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Hi. For the boxed layout it has option for image only for background, I really want to add a video instead. Which custom css can I place to make this happen?


If you alread set the page layout to boxed, please try to add the following codes to functions.php file in the root folder of the theme or the child theme:

add_action('wp_footer', 'custom_video_background');
function custom_video_background(){ ?>

    <div id="custom-video-background" style="display: none; position: fixed; top: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; z-index: -1;">
        <div class="ui--video-wrapper clearfix"><div class="ui--video ui--video-16-9" style="padding-bottom: 56.25%;"><div id="custom-video-background-api" /></div></div>

    <script type="text/javascript">
          var tag = document.createElement('script');
          tag.src = "https://www.youtube.com/player_api";
          var firstScriptTag = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
          firstScriptTag.parentNode.insertBefore(tag, firstScriptTag);

          var videoId = 'C2VjWtMbrzQ',

          function onYouTubePlayerAPIReady() {
            player = new YT.Player('custom-video-background-api', {
                height: '390',
                width: '640',
                videoId: videoId,
                playerVars: {
                  autoplay: 1,
                  controls: 0,
                  disablekb: 1,
                  modestbranding: 1,
                  showinfo: 0,
                  autohide: 1,
                  color: 'white',
                  iv_load_policy: 3,
                  theme: 'light',
                  rel: 0
                events: {
                    'onReady': function(){
                    onStateChange: function(event){
                        if(event.data === YT.PlayerState.ENDED){


<?php }

And replace the videoId variable C2VjWtMbrzQ with your youtube video id. ;) Best regards.

this worked absolutely perfect! Thank you so much! ... This would really be a good option to add instead of just images.

Hi, i am having problem with gallery widget on PHP 7.1. – the “engine” can’t create thumbnail images. Can you confirm this or it’s some other issue, maybe server configuration? Thank you very much and best regards

And shortcode generator don’t work on PHP 7.1 on my end. It loads indefinately. When i switch to PHP 5.6 it works. Same as Page Content widget.

Hi again,

Thanks for the details. We have found two minor bugs in two files and released an hotfix here before our next update: http://help.wptation.com/ticket/php-7-1-x-hotfix/

Please apply the hotfix to fix the issue with the page content widget and the shortcode generator. ;)

Thanks for your understanding. Kind regards.

Thank you!! :)


uncorked Purchased

I purchased extended support for your theme but can’t post new tickets on your support site. still says expired.


The support system gets all new licenses data from ThemeForest in every 1 hour. So please try to create your support ticket again. ;)

Thanks for your understanding.


extor Purchased

Hello, i tried to create a mega menu how you showed it up on http://docs.wptation.com/envision/ in the video tutorial. but it´s not showing me the mega menu settings! it looks just in the normal menu structure!

the 2. Is there a possibility to make the top header in a other style? because the social button´s and the search looks like pressed together! it should look like “social button´s, small space, search field, small place text”

thx for your help


orqun Author

You can send the details to us via the contact form over on our profile page.

Thanks. ;)


extor Purchased

Thanks a lot, i send it over to you! by the way, you have also the code for an blank space widget for the top bar? br


orqun Author

Hi again, thanks for the details.

We have answered your email ;)

Best regards.

I like your theme, but it seems a bit tricky to setup.

Can I add a background to portfolio section in homepage?


Please try to add a video/background widget to the page using the content composer and set a background by editing the widget settings. And then move the portfolio widget into the video/background widget. ;)

Best regards.

Hello again, is it possible to change the link on a specific portfolio category? what I need is to force the category name in the breadcrumbs to link to a specific page and not to the product list.

Many thanks


orqun Author


Please try to add the following codes into the functions.php in the root folder of the theme or the child theme:

remove_filter('cloudfw_breadcrumbs_singular_portfolio_before', 'cloudfw_breadcrumbs_singular_portfolio_before');
remove_filter('cloudfw_breadcrumbs_archive_portfolio-category_before', 'cloudfw_breadcrumbs_singular_portfolio_before');
add_filter('cloudfw_breadcrumbs_is_post_type_archive_portfolio', '__return_false');
add_filter('cloudfw_breadcrumb_items', 'custom_breadcrumb_item');
function custom_breadcrumb_item( $trial ) {
    if ( is_tax( 'portfolio-category' ) ) {

        $category_slug_to_replace = 'featured';
        $page_id_to_add = '99';

        if ( is_tax( 'portfolio-category', $category_slug_to_replace ) ){
            $key = key($trial);

            $trial[ $key ] = array(
                'title' => get_the_title( $page_id_to_add ),
                'link' => get_permalink( $page_id_to_add ),


    return $trial;

You must modify the category_slug_to_replace and page_id_to_add variables in the code with yours.

Best regards.

Hi Orqun,

When I use the dual page template, and then add a Full Width Section, the Full Width Section is off-centered on the page, as is here:


Also: is it possible to have a Dual Sidebar Template with No Header?

Do you have a fix for this? Thank you as always!

My mate, I would like to center the logo and leave the menu below the logo, how do I?

How to leave the site 100% all screen? Because only footer and header that is 100% of the screen