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Awesome :) Great Work :)

Thank you! :)

Hello! When using the masonry gallery there is a 10px padding space between all images even though column padding is off???

Let me know if you can help fix this, thanks!


That’s strange, can you post a link onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – preferably with your WP login details so support can take a look for you, thanks.


Yesterday I purchased the theme and I started to build my site. I have found a problem when I try to open it in Internet Explorer. It looks fine in Safari, Chrome and Firefox, both in computers and smartphones. But it looks terrible in Internet Explorer.

The strangest thing is that I tried in two different computers with IE and in one of them there’s a message from GoDaddy (where I bought the domain) that says that the site will be launched soon, and in the other everything is a mess. You cannot see the sidebar, the photos are cut, the colors of the fonts are not right…

I understand that not every site works fine in IE (I don’t even use it), but I don’t know what to do about this.

Any suggestions?

I’ve just tested with http://www.browserstack.com/

I can confirm your site is displaying absolutely fine in IE version 8 – 11.

Thanks for your help. I just talked to GoDaddy and they said that everything is ok with my site and my account and they can see the website fine in IE too. I’m using IE 11 and still can’t see it properly. According to GoDaddy it’s probably something about the security settings in the computer and some of the usual flaws of IE.

Anyway, thanks so much for your help!

No problem, I hope it’s sorted soon for you.

Hi, I bought this theme now . I am a newbie and need some help to upload this theme in wordpress.com

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Frank

Hi Frank,

Unfortunately the themes from ThemeForest are for self hosted WordPress and not WordPress.com.

I’d recommend speaking to envato support to see what they can do to help. http://support.envato.com/

Pre-purchase question. I am testing the demo site http://epix.themeva.com/ and I was interested to see how the grid page looked on the iPad. http://epix.themeva.com/grid/ it crashed the Safari app and the Chrome app crashed to. Is this a bug in the iPad or is something wrong in this theme? On the iPhone it works normal.

No crashes after enabled B&W effect.

Thanks! Now it is time to play with all the options and implement the theme in my site www.klaasnorg.nl

Great :) thanks for the purchase!

If you need any further help, head over to the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – there’s loads of information and most questions have been answered already.

Is there a method/fix for just having a single image in the fullscreen slider? It doesnt show the image and keeps the background white.

problem resolved :)

Glad it’s resolved ( did you get it form the forum? ) I know someone else had a similar issue and I believe I’ve resolved it for the next version :)

Hello from Russia, form Moscow! Great work! Thank you, themeva! Theme awesome!!!!! Big sales big workers!!!!!

Hey, thank you for the kind words!! Have an awesome day! :)

Great stuff! Just have 1 problem right now.

I can’t get the grid gallery to behave like the demo. It has white space within the blocks. Also when I try to resize my browser, the demo site shows pictures within the grid resizing individually, versus when I resize my browser, my grid is resizing the pictures all at once..please click for reference http://seekingfilms.com/gallery/

Thank you!!

Nevermind, solved!

I’m glad you resolved it :)

Hi! I was wondering for the Stage, and all the other galleries, if you can customize where the title & text is displayed. For example, the titles display at the bottom currently, is there a way I can put them at the top? Thank you!


With a little bit of customization this can be achieved. If you know some basic CSS, support can give you a guide to where to customize or you can sign-up to the customization forum and support will do it for you.

I love this theme! Just getting started and the photos on the home page slider appear stretched and out of proportion when the window is made smaller. Is there a way to ensure the photos aren’t stretched? Thanks!


Thanks :)

For future, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – are you using the latest version of ePix, the method for displaying the images on the fullscreen slider has changed.


I’m very interested in purchasing your theme. I was wondering how an image with the long side as vertical shows in the fullscreen mode. Does it crop the image? Also, I don’t see any long side as vertical images on the demo. Can you point me to a site that would give me some idea what they would look like on this theme?

I have a large mix of 35mm horizontal and vertical images. I see that the horizontals are rendered beautifully but as mentioned, would like to see verticals too.

Thanks for your time!


