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Creative and very cool theme. Good luck with your sales :)
And welcome to themeforest.

Thanks you very much for the kind words with warm affections.

Thank you we like that you like indeed. :)

Interesting concept but messed up on a phone – envelope image cut off, pages won’t scroll etc. Good luck

Will be fixed in the next few min thank you very much for the catch.

Works beautifully now. Updated

Good job, glws :)

Thanks you and I have to say your theme is amazing ;)

Great Job, GLWS ;) and welcome to TF

Thanks you very much, you are so kind ;) and kudos to you I like your designs very slk.

Very nice looking template! Is there an option to choose the background image of my own? Can I change the envelope text “Click to open”? Thanks!

Great! Count with me, I’ll be one of your first buyers (it’s hard to make purchases in foreign currency from Venezuela, but i’ll figure it soon)

No worries, I know you are smart you’ll figure it out :)

Don’t forget to rate us and share the love with your friends. Thanks you Gabriel stay amazing :)

Very Good Job, GLWS ;)

Thanks you for thy kind words we definitely appreciate it.

wow awesome theme ! Welcome To Forest and GLWS :D

We are definitely appreciate the excitement, we are super stoked too. Being different and unique for a change is good on the web.

Awesome theme. Good luck with sales :)

We could have not done it without your genius mind Mr Mladen.

Lots of bugs. Scrolling doesnt work with mouse click only with mouse wheel, and categories clicking on portfolio after some clicks stop working. Its unique design anyway

We are super working on this as we speak. Yes! standing out from the crowd was our goal, we want the our clients to be unique and stand out.

Works beautifully now issues fixed and super updated.

Amazing! Good luck!

NO sir you are Amazing! thank you.

Good job, glws ;)

Thanks you much.

As I promised :) First buyer! Hehe

Awesome! feel free to reach out at www.dearseven.com for any support. Thanks Gabriel

Clean look! GLWS!

Thanks Defatch

Thanks blitzgeet for the shoutout – Definitely let us know how we can help in your endeavors.

Purchased yesterday, my envelop is not there, i may be doing something wrong.

Its there but it wont open

Hey! On the documentation which step are you on. Go to www.dearseven.com to support and get in touch, include your link so we can just get a deeper understanding on your issue. Thanks Mayhem

I am having issues with the resume part of the theme not working? It doesnt show the skills bars :( I have copied the exact text from the theme manual. Have a look at www.nicolaihansen.com to see. Can you help?

Hi, Looking at your site it looks like it’s woking I’m a little confused as to whats not working. Thanks