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Will there be a WordPress Theme on this template? Will be waiting… Nice Theme! :)

yeah .. I still learn wordpress code :D .

Nice Template. Good Luck with Sale! ;)

thank you very much :)

great template! is there a possibility to smooth the paralax effect? especially for #paralax_1?

Hi .
Just try this .
open /js/custom.js . change
Just try other value which you like ..

Thanks, it works!

You’re welcome


ibidofe Purchased

YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFULL DESIGN I have download it . and when I modified the the pic_1 ,2,3 in photoshop and save them with same ratio 1400×500 they dont appear in index# home

it’s same for team_1 team_2 team_3 ? can you please help me ?


ibidofe Purchased

61184bcc-03ad-4a9a-b97c-0881ca14d327 – 20 Jun 2016

ok sorry all is well now thanks

Nice to hear it ..


ibidofe Purchased

61184bcc-03ad-4a9a-b97c-0881ca14d327 – 20 Jun 2016 REGULAR LICENSE Hello I thank you for your support I have a problem with the font in this Template cant use the font Template because , I use frensh language and for accent cant appair in site but with this : ??? Exemple: le pr?sent est arriv?e … witch font can i us and have same the design font??? best regards thanks

I suggest replacing SEGOE UI Font with Open Sans (google font)


ibidofe Purchased

Ok, I m sorry…thank you

Just add this on the .html before </head>
<link href='https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:400,300,300italic,400italic,600,600italic,700,800,800italic' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> and change css/layout.css body { font-family:'Segoe UI'; } with body { font-family:'Open Sans'; }

mtabon Purchased

I need install file with installation instructions

You just need to download the file. After that you need to unzip the download file. There is 2 folder. HTML and DOCUMENTATION. You only need to place the content (HTML files and folders inside it) in your prefered web directory .

dose it contain admin cpanel

No . it doesn’t have admin cpanel. It just plain html .

Hello I thank you for your support!! I have some questions: Can make large photographs of the slide to 100 % and not repeated ? Where do I find the categories of the portfolio to enter my images in the correct category ? Thank you!!

Thanks!! It works! I have to change the height of the images in the slide for mobile devices ?

Do you mean you want to change height in mobile ?
If that which you mean .
You need to edit /css/480.css

on line 51 .. after /HOME/

    #id_home {
    #id_home .slide {
    #id_home #home_slider .slide {
        background-position: none;
        background-size: 300px 300px;

Thanks!! All is well!!


I am unable to save any altered file using sublime text 2. is there any unlock codes or am I doing something wrong?

Many thanks

very strange. there is no unlock codes .. perhaps the file which you edit is in readonly mode .