Discussion on Envor — Fully Multipurpose Joomla Template

Discussion on Envor — Fully Multipurpose Joomla Template

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Hi, I bought the AZURA Pro License under my account QUBESYS last year, but now Im not able to login and forgot password doesnt work. Also, new account registration doesnt work.

Kindly let me know asap, what’s wrong.

Your extension is hacking my whole Joomla website, so I need to install the latest version immediately. Get back to me asap/


Error: Call to undefined method ElementParser::addShortcodeFiles(): Error: Call to undefined method ElementParser::addShortcodeFiles() in /home/eeeeeeree/public_html/templates/envor/html/mod_menu/default-envor.php:13 Stack trace: #0

Dears, hopefully you stil can help. actually suddenly it happend. on my contact area I have a “text block” with azura page builder” and there are contact informations included as well fa fa classes like phone etc. but this will not be displayed anymore. If I kept this within azura page builder – my side is loading and loading and get a white page. before it worked -guess it happend with joomla update to 3.7.1. Thanks for help. Kind regards

hello – wasn´t working. and thanks for your quick reply

Hi, send me the page link to check.

Dears, have a question/problem with the Code of your page….

A parser-blocking, cross site (i.e. different eTLD+1) script, https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery-mousewheel/3.0.6/jquery.mousewheel.min.js, is invoked via document.write. The network request for this script MAY be blocked by the browser in this or a future page load due to poor network connectivity. If blocked in this page load, it will be confirmed in a subsequent console message. See https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/5718547946799104 for more details. (anonymous) @ jquery.mCustomScrollbar.min.js:1 (anonymous) @ jquery.mCustomScrollbar.min.js:1

How can I solve this warning ?! thank you. Kind regards


I think a file is missing in rar archive. I have following error message.

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ’....\administrator/components/com_azurapagebuilder/helpers/cthimageresizer.php’ (include_path=’C:\xampp\php\PEAR’) in

There is no such file in the helpers folder. Where i can find “cthimageresizer.php”.

Hi, please submit to our support forum then we will help. http://support.cththemes.com/?page_id=16090 Thanks.


We are having an issue with eurorepuestospanama.com on mobile devices with:

1. Menu not displaying 2. Text not fitting in with the device

The template is Envor – Default

I have looked in the template manager but I cannot see how to resolve these issues.

Can you help me ?



Hi, please submit a ticket with your admin + ftp accounts on our support forum then we will help. Thanks.

My support period has ended. I really do not want to pay $80 for something that should be working anyway

Hello, I’ve read good comments about this team and I’m kinda convinced to buy, but I would like to know, can I make the menu font Bold?

Yes, it’s possible with custom css style. Thank you.

Are Revolution Slider and Azura – Joomla Pagebuilder included in the template price?

Yes, they are.

We have purchased this theme through our old support person who is no longer with us, how do we continue to get support if required?

My friend we purchased from elements.envato.com same username as here, there is no purchase code on that site… we have sent an email to elements.envato.com who advised they will contact you also. Kindly revert in email where possible. Thank you.

I have waited and waited for a reply and only just by chance noticed a reply here 25days later which is highly frustrating because nobody bothered to email us. username who purchased is mazkan

Hi, sorry for the delay reply but we can’t provide support for items on Elements: http://prntscr.com/ead8rz

Thank you.

Hi Team, i don’t have the Pre loader Option in the template manager for disable NOW LOADING, how i can do it? Thx

Hi, please update template and azura page builder to latest version.

I read a comment of the recaptcha i only have one issue, where i put the public key and the secret key

in the puglin section thank you

Hello – there seems to be an issue with the contact form via azura page builder an either standard joomla captcha plugin or another captche plugin – first of all – both are not visible and second – if I keep the plugins activated but they are not visible at the front end – the contact form is not working. do you have a solution ? thank you

Hi, please submit a ticket to our support forum then we will help.

Thank you.

Thanks for the reply – I already answered – due to some other requests on your forum – the issue is known – please have a look on your emails I´ve sent – thank you kind regards

Dears – more or less – it is visible now but after the submit button and I need to have it before the submit button – please let me know where to place the following code:

thank you

i have a problem with the google map javascript error

Hi, please add your Google Map API key here: http://prntscr.com/djl625

Dears – I already bought a template from you – now I am looking for a template again – should be used for IT Service / Computer Service etc… Do you know a good and professional responsive template for joomla ? Thank you

Hi, you should check my demos to see if they suit your need.

Does this template work with Joomla 3.6?

Yes. It works fine on Joomla 3.6

how to change or add picture to Breadcrumbs background position ?

oke i find it but its a only one static image. Can i use diffrent images on the other pages?

1, add custom class to your menu items: http://prntscr.com/cmdchk

2, use the custom class to modify background image for the page: .your_custom_class .envor-page-title-1 { background-image: url(your_image_link); }

installing the quickstart and I can not log into admin: for the admin log in I change the email and password on install, but when i check the users table it’s shows your default email address for admin user

with a new quick start install, updated to joomla 3.6.2 and running on php7. when editing menu items, the joomla page appears with no css formating. is you template compatible with 3.6.2 and php7? any updates for your template coming out soon?

also major issues with k2 2.7.1

Hi, please submit a ticket to our support forum then we will help. Thank you.


I’m using Envor Theme with Joomla 3.6

This page


has been buil with Azura Page Builder and contains a contact form.

Unfortunately CAPTCHA is not showing and it is not possible to submit forms.

Is there any solution please?


Edit your contactform template files like this: http://prntscr.com/cjns1d

<?php $captchaId = ''; JPluginHelper::importPlugin('captcha', 'recaptcha'); $dispatcher = JEventDispatcher::getInstance(); $initResult = $dispatcher->trigger('onInit', array($captchaId)); if ($initResult[0]) { echo implode('', $dispatcher->trigger('onDisplay', array(null, $captchaId, 'class=""'))); } ?> <?php // JPluginHelper::importPlugin('captcha'); // $dispatcher = JEventDispatcher::getInstance(); // $uni_captcha_id = uniqid('dynamic_recaptcha_'); // $dispatcher->trigger('onInit',$uni_captcha_id); ?> <!-- <div id="<?php echo $uni_captcha_id;?>" /> -->

Dears, I have a problem with azura page builder – as I updated joomla version to 3.6.2 – page builder is not working anymore – if I click on the edit button within azura – nothing happen. I took the azura page builder update pack which you put in your update version in March 2016 ( azura Version: v2.3.0 ) but nothing changed- Seems has not been installed so far. Please help – Thank you in advance. Kind regards

Hi, please submit a ticket to our support forum then we will help. Thank you.

Following up on the question about disabling the NOW LOADING, what is the option called in the template manager? Thank you

Please use this option: http://prntscr.com/bnj8bh

Dears – seems to be another issue – don´t know if it is about your template and the Joomla Version 3.5.1 – since then – the no submit button is working anymore – neither K2 form submit button nor contact form send button. Can you please help on this issue ?

thank you

Hi, please submit a ticket to our support forum then we will help.

Dear, sorry don´t know how to open a ticket in your forum don´t see anything – I only saw an alternative with an email address – and I sent you an email – hope you can reply quickly Thanks in advance


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