error (Required nonce value is not here, please let the developer know)

Its works on Windows computers and Android, but not any iPhones

Hi, that’s interesting that it’s only coming up on iPhones. When we have had customers report that issue before, it’s generally always related to caching.

If you have a caching plugin or hosting caching enabled, then it should resolve it to exclude the page with the calendar, or disable the settings or type of caching that is causing the issue.

If you have any further questions, please open a ticket: https://themovation.ticksy.com

Can the time slot be repeated for the entire month when I set up the calendar? Or do I need to create each day’s slot separately?

Yes, by default it is set up by the day of the week – Monday, Tuesday, etc. Then any date can be configured separately.

If I don’t want customers to pay at the time of booking can I disable payment page?

The payments component is entirely optional.

Will the admin/agent have an admin calendar to see all the bookings of the month with names, time etc. of each booking?

Yes, there is a full admin area within the WordPress dashboard that shows everything.

Can people register online and select their preferred location from a dropdown list at the time of registration (the reason for that is if there are some free slots available he needs the system to send an automated email a week before to all the registered customers ONLY for that location with discount offers)?

People can register online and it will make a standard WordPress account. The booking system doesn’t include an option to separate out customers by location, etc. But since they are standard WP users, it could be possible to integrate another plugin.

Is it possible to assign calendars to different roles? For example, there will be roles in the system like London_customers, Paris_customers etc. London calendar should be available to only London_customers role people and Paris calendar should be available to only Paris_customers.

If it is not possible then probably we need to create pages and make it available only to people in those roles and on those pages put the calendar of each location (London calendar on London page, Paris calendar on Paris page etc). Hope that will work?

There isn’t an option in the plugin to assign calendars to users in the way that you have outlined. You can ‘assign’ calendars to users, but that refers to assigning ownership to manage the calendar as an admin.

So I think your second idea would be better – you can have different pages with different calendars.

Can people cancel appointment which they booked?

Yes, as long as they did not pay online then they can cancel. If customers pay online when booking, then the site admin needs to cancel and refund on their behalf

Can he have 3 different calendars on the same website for customers to book appointment for 3 different centers of the same business?

Yes, you can have any number of separate calendars.

What security system has it got from hacking/stealing peoples data? Will the system allow 2 factor authentication?

a) The booking system is a WordPress plugin so the information is stored in the WordPress database. As long as it’s properly setup and updated, WordPress is secure, and it’s easy to ensure you always have backups.

b) Registration is through standard WordPress accounts, so 2FA can be set up by using a plugin to add that.

Can we limit the calendar to show only upto 3 months at a time (eg: this is June, then it should show only June, July and August)?

That exact option is not available as a setting, but there are some similar settings shown here: https://cln.sh/Y3N6M4mB


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