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I would like to visuliazzare the social buttons directly and not due to leave by clicking another button in the sidebar to the left box above logo or you can do is set an example as a demo?


My apologies, I do not know what you mean?

I would like to be able to manage the area above the logo by entering only the buttons with social

so it is like it is from template http://it.tinypic.com/r/2rhur6h/8 I would like http://it.tinypic.com/r/2h4vnub/8


Yes, that’s completely possible by checking the “disable share icon” within the Header theme options – this will just display the icons individually.

I’m looking for a solution on my home page, with the possibility of 4 main categories with 1 photo per category, Example; 1 wedding photos, 1 portrait photos, 1 commercial and 1 for fine art. Once you click on one of the 4 it would bring you to a sub category of that main category. Like if you clicked on wedding photos it would bring you into a wedding page with links to a gallery and info. Is that possible with this theme? thank you!


My apologies for the delay. Yes, this is possible – you could create a gallery which represents the different Galleries e.g. Wedding Photos, Portrait Photos etc.

The images for each category then can link to an individual page where it contains the actual gallery with all photos in for example Wedding Photos.

I updated to the newest theme, and now I’m unable to use Visual Composer since it requires a license key. Your support team recommends that we don’t use the newest version. This is contrary to the developers statements that the newest version would be bundled with the new theme (implying paid for, license key available?).

I’ve hit a brick wall, right in the middle of a client’s gallery delivery. Your support team is very vague in previous threads I’ve read on the issues I’m experiencing, and the troubleshooting page is a joke.

Since this is just another of the many issues I’m experiencing with this theme, I want a refund. Please contact me ASAP.


What they’re not telling you is that is a bug with the latest version and I reported it to them nearly a month a go now – they are aware of it and working on it.

It can seriously affect the content of the page by duplicating it, therefore trashing some of your pages. I’m not going to put this version into my themes until it’s resolved. As you can imagine, I would get the brunt of the support.

I’m desperate to get the new version in my theme, it will be amazing, however the bug is too much of an issue to ignore it.

Have they given you an idea as to how long it might take to resolve?

Unfortunately not, they’ve just said the developers are aware of it and working on a resolution. The last correspondence was with them on Friday just gone.

Hi! I have the same question that PJCImagery did (about 7 days ago)... I would like to do this on my home page, and also on an “All Galleries” page… and on each I would like to use a Fullscreen/grid gallery with an image for each of my galleries (ie. pets, kids, newborn…). What I want to happen when one of those images is clicked, that it goes to that gallery page (ie. to the pets page that has all the pet images). I have set up slides to put on the Home & “All Galleries” pages that have the images for each category. In the settings for the slide images I have tried putting the full (pets page) URL in both the Image space and the Link space. No matter where the direct link is, when I’m on the “All Galleries” page, and click on the photo with the link, it takes me to **/slide-sets/furryfriends instead of to /furryfriends as I have it. Any help with this? Or is there something different I should be using to accomplish this? Thanks for the help! :-)



Sorry for the delay, this should be completely possible. The main slide set which contains the “category” images should have the URL set to the pages of the individual galleries.

For example, the first slide on the home page ( http://epix.themeva.com ) will link through to the Grid Gallery.

If you’re still having issues, please post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com, along with your login details and support will be happy to assist. They don’t work weekends but if you post now, it will be answered first thing on Monday.

HI! The theme looks amazing! I have a few questions before I decide to purchase..

1. Is the ‘powered by epiX’ in footer removable?

2. Can I set it up so that the sidebar scrolls down along with the page? Right now in your contact page, the page and sidebar have different scrolls.



Thank you! :)

1. Yep, it can be removed or replaced with your own text.

2. Yes, you can turn off the fixed header.

When will the new version you have been speaking of be out?


It’s on it’s way, I’m compiling it currently.

Hi, just wanted an update on memoriesbyelisa question, since he/she seems to be using the template the same way I intend too. Also, once you land on the specified linked gallery page, can you then have specific link to an info & pricing page for that specific type of photography, ie weddings, pets…? Hopefully you get what I’m asking. Thanks!


Yes, this is completely possible, since any of the slide images can link to pages, posts or external URL’s. The main slide set which contains the “category” images should have the URL set to the pages of the individual galleries.

For example, the first slide on the home page ( http://epix.themeva.com ) will link through to the Grid Gallery and can be done vice versa.

Hi. It looks like after a recent WordPress update, I’m having issues with the grid columns on my gallery pages. Though I have it set to full width layout and have selected 4 columns to be displayed, it aligns my photos with only 3 columns. The same can be said for all of the gallery grid pages. They’re all showing one less column on all browsers. Not sure how to fix this and would love your help. Thanks!


I’ve not had any reports on this – can you post a link onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and support will take a look for you.

Love this theme. Only problem I have is that every page is responsive, only the homepage is not displayed properly on a smarthone (on iPad it works fine). How can I fix this?? (website is http://www.yvonnedehont.nl)

Problem solved! At midnight (LOL) I had an idea. I changed the name of the homepage to some other name and save it. After that I changed it back to Home again and voila.. it’s working. Don’t ask me how but it worked ;-).


I’m glad you love it!! :)

Not sure what that would have been, apart from caching on either the browser or a plugin?

As a photographer and having just bought your theme I assumed that I would be able to place my images (horizontal images only) on the screen -full size-without cropping. It doesn’t appear I can do that. If I can, point me in the right direction with a detailed explanation as it doesn’t seem to work.

