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for Customizability

Excellent template and very prompt support by email. I have created two very large and different websites from this template with ease as the documentation within the files is very clear.

Very highly recommended. I wish you well with your sales on this beautifully written template.

for Customer Support

included twitter design depends on php which isn't stated before purchase. Author claimed he was going to update it after I pointed him to the html/js-only twitter widget; has turned silent since (over 3 months now) instead.


Author response

Your requested Method is no longer available by twitter. What can i do now!

You are wrong right now. You requested me to make twitter in "pure-client way to load & style it". I tried to do it but failed. Because "The Old Method" is no longer available. It is replaced by "API v1.1". You can take a look from here:

So, you have to use PHP code to list the tweets or use the Twitter Widget shown here:

You have to follow the following steps to put it into your website:
1- Login to your Twitter account
2- In the upper right, select the Settings submenu under the Gear symbol
3- From the left navigation, select Widgets
4- In the upper right, select Create New
Please let me know if i am wrong.

You can request for refund from here:


for Code Quality

Very good template with lots of code samples and a perfect customer support.