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It’s even better than CarteBlanche! Do you know where I could get this coded to Wordpress?

Hey thanks!

I’ll be coding this to WP if sales do well over the next week or so. If you want it coded quicker than this I’m sure you could post a note in the boards.

please remove

buy it ;) very nice clean

Thanks for your purchase and glad you like it!

Very Nice Theme, congrats and good luck with sales!

wow so fresh… good luck

this is a very beautiful template.

thumb up

Thanks guys!

Very nice theme. Which font did you use for the EpicBiz logo?

Nice work, a different looking theme :D

But i have the same question which font did you use for the logo?

Thanks :)

The font is a premium font called Cuisine, and can be purchased from

My first impressions are wow, nice theme :) I just tried the live preview and it doesn’t seem to be working.

Good luck with the sales!

It’s working now – do you mean ‘server down’ type not working?

Man, your such a great designer and I purchased this template. Gonna try it out with Expression Engine but will be great to see it in Wordpress. Think I am gonna buy Chapter26 also..

Look forward to more from you Chris. Thanks.

Thanks so much! Really appreciate it :)