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For some reason i cannot get my fullwidth slider that i have on homepage to display the title and description. Is there a specific option you have to have set to do this? I have slide content set to title & text + image?

Is there a simple way to make the main footer display on a page even when the full screen slider gallery is enabled? I have a child theme setup with the site as well if that makes a difference.

Also how do you make a grid gallery so that it is completely full screen and the page does not show the post title and content?

Unfortunately with the fullscreen slider you can’t display any other content. You can use the Stage gallery instead.

With regards to the Grid Gallery, you can hide the title by typing in the BLANK into the Alternative Page Title.

For any further help, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – support is answered much more frequently there.


With this theme would I be able to upload clients photographs and provide them with a login for there specific gallery so that only they can view their photos?


Yep, it’s possible to use the WordPress set page password for galleries within the page.

However in the next update it will include the main galleries too. Alternatively if you need it urgently, I can send you the files via the Help Center.

Is there a way to add social share buttons to the fullscreen images?

Oh wow that’s awesome thank you ! :)

Can you send me the code you used in the description part to get the social icons to show up? Thank you!


Please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and I’ll get support to post up the code.


I’m looking at purchasing this theme, can you let me know if it works with revolution slider and also we would need a twitter feed feature?

Thanks Joey

Hey Joey,

There is a twitter feed built into the theme. It will also work with the Revolution Slider, you can insert into any page.

is it possible to have multiple fullscreen? please see the sketch attached


thx in advance!

do you have a sample where the vertical scrolling leads to the next project and the horizontal clicking show more pictures of the project, but everything on one page?!


It sounds like you’re talking about a single page scrolling theme – this theme will not function like this. Obviously you can link images within galleries to other pages that contain more galleries etc.

thank you for honest answer! do you know any single scrolling theme wich supports fullscreen?


I don’t think that the google map is working with the new google URL structure…


Can you test this for me and let me know how to fix.


Hi, I am using your theme on www.familyphotographerlondon.com and have found out that the enquiry form isn’t working. It returns the error message ‘Required fields not completed correctly’ regardless of what I put in the email and other fields. Can you assist? many thanks


That isn’t the contact form included with the theme – what plugin are you using? I recommend using Contact Form 7.

Any further help, please post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com.

Hey, lovely theme! I’d like to move the social icons over the logo to somewhere under the navigation and to also make them half the size. How do I do this? Thanks.


Thank you! :)

You can generate the shortcode for Social Icons via the Visual Composer > Switch to Classic Editor > Copy the Shortcode and paste into a Text Widget within the Appearance > Widgets > Menu Sidebar Panel.

For any further help, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com.

1. Once you click on ” Home – example I ” why your theme in the mobile version doesn’t scale the photos? the video seems to scale pretty good.

2. Can I have any music on the background with the photo gallery only ?


1. Have you removed the frame from the demo – this will limit the responsive capability. You can view the demo directly here http://epix.themeva.com.

2. Currently there is no direct option to add music, however I’m going to add it as an option in the near future.


can you let me know how you made this page in your demo NOT full width? http://epix.themeva.com/blog/

I can’t see it in the settings.



By default the site is set to Boxed layout and I have full width only on certain pages. I’m including an option in the next update to set to boxed, wide and default.

For future, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

What CSS modifications do you have to do to make the grid gallery completely full screen with 3 columns?


I’ve not done any CSS customization to make the grid gallery completely full screen – the option for Full Width is set within the page layout options.


I’m interested in purchasing your ePix theme but I have a few pre-sales questions.

My primary question is “How does the theme handle aspect ratios of images?”


- Do the image and video viewports have the functionality where they will scale to the size of the image?

- Am I able to specify that I want to scale the image to the maximum size within the viewport while preserving the aspect ratio and the “empty” parts of the viewport are left a blank colour (black for example)?

For example the “Lens” theme gives me the following options for how images are displayed:

- Fill scales image to completely fill slider container (recommended for landscape images) - Fit scales image to fit the container (recommended for portrait images) - Fit if Smaller scales image to fit only if size of slider container is less than size of image. - Auto Height scales the container to fit the full size image.


It handles them as best as you can. Regardless, the image ratio is always retained, no squishing or stretching.

By default it will aim to fill the area given in the gallery or browser. For portrait and extra wide images you can set an option to display the entire height or wide and the blank spaces will show through the background colour. This can be set on individual images in the gallery, so you can have a mix of portrait, normal and super wide.

