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WWow! Beautiful work! Love it ;)

Thank you! :)

congrats, very nice theme.

Thank you :)

Anyway, your Themes are really awesomes and so rich… 2 pre-sales questions :

Can Blog and Portfolio post be full widht ? Can skins be gradient color ?

No doubt for sales… :) Thanks

Oh, something else, is it OK for wordpress 3.7 ?

and self hosted video ?

Thank you!

Blog and portfolio post can be full-with yes, however skin colors are solid but opacity control remains.

Yep to 3.7 and self hosted video. It integrates well with the JW Player plugin too :)

Nice one, have to buy it soon.

Thank you :)

great job yet again… loving all the little touches that make your work incredible! seamless upload and install, brilliant! making some magic with it now… I’ll keep you posted with my progress!

Thank you, I’m glad you like it!! Looking forward to seeing what you create, I need to build a showcase ;)


Thank you! :)

Help ! Tried to sign in Support Forum, message “invalid purchase code”... I put the purchase code found in TF licence.

I have this message after Visual Composer install and activated, repeated 6 times :

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘type’ in /homez.22/scienced/www/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/composer/lib/mapper.php on line 63

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘param_name’ in /homez.22/scienced/www/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/composer/lib/mapper.php on line 66

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘param_name’ in /homez.22/scienced/www/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/composer/lib/mapper.php on line 68

New Data base install, WP 3.7

Thanks !


I’m just opening up the support now for ePix. It’s because you have PHP 5.4 and error_logs reporting. The visual composer plugin has a couple warnings that need addressing.

I’ll have a file for you within the hour. :)

There you go, you can register on the support site now and the fix is located here:


wouah ! I’m impressed. Done in 5 mn and Works !!!! Thanks so much. I’ll go to the Forum, just in case I don’t understand something.

Theme and demo install in 5 mn too, nice :)

Very nice theme! ;)

Thank you! :)

The size of the images we have, fit the area up to the nav bar but not wide enough to fit the whole area that includes the nav bar and the area behind it- ghosted back behind the nav bar . Is it possible to accommodate an image that is more square like-and not take up the whole home page. Also can we have the nav bar not move back and forth? I hope I can use this theme. It is BEAUTIFUL!!


I see what you mean now. This can be achieved with a small CSS change. Contact me via the contact form in my profile for more information.

Just bought the theme yesterday – GORGEOUS. My friend who is an artist is buying it too.

Thank you for purchasing, I’m glad you like it and thank you for recommending your friend!

Wow… this theme is total AWESOMENESS (and amazing on mobile as well, luv the smoooth menu, fixed background etc)!!

Thank you for the kind words :)

Like your theme, but have one question.. could sidebar left menu be changed and put into the header?


Unfortunately it’s left menu only.

(I agree with #embroiderysecret, it’s a done $ale if there was option for horizontal header menu… truly Incredible work/design/theme, I’m a big #Themeva Fan now! I saw your video and Luv how many easy change options with colors, backgrounds, opacities of so many elements rt in the WP customization bar!!)

Sorry man, unfortunately ePix is left menu only. If you’re after horizontal menu and the same skin customizer, take a look at DynamiX :)

ha No Prob (only mentioned since knew a few others of us may be curious about) Your Theme just truly (again, that customization video so awesome, think you should showcase that video link so ALL potential buyers can know how versatile every element is) AMAZING! At the top of my list to show my next web clients$ #THEMEVA absolutely Rock$!!

Thank you again for your kind words! I’ll see what I can do to highlight the customizer, I agree it’s great tool.

I hope to receive a purchase in the future from you.

I agree with #sterlingwilliam, this Theme is not only multipurpose (I don’t need that personnaly), but they are nice looking, fully customizables in seconds, so much options like self-hosted video, Page Builder very efficient.

I’m amazed !!!

Thank you again for the really kind words and I’m glad you’re enjoying the product. I’ll get support to answer you first thing tomorrow with any remaining questions you have.

WOW! Amazing Theme! Good luck, friend ! ;)

Thank you! :)

hello, great theme. congratulation. is there a possibility to put text more in the centre of the homepage and not only in the right side in one line? would be better for marketing purposes, to have the option to put a slogan in the middle of the homepage.

to avoid misunderstandings: i mean the home-fullscreen page


At this moment no, however I like the idea and will think of a way to achieve this. Would positioning the Title / Text suffice? ( which is usually bottom right )

and more, like “hewittig” said, possibility overlay color ?...

Beautiful theme. Does it support Vimeo and other 3rd party video hosting? Thanks, Kal

Thank you!

Yes it does, vimeo, YouTube, Wistia and self hosting with jw player. :)

Ive been waiting for this theme. Perfect!! Top work!!!! :)

Thank you, i’m glad you like it! ;)

Great looking theme – quick pre-purchase questions, 1. Can the Navigation bar on the left be fixed (ie so it doesn’t disappear in full screen mode)

2. at the top of the navigation are a series of icon (search, cart, info etc) can these be customised? ie replaced with social networking icons as oppose to what is there at present

Great work – hope to purchase soon.


Thank you!

1. Yes, simply switch auto hide menu to off within the page admin options.

2. Yes, you can have just social icons there if you require

I hope that helps :)

NIce one! I have to buy it very soon. And so, I will have the complete collection of Themeva !!! :-)

Thanks Patrick and thank you for your continued support :)