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Does this theme support RTL ?


Yes it does :)

Hi, yesterday I tryed to get an acces to your helpforum. After I entered my email adress and the purchasecode I received a massage that I will get an email with the login Informations but I never received an email. Regards, Adrian

The email adress is info@adrian-fotografie.de

I’ve replied to you with some new login details :)

Hi, how do I make my header transparent? At the moment it is solid white and I want it on 80% opacity.

Also is it possible to add a email address and contact number to the top of the header?



Yes it is, you can change it via the Customizer. See the documentation > editing skins for more information on how the skin customizer works.

For more help, please post onto the Help Center @ http://acoda.com/forums

Hi, ever since you changed to acoda, I can not longer login. I have even tried to create as a new user but it won’t recognize my API key. I had to change themes because my epix theme will not load some pages. This has been incredibly frustrating. Please help.


Sorry about the delay.

You’re already registered on the site, you just need to login here ( you can do a password reset here http://acoda.com/wp-admin ), then try to access the forum you want and add the “Purchase Code”, not API key.

If you’re still having issues, please email me via my Avatar, along with your Purchase Code.

Hi, Im trying to login into epix forum, but i havent recieved confirmation email with login and password. I have couple problems with the theme, and i really need that forum. So if you could make something about it, it would be great, thanks!


Please check your spam folder, some clients are filtering the login details email.

If you’re still having issues, please send me an email via my avatar with the password you want and I’ll set it for you.

Hi, i´ve send you email with my password and still no response. Please set it for me so i could finally login into that forum. Thanks.


I’ve set that password for you now.

hi, your help.acoda site not working for now. i need urgent help. ty.


It’s definitely working, what’s the problem you’re having?

Lol i see. you are linked to “http://help.acoda.com/” site in theme profile. but your help center is “http://acoda.com/forums/” , so no problem now. i can see help center, thanks.

I am interested in purchasing this theme, however when I try to view the live mode on my mobile devices, the template does not work well at all. It’s super slow and skips around. Could you please send me a link to this theme on another domain so I can see how it responds on mobile devices before I purchase.

Many Thanks,


Hi Desirée,

Are you viewing the site without the ThemeForest iframe? i.e. just http://acoda.com/epix/

Yes, I guess so. I just googled the theme to see how it works on mobile devices – which is not so well. Is there a better link I could try?


sorry for the simple question but as well as photos can videos be shown within the galleries or portfolio sections?


Yes that can. You can edit each Portfolio post and goto the Media tab, where you can enter a video URL and set what type of embed it is, e.g. YouTube.

Hi, I am having troubles uploading the demo files to site. The documentation says, look for the file: ePix.wordpress.xml; however, there is only a demo.xml file in the Demo-XLM folder. When I upload the demo.xml file, I get a “Failed to import Invalid post type” for all of the files. Please assist.


Have you tried click the “Import Demo” via Appearance > Theme Options > Getting Started + Docs? That’s the quickest way to install the demo content.

Can i added footer on homepage with fullscreen slider http://acoda.com/epix/fullscreen/ ???


Unfortunately not. The fullscreen sliders takes up the entire page, apart from the header. There are other Galleries you can add like Revolution Slider ( comes with the theme ) which can achieve this.

My Pricing table no longer works? See example at:http://canthalart.com/index.php/custom-printing-2/ Even if I try to make a new page with the pricing table, it doesn’t work. Any help on this?


Please update the theme to the latest version and this should be resolved.

My epix won’t update and I can’t get to the plugins page anymore either?

Have you tried updating following these methods: http://themeva.com/docs/epix/theme-installation-updating/

The Update worked that way. Thank you. But still can reach my plugins page? Keeps saying page can not be found.

still “can’t” not “can”

I bought the theme, registered for the forums but was never sent a password. I have tried ‘lost password’ link but still haven’t received one.


Please check your spam folder – failing that, please send the password you would like and I’ll change it for you. Send a message via my Avatar.

Hi Acoda-Team,

I have tried to register for your forum but never received an email with login data. Can you please reset my account. Thank you. Email is andre.douque@gmail.com

BR André


It seems that some emails are being caught in spam folders. Please check your spam folder. Failing that, please send the password you want it set to via my avatar.

Hi, I’ve bought the ePix-theme today and I had some issues with installing it. I tried to get login details for the forums but I didn’t receive any. I tried again but now it’s telling me that the purchasecode is already in the database. I’ve checked my spam-folder but the activation e-mail also isn’t in my spamfolder. Can you help me?


Please send me the password you want set via my avatar and I’ll change it for you.

Hello, I am using ePix GroupSlider gallery, ex. http://www.papaveri-papere.com/profumazioni/saponi-naturali-artigianali-2/, works fine on desktop, I have issues with mobile devices (iPhone, ipad) I can’t solve. Any help or solution? Thanks


What appears to be the issue on the iPhone? I’ve tested on iPhone 6 and it works fine for me?

tested it with iPad air 2 (iOs 9.1) and iPhone 5 (iOs 9.1) and I get the same problem, see screenshot: http://hurrahonline.it/Lavori/IMG_0790.jpg


It is supposed to display like that. It’s stacking the elements because depending on the content, it would become to squashed on a mobile.

Hi..I do not receive conformation email when trying to activate my login for the support forum, i am unwilling to post my email here??


Can you confirm you’re logged in now please. I can see you’re active on the site?

Yes all working now, thanks.

Hello, tried registering on the support forum without success, awaiting username and login. I need it so the menu stays transparent but slides out when hovered, with a mouse, pretty urgent.



Some users experience this, if you email me via my avatar, I can set you a password.

With regards to the issue, I’m not sure what you mean. You can have it so that the menu is collapsed and when you click on the “Menu” icon it displays?


I write on behalf of a friend of mine who recently purchased one of your themes for wordpress. He received the confirmation e-mail, clicked on the link, but never get the reply. Now he has a problem with the layout of the menus on his site, but can not enter the support forum because he has not received the password (he tried later to get an alternative password, but never received that either). Would you please help us? Thanks in advance.



Hi! I bought this theme on 12th 2014, and now I can’t download it again. How can I do it? Thanks


You need to login to the account in which you purchased the theme from. This account you’re using has not purchased the theme.