Thanks for this information – much appreciated!

can you please confirm if your theme supports the following: I have about 100 pictures for which I want to create multiple different galery categories. Can you please explain how to upload e.g. 10 pictures into a galery named circus and another named school – per galary one uload on one go. I don’t want to upload each single picture but want to select multiple pictures and upload in one batch per galery category.


There are a number of ways you can do this. The quickest option is to use the attach method. This allows you to upload your images to the media library and then assign them to a post or page in one go, use the WordPress attach method.

The other alternative is the Slide Set method, upload all the images to the Media Library and then create a slide set by clicking the images you want individually. You can create a gallery of 10 within seconds.

Hi, thanks very much for the swift feedback. Ich will purchase the theme now and I’ll try your recommendation. The problem with the media libary is, that I have not found out how to attach the images to a category in an easy way but I would need to select each single picture and attache it to a category. I can only do it image for image. Do you know an easier way which will not require to select each single picture?

My apologies for the delay. You can attach multiple images to a post by going to Media Library > Click Unattached Link > Select the images you want and click the Bulk Actions select menu > select Attach to Post.

Can I put different gallery in a grid mode? and is possible put the name of this gallery in a left bar? (or photo tags in left bar is better). If is possible i buy now this theme! _!


My apologies for the delay. I’m not sure what you mean by putting a different gallery in grid mode. The Grid Gallery is the only gallery that will display a grid like layout.

Portfolio in masonry or grid mode. Opened with a single click on a lightbox gallery only images contained in the portfolio. And to put the diferents names of the portfolios in the sidebar.

You can click on any gallery image and all the rest of the images in that gallery will appear in the lightbox.

However you can’t click on one image and more images will appear in the lightbox.

Wow, I’d like some help please. I purchased this theme back in December, it worked fine for awhile but everything has gone downhill. First of all, I cannot log into the support thread because my purchase codes won’t work. Second, after installing the envato toolkit which is supposed to help me automate updates, I still am unable to update to the newest version of the theme. Third, according to Blue Host, the theme has messed up my permalink structure change (none of my posts load anymore) and the site shows up as the mobile theme on my browser. If this theme won’t work when updates are due, I want a refund. I have a business to run, I don’t want to fiddle with broken updates and inaccessable support teams!


My apologies for the delay, I unfortunately have a very limited internet connection at present and answering these comments has been more difficult than usual.

I’m not sure why your purchase code isn’t working, can you ensure there are no spaces after the code when copying and pasting it into the field.

The theme has absolutely no affect over the permalink structure, I’m not sure who gave you that information, but it’s wrong!

With regards to the plugin, this should work absolutely fine too, there are over a 1000 users who are able to update absolutely fine. If you’re able to get onto the Help Center, support can log in and take a look for you.

I should be able to access email tomorrow, please send me your purchase code via my Profile > Enquiry Form and I’ll register for you.

Blue Host had to change all the settings to what they were at a previous date. That fixed the permalink issue, but I am STILL unable to update to the newest version of Epix. I am not the 1000s of users who were able to update successfully, obviously.

Like I said PREVIOUSLY, I have no access to the Help Center, I feel my complaint is falling on deaf ears here.

And as I said previously :

I should be able to access email tomorrow, please send me your purchase code via my Profile > Enquiry Form and I’ll register for you.

Just not impressed with this theme. It’s clunky to work with and requires you to be a developer. A user is going to find this frustrating to use. Unless you are a developer, don’t bother with this theme. It is not drag and drop easy at all and takes forever to work between pages. Waiting 2 days (and still waiting) for a response on my queries is not great either.


I’m very surprised you’re not finding it easy to use. I have many uses who find the theme an absolute breeze and have created really awesome results. You do not have to be a developer at all, you don’t see any code whatsoever and the visual composer is so easy to use.

Where have you posted your query, I can not find you on the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com?

Hi Themeva,

Why your theme DynamiX has been deleted? :(


It’s back now, Envato removed it temporarily last night.

On http://epix.themeva.com/grid/ the images resize as the browser moves. I am running epix but when I use the grid my images do not auto resize. What configuration setting do you use?


In order for me to help you, I’ll need you to log into the account in which you purchased it from.

The account is allymartin . Appreciate your help.

Hi I’ve added social icons using the font awesome short codes. How do I add a url to each icon so it links to the websites?


I’m going to add the option to add links to font awesome short codes. If you post this onto the Help Center, i’ll give you a workaround and will try to modify the relevant files so you have it built in.

Hi i have a question: When i put the link of google maps in the google map plugin of the template, the map doesn’t appear! How can i do?

Please answer me. Thank you.


Please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com for support – there is a post on this, currently the version of Visual Composer doesn’t work with the latest google maps, but there is a workaround.