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All audio players in same category have same id so it play same audio file if I click on “play” on category page. See example http://dpi.co.il/wp/category/podcast there is 2 posts with different audio files but on this category page they play same audio. On single post page it is ok. Please advice how to fix it

No problem, don’t forget to rate the theme from your downloads :D

another problem where I need your help. theme translation. I create .po and .mo files (he_IL.po, he_IL.mo) and I placed it in “languages” folder, but nothing happens. Please advice

Open functions.php, look for the language part, then instead of get_template_directory_uri() use the full URL to the language folder.

i.e: http://www.your-site.com/wp-content/themes/epicism/language/

This should get it working for you now, I’ll have a look why it wasn’t working soon.

How do you change the color of the titles of the pages? For example when you click on services it comes down over the image and is in white and I would like to change the color to teal or dark gray. http://www.barkleyspetspa.com/

Hey buddy.

From your Wordpress admin, Appearance > Custom CSS, add this rule and change the color to suit:

    color: #bada55!important;

Thank you

You’re welcome. I’d be grateful if you could rate the theme via your downloads, cheers!

Hello, A colleague of mine purchased the template a few weeks ago. I have just installed it for him and have everything up and running. For the life of me, I can not figure out why the pageslide container is empty (no mobile nav). The primary nav is fine. Any ideas?

You’ll need to login with the account that purchased.

^^ OK Here I am logged into the account per your request. Any ideas on why the mobile navigation is not showing up?

Portfolio and Blog can only the image defined in Appearance > Customize > Header

Thank You, that is exactly what I was looking for. The support you offer is excellent. I will be sure to rate the theme.

Awesome, enjoy!

Hi Scott, I’m working with your theme and trying to set up some portfolio items. I’ve added them as items in the WP dashboard, created a filter and enabled the display on the homepage. The problem is when I try to View Project I get a 404 error. And nothing but the heading shows on the homepage. I see a ‘Portfolio’ option in the Page Attributes->Templates options for a page. Am I missing a step somewhere?

I just double-checked the demo site and the Portfolio page isn’t working there either – all it shows is the title and “Filter Items by Type” box, which links don’t work. Thanks!

Set your permalinks, sounds like it isn’t updating the rules.

Perfect! Works now. Thank you!

No problem! Don’t forget to rate the theme! :D

how do you update the theme?

It’s much easier to just upload the theme via FTP and overwrite the current or just replace the updated files.

Well that was strange lol, that comment posted 3 times, flagging your own comments for admin is weird :)

Also, if you’re not comfortable using FTP just delete the current theme from Appearance > Themes, then again from Appearance > Themes > Add New, simply upload the new version.


Looking to make some edits to the CSS.

Main issue is that the testimonial bar at the bottom doesn’t have enough room with height:101;

You have the style sheet linked externally – any way I can host it locally to make these edits?

The style sheets come with the theme, you can either edit these or from your wordpress admin go to Appearance > Custom CSS and add what you like, using the !important tag to override.

Two issues:

- For some reason the mobile menu button is showing up on the main navigation

- none of my “featured page” headers are showing up on pages.

I can send over the URL if you like.

Both done. Still.

Can you email wp-login so I can take a look?


Hello iKreativ,

in the live preview of your theme (epicism) on the “News” section it shows a button that shows “1” “2” “Older Posts” near the bottom to navigate through your posts. I have many clickable navigation buttons since i have lots of posts counting all the way up to “206” and it looks a bit awful. How can i fix this to show maybe up to 6 then have “Older posts” instead of having every number up to my earliest post. Im guessing its an easy fix??? Thanks for your help on this.

inc/contact-form.php Inc/social.php functions/fn.customizer.php assets/css/application.css assets/js/application.js

All except contact-form.php are only needed if you want linkedin.

so contact-form.php = Removed deprecated PHP function

I’m trying to add a gallery. In the description it says it works with Lightbox gallery, but there’s no .js or .css file for lightbox in the theme.

Did I miss something?



