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Hi there,

We bought the Epix theme and Visual Composer (separately) however when I try to upload the jscomposer.zip file and as soon as I activate it, it gives me the following message: “home/ramsoftit/public_html/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/include/classes/core/class-wpb-map.phpon line113”

I contacted VC support team and the said that the pre-packaged version of VC is getting in the way of the stand-alone version. They said to contact you. I’ve tried to go to help forum but you have 500 internal server error. What should I do? Please help!

P.S. I tried installing and uninstalling the plugin but that hasn’t worked either.

Sure, this is a temporary fix in the Visual Composer plugin itself. However the next update will address it from the Theme side and will not have to rely on Visual Composer adding a check for it.

Locate the following file on your server: /wp-content/plugins/js_composer/include/classes/core/class-wpb-map.php

Unzip and replace it with this file:


Thank you so much! Just one last question…I’m totally new to this and I’ve uploaded the Epix theme through Wordpress and when I check for files in the editor section under Appearance, no such file (class-wpb-map.php) exists. I also looked into php files in the editor screen in the plugin section and that file you mentioned isn’t there either. There is one that’s map.php. Should I be looking elsewhere? Please let me know and thank you again! You’ve been very helpful :)


If you upgrade to the latest version of the theme, all issues are now resolved. :)

I am unable to get the Visual Composer plugin from the creator’s website, get timeout error 500.

I have the plugin now. disregard comment.

I am unable to register for support. Please help


Are you still unable to register? It’s working for many others.


Whats features are available for post display ? By example do we have a grid layout for recent post ?

is there a way to have an image slider with link to post for homepage ?

Regards, Pix


Yep, you can choose from Grid layout and you can also change the location of the post metadata.

Yep, the images can link to any URL you require.

Hi! Beautiful theme and I love the Ken Burns slider effect. Just what I’m looking for. Couple of pre-sale questions…

Do I have the ability to hide the arrows and buttons on the home page, or are they always visible?

I’m a newbie at all this and just installed WP yesterday. Is working with this theme fairly simple, or is there a lot of coding and confusion? :)

I’d need to adjust the menu to accommodate my business needs. Would I be able to change the names of the menu pages, such as removing the BLOG page and other pages like that?

I also want to know if this is indeed compatible with IE 11 as I’ve noticed some themes say they are but there have been some delays and jitteriness with the KB effect.

Thanks for helping and I look forward to hearing from you!


Thank you :)

There is no coding, it’s all drag and drop with easy options to select.

Yep, you can change the logo, menu items and pretty much everything you see, it’s completely customizable.

All good with IE11 too ;)

Thank you for responding :)

That’s all great to know! Do I have the ability to include audio on the homepage or any pages?

And do I have the ability to have photos on each “page” behind content, rather than a stark white screen?

Great theme!!!

Quick question before I buy this theme as I love it and am full of ideas how to use it:

Can I use a grid as homepage and link to a certain page with pictures and text (blog like) when clicking on a picture in the grid? I’ve only seen buttons to enlarge a single picture, but that is not what I want. I want the homepage to be used as a fast way to go certain maps of the portfolio.

Also, is it possible to make the grid fit the whole page with every browser size? So if I zoom in for example, nothing changes and the pictures still fit the current window perfectly?


I think I found the answer on my first question; yes should be no problem: http://yanastancheva.com/ did that. Amazing website by the way.


I’m using the grid-style gallery for the homepage however I want the images to link to other pages. When I hover over the images, I get a link option as well as “expand” image/gallery. Is there a way to remove the expand image option and just strictly have it linking to other pages?

Thank you!


My apologies for the delay, it’s always best to use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com for support.

You can disable the Lightbox option on the Gallery to remove the “expand” image / gallery.

I have a question related to videos.

How can i make Images to open a pop video, like in the tour page http://epix.themeva.com/tour ?

when i try to duplicate the effect it open the image on the pop, not link to a youtube video like the demo in your page.


My apologies for the delay, you’re best using the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com for support.

You need to set the video URL into the Media URL field. Are you using using a Single Image element, if so, enable “Lightbox” and then enter the video URL into Media URL field.

Hi, great theme! Thank you!

I have one question:

I use WPML to set multiple languages on my site. When I installed the plugin, a “Flag” icon appeared next to the social icons, search icon and info icon on the top of the sidebar. I don’t want the “Flag” icon to be displayed there. Is there a way to hide or remove it?


You can hide it with a bit of CSS, if you post this onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com, support will give you the CSS to hide it and where to place it.

Thank you.


IPhone browser, Safari, the screen looks good, The default browser in Android looks odd.

Do you check the link attached to drop box, please.

How can I output the main image would happen?



They shouldn’t be any different. What does it look like on Chrome on the Android device.

Also, the best place for support is the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

Hi I want to make links from my frontpage. But it does not link from the pictures. Please let me know how i can do it. I put a link in the backend under > manage slide ->image>link so it links to the next page from the front picture.

on this page www.sorenhoy.com


Putting the link in via the Slide Set Manager should work. It should be Manage Slide Set > Link URL field, I can confirm this is working.

