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Really liked the theme and so I purchased it. I have installed the theme downloaded the plugins that it stated and also imported the demo content.

My Problem – When I go to preview the site it just shows a blank white page??? I have set the menu structure as main menu navigation however nothing works. :(

Please help as I don’t want to feel I have wasted my money on such a good product.

its definitely not my wordpress memory as I have nothing on my wordpress. Just your theme I have just installed.

I will post the same question to the help forum. Theme does look just what I am looking for.. just need to get it working lol :)

Support will be on in a few hours time – post your WP details and FTP too ( click private reply ), they can take a look at it for you, or I will when I can.

It’s the first time it’s been reported – How did you install it, did you use the Envato toolkit?

the demo content didnt install on first occassion so did a funky mix up hence nothing appearing however support was super fast and so was your reply. This theme / author and team are 2nd to none. Service is great.. theme is great.. A+++ recommend this to anyone. I am one happy camper :)

Thanks all


I’m interested in your great theme, but I have a couple of questions:

The home page has an area for text/content. Is it expandable, so I can have a sentence or two, or is it for mainly a few words? I see the images have that content area no matter where you view the image, but I’m interested in the Homepage to be static with that area of content used to introduce my services.

Is there a way to disable the zooming in of the images on the home page or gallery? No motion?

Is it possible to have content on the Gallery/Portfolio pages?

I’m changing my theme for SEO reasons. I need to find a theme that allows for each page to have content.

Thank you, RW


Yes, you can add as much content as you require – obviously the more you enter the more screen space you take up, but a couple of sentences should be fine.

Yep, you can have it set to fade only and in the next update, sliding too.

Definitely, there are a number of ways to create a Gallery / Portfolio page – depends on how you want to organise your work.

The theme is SEO optimized and I recommend using the Yoast SEO plugin for adding content etc, it goes beyond what themes can do alone.

Thank you so much for the quick response!

My message seems to have disappeared – I was looking to remove the text that appears under the gallery – I want to display only images – no text at all.

Also – what size do you recommend full page gallery images to be?

Thank you


Not sure where it has gone, but you’re best using the Help Center for support.

I’m not sure where you mean, do you mean the page title etc?


I love this theme and I have a question for you. Everytime I create a image gallery with different aspect ratio, it crops images with higher height.

Its there any option to set fit instead of fill? (the gallery images)?

Thanks for answer!


It should fill the area regardless of the browser size, it will always maintain the aspect ration which sometimes means it has to crop, otherwise it will squeeze the image.

Are you using the latest version? In the next version I’m adding a couple of extra options for best fit.

Do you have any way to not allow people to be able to drag images off the website and to save to there computer to help reduce copyright?


There are various plugins that are available which can disable right click etc. This one for example: http://wordpress.org/plugins/no-right-click-images-plugin/

Awesome theme, just one question, is compatible with user plugins, so if I add a portfolio or gallery section and give a user and pass to a client, only he could see it…? Thanks for the answer


Thanks :)

You can set passwords for pages, therefore you could add a page with the client’s gallery and will only be viewable if you have the password.

You may also find plugins to help with this too.

Hello! I really like your theme but I have some questions.

- Does the homepage slider work without ken burns effect as well? Can that be turned of?

- Is there alternative transition methods available for the homepage slider?

- Can the menu be set to “fixed” as well? Or will it always auto hide?

-It seems that keyboard keys do not work as navigation, is that true? Of is it configurable as well?

- In ipda/iphone mode, will swipe gestures move back and forth the homepage slider?

Many thanks for your reply!


Sander Baks

Hi Sander,

- Yes it does, you can set to fade only and in the next version there will be other effects available too, like slide etc.

- Yep, by default it’s set to fixed.

- I’ve not implemented this, however i’ll add it to the dev list.

- Yes, the swipe gesture works on the sliders.

I hope that helps?

Hi Guys,

Have a few questions, just love your theme, congratulations. Is it possible to get this style of gallery


And also is it possible that homepage looks like portfolio with 6 thumbs, 4 leads to this type of gallery up and 2 leads directly on video.

Thank you in advance and more time great work.


Thanks for all your replies, I only have two more :), can theme magic be turn off and can hoover on images to be like this { opacity: 0; position: absolute; top:0; transition: opacity 0.35s ease-in-out; -moz-transition: opacity 0.35s ease-in-out; -webkit-transition: opacity 0.35s ease-in-out;, so images fade and only show names of the album in white for example


I’m not sure what you mean by theme magic?

If that CSS was applied the image would not be visible to start with?

please where I can send you PM

Hi, really really nice Theme!

