Discussion on Entrepreneur - Booking for Small Businesses

Discussion on Entrepreneur - Booking for Small Businesses

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jeafrey Purchased

Is Booking still working? Doesn’t go to the next step (just thinking) after I clicked the book appointment on Calendar. Please advise

Hi, are you referring to the live theme demo, or on your site?

The booking system is working well. Everything looks good to me on our live demo, and the booking system is fully self-hosted, meaning it doesn’t depend on the plugin server or our server – it all runs on your hosting account. If there is an issue, it would be due to your hosting/server configuration.

If you contact your web host they should be able to provide more information on what the error is and how it can be resolved.

Or feel free to open a ticket and we can have a look as well: https://themovation.ticksy.com


jeafrey Purchased

Thanks for your reply. It was working fine before and now it doesn’t work we didn’t even do any updates. Thanks

Yes that sounds like a server issue. I suggest contacting your host. If they are not helpful, you can send us a message and we can review your server details in the WP admin.

In that case send us a message here: https://themeforest.net/user/themovation#contact


Grafikx Purchased

Hi !

Common question: is the current version of Entrepreneur compatible with Wordpress 6.0 ? Or should we wait for a new version of the Entrepreneur theme ?

Thanks in advance !

Yes, you are good to upgrade. New version coming out very soon.

Question @Themovation

I’d like to install this theme on my XAMPP localhost in order to explore the demo material. However, I believe the contents of the one demo are licensed as one.

So, if I import the demo files to my localhost, then upload to my client server, everything will be fine. Is it still necessary for me to pay for the demo license?

Hi, I’m not sure if I completely understand your question – are you asking if the license covers a local install as well as your live site?

If so, yes it covers both and there is no issue there :)

If your question is something else, can you explain a bit more?

Based on my understanding for what you’ve said.

Since I’ve used the demo content in my local, the licensed consider isn’t used since I am still not able to put it to live server?

Yes that’s right. You are good.

Does the theme support RTL?

Hi, yes RTL is supported. We have a new update coming very soon that will make the process smoother, but in the meantime we have a suggestion to make it work well. Feel free to reach out after purchase and we can provide information: https://themovation.ticksy.com

2 pre-sales questions:

1) can i get paid with this plugin with a credit card ? 2) can i skip the booking of a specific date and just hire a service with this plugin?



1) Yes the payments component integrates with WooCommerce which supports all major payment gateways, so you can use any one you’d like to accept credit cards.

2) Yes, the booking system is optional. You can also just set up services with a cost and have customers pay without the booking calendar.

Hi there,

Are you planning any update soon? I am using the old version before elementor and I think its time to update my site.

Thank you!

Yes! Massive update coming soon :)

superb! thanks for the feedback!

One more question:

Would it be possible to have the users pay in first booking and then be able to book for the rest 30 days for free, and after this period again the user had to pay for the coming period? This seems more related to the booking system, but maybe I can have some insight from you.


Oups! I actually checked the booked plugin in envanto and seems almost discontinued! This is a lil bit of a bad thing :/

Thank you!

The booked plugin is still active. :)

“Would it be possible to have the users pay in first booking and then be able to book for the rest 30 days for free, and after this period again the user had to pay for the coming period?”

You could have a few different calendars or variable pricing on your product to make this work. I’m not sure if it would turn out exactly the way you want it to, but it’s possible in theory.

Hi, with this theme is it possible to book a service without payment too? I mean a the service is free. thank you


Is the theme compatible with the following versions ?

WordPress version 5.9.3

Thème actuel : Hello Elementor (version 2.5.0)

Extension actuelle : Page Builder Widget Pack (version 2.1.14)

PHP version 8.0.12

The demo theme does not work well.

I added elemetor pro but it has the same problem :/

Hi, yes it is compatible. Sorry to hear that an issue has come up. Elementor Pro is not required and is completely optional.

Please open a private ticket, include a WP admin login, and let us know specifically what is not working- we’re here to help: https://themovation.ticksy.com

Hello, I fixed the error by downgrading my php version from 8 to 7.4. I have cleaned up my database and configured the theme. However, I can’t modify the header and footer because they don’t have a model in elementor. Is this normal?

Hi, that’s interesting. There should not be an issue with PHP 8 but we will do more testing to ensure there isn’t.

We are going to be releasing an update soon that will include a header/footer builder, but in the meantime we have a free plugin that we recommend that is a great option for customers who want a fully custom header without Elementor Pro: https://themovation.helpscoutdocs.com/article/295-adding-a-custom-header-and-footer-in-elementor

However you did mention that you’re using Elementor Pro – if that is the case, then you can use the Header/Footer build that is built into Pro and it will replace the theme header/footer.

