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Hi, for some reason when I go to Appearance>Customize, the only thing that shows up is “widgets” and “epix child theme”.

Hello, i have big problem in Epix Theme. Can someone send me the functions.php code. Pls. syntax error, unexpected end of file in …../wp-content/themes/ePix/functions.php on line 750 Thank u.

HI, I use this theme for a website with WPML (http://www.abrahamdeamezaga.com) and when i change between languages in the same screen the masonry grid works well in both of then, but when i navigate from the beginning through the home page on the second language to the same content, the masonry grid don’t take well the option parameters for it. Could you tell me why????


It looks like it’s having an issue switching between https and http. If you hover over the EN and ES, one is with and one is without, that may contribute to the issue.

That is!!!! Thanks for your help.

hi, the last update was in April. ManageWP is reporting a security vulnerability related to the Visual composer bundled with this theme. we are happy to renew support if this will solve the problem… please let us know how to proceed.


You can request the latest version of Visual Composer via the Help Center http://acoda.com/forums and a download link will be provided. I can’t provide it here due licensing and you need to be logged into the Help Center.


about ePix. Fullscreen slider <decription>...</description> is not visible in iphone7

testing your demo… do you have a solution?


I see that your LIVE demo shows a horizontal navigation, and when I installed your theme it came with a vertical navigation. How can I change it to horizontal navigation? I was wondering if your LIVE demo is a false advertising.

This is last updated 21 April 2016 over a year ago, does this mean this theme no longer being actively updated and secured?


An update is on the way, unfortunately due to ThemeForest’s new rules, it requires quite a major overhaul. So, it’s a balance between passing the requirements and being backward compatible :)

Awesome, thx for fast reply :)

Hi, does ePix supports the WP 4.8?



It is. However, I do recommend using the You Theme instead. It’s currently more up to date than ePix and offers more functionality: https://themeforest.net/item/you-multipurpose-responsive-wordpress-theme/15175900

Hi, Is there a way to remove the automated “related post” section on my posts. Here’s an example on my site. http://pxsterbxy.com/medusa/

Hiya. I am not using this time at this moment but want to use it (I purchased this years ago) I have uploaded it to my domain but I can’t seem to activate the visual composer only if I purchased this as well. What to do now because visual composer was included in this theme.

Hi, mobile site is showing generic static page. Wheres the menu to fix the mobile site?

I see a vertical menu (left-hand side) in the screenshots but it doesn’t appear in the demos. Is this alternative menu available?

If it takes 7 days to get a pre-purchase answer, I’d say support no longer exists. I see others above me that have no answers from 4 months ago.

Hello,. On mobile device, is there a way to make the Menu to be on the side of the logo? Instead of on top of the logo?


Visual Composer no works on Firefox Quantum and not works well on Chrome (Mac os). Could you update the Visual Composer plugin to fix it????

is this a dead theme? no more updates?

@chrishriver Yes this site appears to be dead atm. I was running Epix until February this year and recently noticed the site had injected malware (very expensive to have removed).