If you’re still having issues, please post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

Hey there,

I want to have the main content above the gallery so I read your documentation and found the part “Group Slider / Grid Gallery Position” which I can’t find in my pages settings when I choose the Grid Gallery.

Anyway I would like to have the function to choose if every gallery (except of fullscreen of course) is above or below the content.



My apologies about this, the documentation was created from one of my other themes and this was left in.

You can however add a Grid Gallery or Group Slider via the Visual Composer and it appear below the content.

For any further help, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – support is answered much more frequent there.

Hey, thanks for your answer! Now I have another question: Is it possible to add a video in a blogpost via Gallery / Media which appears below the title? It makes more sense in my eyes to decide if above or beyond the title…

What do you think?

I’m on the brink of purchase but I’ve found a video of someones error which a lot of people experience, can you explain this before purchase? If I hit an error like this immediately I’m not going to continue with it at all despite purchase. Vid: http://youtu.be/bkJrtoQmcZQ

I also own Visual Composer 4.2.3 already, is that version already inside this theme or another?



It was when WP upgraded to 3.9, simply upgrading to the latest version of the theme resolved the issue. It’s 100% not an issue now.

It works absolutely fine with 4.2.3, currently 4.2.2 is bundled with the theme.

Brilliant, I’ve now brought it & enjoying it already. Thanks again.

Thank you, I’m glad you’re enjoying it :)


I have just bought this theme a few hours ago. It seems to work very well, but I get a problem with the Visual Composer… Indeed, it requires a valid licence in the settings. Unfortunately I don’t have it because I just bought the ePix theme. What can I do to use this plugin ?

Best regards


You do not require a license for the plugin, it comes bundled with the theme. Please ignore the message. The latest version of VC will be included with the theme in the next few days.

Hi, I am currently running version 1.1.1 of your theme and I have come across a little bug.

I have a Portfolio Category with 8 Portfolios in it. I created a page that displays the Portfolio Category thumbnails. The only way that I can have the page display all 8 Portfolio thumbnails is when I have the Gallery Type set to ‘Carousel’. If I set the gallery type to anything other than Carousel the maximum amount of Portfolio thumbnails that will be displayed is 6.

Please Help.. Thank you. =)


You can set the “Post limit” in the options for the Gallery. By default it’s 6, if you increase this value you should be able to display all your posts within any of the Galleries.

I hope that helps?

Hi, I can’t find any options in the Gallery that allows me to set a ‘Post Limit’. Please help. Thank you.

Can you post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com along with your WP login details and I’ll get support to take a look for you ASAP.

Hello, I have a big problem with this theme. When i browse on the i-pad and turn the screen happens that the site crashes. How do I solve the problem?


I’ve just tested on an iPad 2 and I can’t replicate the issue, I’ve turned the iPad from Portrait to Landscape without it crashing.

hello, thanks for the quick reply.

On safari is fine. Now crashes on chrome! Can you try?



I’ve tested in Chrome too and it works fine. The site looks great by the way ;)


I’m almost ready to jump in buy your theme… Pardon my ignorance but just a small question:

Is it possible to hide the “Title” of the image that pops up if we keep the cursor on an image in grid gallery, when the cursor “arrow” turns to the pointing “hand” & we let it be there for a couple of seconds or so… ?

Not a functional issue, just a cosmetic one :)

Also, are there any optional layouts or schemes for Blog section please?

Thanks so much for a great theme :)


Unfortunately I do not have any examples, however, it’s simply a background color change on the overlay.

All you would need to do is add this into the Custom CSS field:

.fancybox-overlay { background: rgba(255,255,255,0.8); }

Alright… Thanks a lot… Will make the purchase in a couple of days & then trouble you for more, as & when required, if at all so :)

No problem :)


I’m tryting to validate ePIX in Wordpress. I put all the information requested: My envato username, my API secret key and my purchase code. When I try to activate it, sends me back an error telling thtat my password is invalid? What does it mean? How can I fiz it? It’s annoying.


I’m not sure what you mean by validate ePix. Please see here for installing the theme http://themeva.com/docs/epix/theme-installation-updating/

Hello I love this theme look, but only need to know one thing to finally install. i need to create dynamics galleries based in rss feed. im photographer and have a “Menalto Gallery3” web which almost 2.000 pictures, all tagged and documented. obviously i need my theme can makes galleries without reupload the images. via rss feed.

could be possible?


Unfortunately it’s not possible to import gallery data via RSS, it maybe worth looking to see if a plugin can do it and I can almost guarantee the plugin will work with the theme anyway.

very’m interested in your epix template, just wondering if I could insert foursquer icon on the menu bar. Thanks


Do you mean an icon to a menu item? If so, yes you can. You can add any Font Awesome icon to menu items.