If you have any other questions, we’re here to help – please open a ticket: https://themovation.ticksy.com


I have two tag H1 titles for my portfolio pages, one is invisible and the other visible, my SEO program tells me that there are therefore 2 identical tag H1 titles.

How to solve this problem ?


Hi, sure thing we can help with that. Can you please send us a message here: https://themeforest.net/user/themovation#contact

Ok, thank you

Hi, is it possible to let user complete the booking process without go through WooCommerce? becuase we would like to collect payment and genarate invoice by manually when customer walk-in.

Yes, you could do it a couple ways:

a) You can make the online payment field(s) optional for customers who go through the booking process

b) You can login and create the booking in the admin area so it has the time booked

hi, how can we do the setting for option (a) ya? becuase once user click on booking date then it will redirect to woocom check out page =(

We have some examples in our live demo showing how it can be optional, such as this: https://demo.themovation.com/entrepreneur/remote-instructor/

In the admin area, you just need to set the appointment booking redirect to the page you want it to go to: https://cln.sh/iGKR0V

That setting only applies when a product is not selected. There is separate setting under the WooCommerce tab in the Booked settings.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please renew support and open a ticket: https://themovation.ticksy.com

mgdsgns Purchased

Hello. I’m having issues with Woocommerce as no tax shows up no matter what options I choose. I did see under the System Status>Templates that their were some overrides from the theme and they were outdated. Could this be causing the problem?

entrepreneurx/woocommerce/archive-product.php version – is out of date. The core version is 3.4.0, entrepreneurx/woocommerce/cart/cart.php version – is out of date. The core version is 3.8.0, entrepreneurx/woocommerce/single-product.php version – is out of date. The core version is 1.6.4

mgdsgns Purchased

So, I de-activated WooCommerce Shipping & Tax and TaxJar and it’s working now. Not sure why it wasn’t auto-calculating with TaxJar but maybe there’s a conflict with these plugins. Hopefully it continues to work. Thx

My apologies, at first I did not see your message when it came in but I do see it now. However it sounds like you now have it working which is great.

I am not familiar with TaxJar but you could reach out to them directly if you want to use their plugin / extension and they may be able to provide some insight.

mgdsgns Purchased

Even when I didn’t have TaxJar, the tax calculations weren’t working after changing all of the tax options within WooCommerce. I’m not sure what happened, but glad it’s finally working. Thx

Hi may I know how do I switch to Yoga theme?

Thank you. Are you able to reach out to our support team?

They will be happy to help you switch.

Does the theme any any issue on mobile scrolling ?

No, it’s works great with mobile scrolling. Are you seeing any issues? Happy to help.


Grafikx Purchased

Hi !

Is the theme compatible with version 5.9 of Wordpress ? Or should we wait for a theme update?

Thanks in advance !


Grafikx Purchased

Hi !

Thank you for your quick reply ! I will test this. ;)

I take this opportunity to ask you if the “OptionTree” plugin is still used by the Entrepreneur theme ? Because it has been abandoned for several years…

Yes but we will be seamlessly transitioning soon. Option tree is only used in a very minor role and it’s still a working script.

What I mean is will multiple businesses be able to post their site and pay the website owner a monthly fee?

Hi, no sorry that is not part of our plans for this theme. It sounds like you may want to instead look in this category:


Will this have SAAS soon?

Please see my response below.

Hello friends, I have a pre-purchase question. The version of Booked included in the theme includes all its addons?

The Google calendar is a one way sync and Google Calendar sets its own schedule of when to fetch your website bookings. If this a must-have feature you can opt-in to use any booking system you wish. You are not required to use the one we bundle, although it’s a great deal because it’s free with the theme.

You are right. Your theme is very good! thanks for your support

Happy to help. Thank you.

I just bought this theme. I am not seeing the plugin to integrate booked with WooCommerce.

Thanks. It’s actually included with the theme. Did you install it when you ran the theme setup?

If you need help, can you reach out via our ticket system?


Hey team, I have a pre-purchase questions for you. I’m really interested on buying your theme and I want to use this page: https://demo.themovation.com/entrepreneur/healthcare/. But I really want to know if by any chance there is a possibility to generate a QR Code after the reservation is done by the customer, maybe send it as an email, or if there is a possibility to integrate a plugin for this matter to the form that is generated after the reservation is done. Thank you so much in advance!

Thank you.

We don’t have QR codes generated automatically but that something that you can add manually if you wish.

What would the QR Code be used for?

There may also be an extension for WooCommerce that can be used with this. :)

Hey, thank you for the response, the QR code will be used to verify the customer’s valid appointment. So when they go to the appointment they can show their QR code that was generated after the reservation was done successfully.

That would be a very cool feature! Booked is the plugin that we bundle and it’s not in there yet but we’ve also been looking at a new plugin that we can send you for free with purchase. I don’t think the new one does QR yet.

Have you seen QR implemented somewhere?


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