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Nice Landing page and Welcome To Forest :)

Thanks :)

Great, glws ;)

Thank you :)

Very nice work.

Would it be possible to replace the slider by the optin form at the top for the video?

Another question… are you considering a WP version?

Thank you very much! If you want replace slider at the top on the video – yes it possible. Just need little css knowledge. Unfortunately WP version not in the plans.

HI there,

can I add more fields in the form? I would also like to have captcha in the form.

Is it possible? or would I need coding skills?

Hi, yes you can. Anyway you need some coding skills, but all what you need it’s just paste new field in form in html file. Page still will look good.

Is there a guide/service that can help me set up the “Register” version page? I’m brand new, a bit confused

Hello, for all pages one set up help… what problem do you have?

where is the css located for editing the logo on mobile devices.

Hi, file style.css, retina block, line 2218…

Como lo debo usar con mailchimp. Tego creada la lista, tengo mi api, ¿Comó debe estar creada la lista en mailchip y luego usar en ?contact.php y en subscribe.php

As I use with MailChimp. Tego created the list, I have my api, how the list should be created in mailchip and then use it in? contact.php y en subscribe.php

Yes, you need create list in Mailchimp and after paste your ID and API in subscribe.php

Whats the best way to boost SEO for a page, which uses this landing page?


SEO page optimization is a good semantics code and microdata (Major search engine operators like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! rely on this markup to improve search results). It’s all static features. I don’t know how you can boost SEO more.

If I would like to have bigger slide1, slide2, slide3 images in “Slider Register”, what are the biggest dimensions they can be, to look good on mobile, iPad ect. devices? (I think, they are now a little bit to small, to make a good impression.) Thanks!

Hi, but on mobile devices they are hiding. There is only the registration form on mob

Nice! I am using it and I’m happy. Thanks for your work! ;)

You’re welcome :)

Can’t install the Entry theme into a wordpress subdomain. Says missing style.css.

Already tried support steps provided by Envato, I was already doing the install correctly, and it’s still not working. It was the first thing I installed for this subdomain (, which is brand new as of today.

Nevermind, figured it out.

Hi, this is about Entry-Startup Landing Page template. I am working on the social block and in the benefit block I like to change the icons and replace some of them for personal images. How do I proceed ?

Hello, to replace icon just change icon’s class to another ( See all classes here (but Entry use old version of Font Awesome so not all classes will be available). To add image: delete all classes, paste your image and set width 100% (



We have the landing page installed on website here:

The mainslider doesn’t render our images on Safari (v9) on a Mac Book Air running OS X Yosemite (10.10)

My gut is this has something to do with our JS settings (un-modified), do you have any advice on how to resolve the issue

Hi brincltd,

you need add X2 images for retina displays (to the X2 folder). Or delete x2 styles in the css file (style.css).
.info_slider_box #info1 img,
    .image_slider_box #image1 img,
    .download_slider_box #download1 img{

I have problem with logo on apple devices Please help!

Thank you

I have problem with logo on mobile devices. Please help!

I have problem with logo on mobile devices. I download your custom template without changes on server and it has mistake with display of a logo and dont display slider on mobile devices. Please help!


thank you!!!