Before purchasing I would like to know if I could modify the classic homepage in a way that the content (without the sidebar) could be placed in the center. It looks a bit weird for me seeing that big blank space on the right…



Thank you!

You can create the page in way you want using the visual page builder. I’m not sure what you mean by the sidebar on the home page classic, there isn’t one I can see?

Hi, thank you for your reply. I meant in the “home-classic” homepage of the ePix demo. In my Imac I see a lot of blank space in the right, where the skin switcher is.

Thank you


In the next update I’m introducing the option to have full width layout, as well as boxed ( how it is now ).


Tried using a carousel and a grid gallery within an accordion menu. So for example, I have 4 accordion menu : Wedding, Glamour, Portrait, Commercial. Within each accordion, I have a carousel of 3 images and a grid of the rest of the images. The problem is, the grid gallery won’t load unless the accordion was expanded on load. Basically, only the first accordion grid will load. Everything else doesnt.

Any thoughts?

Also, is there a way to make the sites load faster? My site is very slow.


Can you post your details onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and support will take a look for you.

As for the page load, it could be down to hosting or image size. I’m using standard hosting and no caching plugin and it scores extremely well.


Thanks for the quick response. I will post there.


Fantastic theme! I’m a big fan of dynamix and have purchased 2 or 3 licences for that theme before.. I’m thinking of picking up e-pix right now but would like to know if it would be possible to change the navigation from the current accordion drop down style to something more standard? I find this accordion thingummy a bit hard and clients are bound to find it harder still.. Any hope of something like this: http://metcreative.com/demo_viewer/index.php?theme=santonewp

Thanks :)


Thank you ;)

You can use the Ubermenu plugin to allow the menu to appear to the right like the example.

I’m looking to introduce the option to have the menu right too. I hope that helps?

Oooh thanks! That’s most helpful :) I’ll be picking up ePix in a couple of days. Thanks very much for all your fab themes!

Having the strangest problem with your theme. http://chaperarquitectos.com/proyectos/ As you can see, all Featured Images show as Shortcodes. How can I fix this?

thanks in advance (:

No, the thing is, when I activate it, I get an error, I’ll link you a photo:


this is why s:

thanks for the speedy help (: ! I’ll try that now.

Hi! First of all congratulations for your brilliant theme.

I have a silly question… How do I remove the “info” button from the top of the sidebar menu?



Thank you!

You just simply remove the widgets in Appearance > Widgets > Information Panel and the information icon will disappear :)


i purchased your theme and got invalid license key when i try to activate the visual composer, hence i can’t upgrade the plugin. Could you point me to a fix ? Thank you


Are you using the latest version of the theme, it shouldn’t ask for the code and it includes the latest version of VC.

Hi, looks fine now, you’re right. 3.7.2

Hi I love this theme! Is there a way to have the menu be hidden when you first enter the site and then when you scroll over the page it appears? Thank you.


I’m glad you do :)

Currently not, however I’ll be implementing more menu options over the next couple of weeks.

Hi! Just purchased the theme and I’m very excited to get it in action. One question, I have a home page setup, but how do I make it so it displays full screen images that do the slow zoom in effect? Like this http://epix.themeva.com/

I really love how that looks but can’t for the life of me figure it out. Thank you very much!

Awesome! I’ll check that out, thanks!

Oh and one more question. Where is the sizing information? Like what size should I be making images for galleries, logos, ect. Thanks!


You’re best using the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com for general questions.

220px width is the max recommended for the logo, the images are variable depending on what gallery etc.

Hi. What’s the point of the sticky menu option ? It does not seem to make any difference, or just for the homepage.

I want the menu to collapse on all pages of the site but i just can’t figure how to do it (using the admin).


You’ll only notice it when you have a menu that’s higher than the browser window.

Unfortunately at this moment in time that’s not possible – I am looking to implement more menu options soon over the next couple of weeks.

Hello! I have the latest version of your template. I browse my site from iphone, and i have 2 level menu structure. From iphone i cant view second level pages. menu is not unfolding by the click to the down arrow icon. immediately loaded parent page. How to fix it?


That’s insteresting, can you post your URL and WP login details onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and support will investigate this for you.

Support have replied to you :)

Hi, pre-sale question,

is it possible to have larger pictures in the shop. They look to small for me.



Yes it is, you can set this in the woo commerce settings. :)

Hi! First of all congratulations for your brilliant theme.

I have question…menu sidebar can be non-sticky?



Thank you! :)

Yes, you can switch it off via Appearance > Theme Options > Header > Sticky Menu.