I have also tried (and given up on) using Fit_height for my vertical images as it doesn’t seem to work. There doesn’t seem to be much help in the docs or knowledge base, Can you direct me as to making this work otherwise the theme isn’t much help to me. As a photographer-presenting my images without cropping is important.

( I have managed to fix it with my own css hacks but I am sure I’ve messed up some formatting elswhere and much prefer to does this the right way) Thanks


Thank you for the help. Where do I find information on setting the layout. I want no sidebars on the front page (static). For the blog I would like one left and one right side bar containing categories and archives respectively. Between the settings in the theme, the pages and the post -I don’t seem to be able to figure the configuration to do this. Where do I set the layout to have no sidebars on the homepage and 2 on the blog and single blog pages?

http://marketingimagephotography.com/ Thanks again.

Just to update this question, I’d like the category and archive widgets which I want in sidebars one and two, not to show on any pages except the blog page and single blog posts, what configuration do I need to do this, where can I find the documentation?


Just a note, you’ll find a wealth of information on the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com where you’ll find most of your questions have been answered already.

You can change page layouts via the page itself and also set what sidebars you want visible on that page. For blog, you have the general layout you can set via Appearance > Theme Options > Blog and use the Blog Template on a page and set a different layout.

This part of the documentation covers the page layout – http://themeva.com/docs/epix/page-post-config/

Again, if you require further assistance, please use the Help Center.

I customized my theme, and now I’m afraid to update to the new theme updated from “April 14 – 2014”. How can I update it without losing all my customization?


How have you customized the theme, if you’ve used the Custom CSS field via Appearance > Theme Options > Customize > Custom CSS or via a Child Theme, it will not be affected.

I used 60% the APPEARANCE > CUSTOMIZE ...so based what you said I will lose mine 60%, I’m right?

No, that’s absolutely fine – the customize is built into the database and safe from upgrades :)


i like your theme very much but have some questions before i buy it. hope you can answer them: is it possible to have many grids for one category in the menu (for example children) and clicking on one grid a full screen gallery opens with the pictures inside? and the same for another category in the menu: for example portraits > grids of the shootings and then on clicking on one grid a full screen gallery opens…is this possible? and can i have more then 12 grids?? or is this the limit??


This sounds great! Thanks…Is it possible to install two themes and then testing?? Or how to move all my media without uploading all the pictures again…hope you can answer too?


You can buy one license and test with it, however there shouldn’t be more than one live site on a single license. There are cloning plugins out there which will do exactly this for you and move everything across.

no i meant i have installed another theme but not so really happy with it…is it possible to install more than one theme and then testing??

i have installed the new version. in past post you mentioned you would have password protected galleries. i don’t see how this can be accomplished. could i get some instruction on how this is accomplished.



To enable password protect, goto the page you wish to protect > locate the Publish meta box ( top right ) > edit the Visibility option and set to Password Protect.

I hope that helps?

Hi there love the theme am interested in purchasing for a client. Just wondering from the preview homepage 3 are you able to have the images link to a blog post rather than an image? Also are the blog posts able to display more than one image?



I’ve just added a few links in for the page to demonstrate you can link them to any page / post or URL. http://epix.themeva.com/grid/

You can insert any of the Galleries into a post and therefore show much more than one photo.

Thanks very much for the response, I’ve gone ahead and purchased the theme!

Thank you for the purchase! :)

Hi! Thanks for the previous reply (I went to set up a couple of the slides with the URL and submit a ticket to show how it wasn’t working, but of course, now it’s working just fine to link the images in the slides to my gallery pages)! I have another question though… on a fullscreen page (like your example home page for the theme) I have noticed that when my site is viewed on a phone, the images are cropped (zoomed in, however you’d like to describe), and not just resized down to fit the screen – like I would think a responsive theme would do. I have the transition effect to fade, so I know it’s not that. The other odd thing about that is that on my iPhone 4, more of the images are shown than on a friends Galaxy 4 – which is larger. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks! :-)


I’m not sure what you mean by this, can you provide some screenshots and post them onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

I am getting a message to update visual composer from code canyon. Do I have to pay for the new version or will that be packaged with next theme update?


No, not at all. See the guide here for updating the Visual Composer plugin – http://help.themeva.com/theme-issues/

Is it possible to zoom light box photos?


I’m not sure I know what you mean, do you mean they zoom when you open them in a lightbox? If so, no – that’s not possible.

Having trouble with post page config settings after update to WP 3.9. The tabs show up but the content is missing.

Please help!


I was made aware of this issue this morning, see the fix here:


I like the theme but I can’t add any pictures to the grid slider or carousel. The slide set manager does not work at all. I have updated everything but cant update the WP Bakery without paying $30.


Please update to the latest version of ePix and follow this guide on how to update VC. http://help.themeva.com/theme-issues/

I am using the epix template, I am trying to use create a stage background slider but I am having trouble with the “slider set manager”. I am having the same problem as this person who posted the youtube video…


Essentially when I click new slide, it loads very briefly the correct page where you add media then changes to a page where you can add a new custom field which is useless.

For the love of God please can you let me know what I’ve done wrong or what I can do to fix this?


It’s always best to use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – the issue is related to the latest WordPress update. If you upgrade to the latest version of ePix and clear your browser cache, everything should work fine then.