Add rel=”prettyPhoto” to any a tag containing an image. From the demo:

<a rel="prettyPhoto" href="http://themes.ikreativ.com/epicism/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/catnip1.jpg" title="Catnip hand drawn illustration.">
<img class="featured" src="http://themes.ikreativ.com/epicism/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/catnip1.jpg" alt="Catnip hand drawn illustration." />


I have a problem with the slider on the main page. The image in the slider has a resolution of 1920×400 (as stated in the documentation). On my monitor everything looks fine (it has a very high resolution), but as soon as i open the website on a monitor with a lower resolution, everything looks squashed. I tried it on a few different monitors and there is always the same issue. Is there an easy solution to this?

It is scaling correctly, I think you may just be hitting a break point and the way you have your image with text embedded is what makes it look wrong.

Why not use the slides title to display the text as it is in the demo?

Ok, weird. The aspect ratio is definitely changing with different sized screens for me. Even if i just make the Browser window smaller, the image shows with a weird aspect ratio.

But yeah, i will try to figure it out and good idea with the slides title!

What you’re probably finding is although it is one image, being split into 3 sections it wont scale correctly as each section will appear squashed.

Hello again iKreativ :)

I see the new change log – 13.5.14 – Fixed CSS overflow bug. I was just curious to know if it is just one section that has been updated so i dont have to replace the whole theme and just the part that has been changed so i can just replace just that section. Thank you in advance.

Just application.css

Hello, I just purchased your theme today. I am loving it so far. However, it is not showing up on mobile devices the way it does on a monitor. I did visit your demo site from my mobile before purchase to make sure this would not be a problem. Can you steer me in the direction of correction here?


http://shalitaspeaks.com http://shalitaspeaks.com

Hello, I just purchased your theme today. I am loving it so far. However, it is not showing up on mobile devices the way it does on a monitor. I did visit your demo site from my mobile before purchase to make sure this would not be a problem. Can you steer me in the direction of correction here?


http://shalitaspeaks.com http://shalitaspeaks.com

For the menu, it needs to be named Primary, then it will show.

The demo works fine, so it must be your images. Edite responsive.css and change the height/width on the mobile query to suit what you need.

Hello again, My menu is set as primary. It still does not show up via mobile. Can you assist me with correcting this from here? Also, the layout via mobile device still does not look like the demo site you have here. How do I edit the responsive.css as you instructed? What height should I be using? I assumed the dimensions you instructed me to use were correct. Lastly, I am now receiving a 404 error where the slider used to be on the home page. What should I do to resolve this?


NAMED Primary.

There is a sample.xml file included in the theme that you can import, it will set it it exactly like the demo to get you started.

The 404 error is nothing to do with the theme.

Having an issue changing the h1, h2 and h3 font sizes. I’ve added the new sizes – changing the 225% to 18px – to the custom css area but its being ignored. Looks like something in the minified.css.php is overwriting the sizes—so how do I change the font sizes for the main headers?

Like I said in the previous comment, you NEED to do in assets/css/responsive.css

Sorry, other themes I work with use the custom.css file to overwrite all css files. If/whhen this theme is updated I will need to update the responsive file again?

If you forced it to overwrite via Custom CSS then the responsive media query would no longer work.

Hi, thanks for your help with my previous issue, I was able to make the adjustments to the css, but I have 2 new issues.

1. The portfolio matrix images (below Our Work) displays on mobile devices without an issue BUT only on the home page—the matrix of images on the Portfolio page do not load at all on iPhone 4, 4s, 5 or 5s. They do load on the portfolio page on an iPhone 3 but none of the others.

When I look at the portfolio page on an iPhone 4 or 5, the only thing I see below the title bar is the “filter items by type”.

If I click one of the filter categories nothing happens – the filter navigation remains open – it does not close and no images come on the screen. So I have no access to any of the individual portfolio pages from the portfolio page on this device…

This also happens on a couple other phones other than the iPhone, but also only on the portfolio page…

2. The logo I am using is around 200 pixels wide—its a long company name and needs to be that wide to be readable, when viewed on any phone (portrait mode) the wider image forces the primary navigation to be pushed down. It is transparent behind the icon – there is no background color, so the icon floats over both images as well as text…

Can you please provide the code needed to change this on the mobile device (portrait mode only) so the navigation button has a solid white background and also if possible is centered within the space below the logo, right now its below the logo and floats to the right…

Sent, thanks!


Sent you screen caps of what I’m seeing on the iPhone 4, 4s and 5 for the portfolio page.

Does the landing page support more than 3 slides? And is it possible to hyperlink any of the text on a slide, or the slide itself?