Is this the WordPress plugin you are referring to or is there another plugin that would allow me to sell prints directly through an online printer?




My apologies for the delay, I’ve been away the past 48hrs.

I was under the impression you could do it directly from the Fotomoto WordPress plugin?

Oh, fantastic so the Fotomoto WordPress plugin works. That is what I was hoping.

Thank You

Hello, The theme is beautiful

But I have a question, I bought the item last week and is the 1:06 version, however I see on ThemeForest 1:07 version. It can update?



Thank you :)

Please take a look at the documentation for how to upgrade the Theme.

If you need any further help, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

I’ve bought Epix theme for 1 month. It’s such a great theme. My blog look more professional than ever. The support team – Tom, always respond my questions so quickly. I will recommend you to buy this theme.

Thank you for the kind words :)

Do I understand correctly that a grid gallery added within the page options can be displayed in masonry mode (with the switch to that effect) but that a grid gallery added in the content area with the visual composer cannot be displayed in masonry mode?

The grid gallery within the visual composer leaves large blanks in rows whenever an image is not the same size or orientation as the neighbouring ones. (my source is a slide set)


It should have the option within the Visual Composer to enable the masonry effect. I’ll double check this now.

You should also have the option to remove the padding?

Please post a link along with your login details onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

It does not have the option, I only have a “Column Padding” I can activate. I’ll post this onto your designated forum. Thanks.


Your post on the Help Center has been replied to, please provide your WP login details and support will take a look for you ASAP.


Just a quick comment: the theme looks awesome, but can you please stop using images of ladies in suggestive postures or scantly clad? I went through the various theme options and pages at work and I must admit it was quite an embarrassing experience in front of my colleagues and visitors who could see my screen :)

That’s it. It is just a small remark but the theme is really great.


Thanks :)

My apologies, it’s mainly what the photographer shoots ( Andrea Olivio ) – I’ll see if she has some other subjects I can use too.


Great theme, really nice to work with and interact with.

I have one question though, how can you make the sidebar menu wider? I have the word ‘Photography’ in my business title but it currently reads ‘Photograph’. I need to make the side menu (the one that slides away to the left) wider to display my text correctly.

Hope you can help and thanks again for a great theme.



Thanks! :)

Please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com for support – they will point you to where in the documentation the width can be changed.

Alternatively, you can sign-up to the customization forum and we’ll do it for you.


I have a quick question. How can I get rid of the “i” icon and search bar icon, which are on top of the navigation menu?



You just need to remove all widgets in the “Information Panel” within Appearance > Widgets > Information Panel.


Question 1 : Can the slide images (small one) are different from the big one after click?

Question 2 : Can the background become 0% opacity?

Question 3 : Can it become 3 columns?

Thanks a lot.


Hey Phoebe,

1. For galleries, the image clicked will appear bigger in the lightbox. You can link images to pages, posts, alternative images etc but not within a lightbox.

2. Yep, it can.

3. Yep, sure can within the content area. You can choose upto 2 sidebars ( not including the main menu sidebar ), plus the main area.

I hope that helps.

Just installed this theme and am getting the following error:

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/tmp/sess_ea98101323c00536f67893394e38b1f3, O_RDWR) failed: Permission denied (13) in /home/photonew/public_html/wp-content/themes/ePix/functions.php on line 1

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/photonew/public_html/wp-content/themes/ePix/functions.php:1) in /home/photonew/public_html/wp-content/themes/ePix/functions.php on line 1

The link is

Thank you!


My apologies for the delay, if you haven’t already, please use the help center – this post may help you: http://help.themeva.com/groups/dynamix-support/forum/topic/warning-session_start-function-session-start-2/

It seems to be a certain server issue, it’s only been once before.

I can’t get the images to behave like the ones in the demo. I’m not sure how to set up images on the main page to be full screen. They all appear much smaller. Help please!


For support, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – please post your URL there and support will take a look for you.

It does seem slightly strange they would appear smaller, so we would need to see a link and preferably your WP login details, so we can see what maybe causing it.