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Love the theme but…Quick question before I buy:

Does it have (built in) the ability to create password-protected client galleries. If so, great. If not, how might one go about implementing such functionality…. plugin? etc.


Thanks :)

You can set a password on the page ( this would include galleries added via the Visual Composer only ).

For all other galleries, it’s on the development list with high priority, so it won’t be long until I implement it.

HI I have a question: I used this code for gallery: width=”1/1”]postgallery_grid id=”grid_one” title=”Wedding” data_source=”data-1” attached_id=”192” orderby=”ASC” content_type=”image” lightbox=”yes” align=”aligncenter” imageeffect=”frame” masonry=”masonry”[/vc_row]

I changed ASC for DSC and my gallery still show oldest photos first. How to fix this? Thank you:)


It should be DESC, let me know if that works.

Hi, i would like to buy this theme, but i can’t see when i open a picture the possibility to share that pic on facebook, twitter etc… Is this possible with epix? If yes, can you please tell me how? Thank you


It’s possible to implement yes, I’ll be happy to assist you on the Help Center after you’ve purchased the theme.

It’s already been covered, so you maybe able to find it by searching for ‘fancybox social icons’ on the Help Center.


I’m interested by this template… I tried a lot of one, but I met lot of troubles… So with galleries or portfolio, I would like how you can upload photos. Lot of template need to upload photo by photo.. very long and boring. Can I upload images in batches, for a gallery? or can you import flickr file ?

thank you..


There are a number of methods of adding images to Galleries. The fastest method of inserting images in galleries is using the “Attached method” – you can attach images to a post using the WordPress attach method – the images can only be attached to one post.

Apart from that, unfortunately you have to do it manually, however the Slide Set method is quite quick, upload your images to the media library > goto the slide set and simply click the images you want to insert into a gallery.

1. How is the VL customized

2. if I switch theme but keep the VC, would styling and shortcodes work?

3. Do you have your own grid or do you use the bootstrap grid witch is included by the vc plugin, or any plans to do it, would be easier for us all, maybe next theme?

4.Set navigation to the right?


3. No, only one grid system is loaded. It’s actually lighter and a custom build of Foundation.

4. Yes, it’s very basic customization, small CSS, jQuery customisations only.

3. But the VC uses the bootstrap grid, have you changed grid in VC? what parts do you think is unneccesary in the foundation grid?

4. Do you offer any advanced customizations that could be supported together with the theme?

My apologies for the long delays, I haven’t had much time to get to these comments.

The Grid isn’t affected at all in the VC, you can use alternative Grid systems, as long as you specify the classes required for the columns.

Unfortunately I can’t offer any substantial customizations due to not having the time to complete them. I recommend checking out Microlancer if you want any substantial customization. What did you have in mind?

Hello. We got some problem with mobile version. You need to be very quickly to catch drop down submenu. After you press category to see subcategory you already press link of category. Can you fix it?


Ideally you need to set the parent menu item as just a blank link with # in the URL field or create a mobile only Menu which lists all the links ( much easier for mobile users to navigate ).

Lovely theme. Does this theme support the fotomoto plugin ?

Thanks :)


Thank you!

Yes, I’ve had a couple of users use the fotomoto plugin successfully. It obviously doesn’t integrate with the normal galleries, but you can link images directly to a fotomoto page / item or use their own galleries.

I hope that helps?

Hi there, it is possible to alter the location of the menu and make the size of the site title larger?

I’m wondering if this theme allows you to make a horizontal menu rather than down the left hand side.


I’m also wondering if this theme integrates with the likes of soundcloud?


Unfortunately the menu is only available down the left hand side. You can alter the width with some CSS customization.

Hi, before I buy I want to ask a question: I dont want to use ken burn effect on home page slider. Can I close it? So, Can I use diffrent slider plugin?

Best Regards,


You can disable the effect on that slider alone and have it just fading, sliding etc. Or if you do want to, you can use your own plugin.

You can set any page as the home page, see here for example:

http://epix.themeva.com/home-classic/ http://epix.themeva.com/grid/ http://epix.themeva.com/home-example-iiii/

I hope that helps?

Hi – would it be possible to have the homepage full screen slider format below the menu on mobile? the overlayed menu cuts off way too much of the image for it to be worthwhile slider on mobile.

Another option I’d consider would be to just have it render a static image on mobile, full screen slider on everything else.

Is this doable?


The best option in this case would be to use the Menu timeout function – this will hide the menu after an amount time ( which you can set ). Then when the user taps the screen, the menu appears – would that not suffice?

Dear Supprot, I really love your epix theme, there’s only one cuestion left befure I purchase it: is there any possibility to add a background music? I’d love it!

Greets from Germany, H.


My apologies for the delay – you can add some music manually via a shortcode, however there is no built-in support to add audio to the gallery.

Thanks for the answer, no needs to apologize!

Can you tell me if there’s a way to save my images in your theme from right-klick-downloading? That’s even more important than background music…

Thx! Hope you have a great start into the new week. H.


There are plugins which can help you achieve this – take a look at this for example:


I am very impressed with the theme… beautiful side menu and so many options. Very well done!
I would like to ask you about something please… The side menu auto-closes on homepage when the vimeo video is playing:
1. Is it possible to get the same effect on other pages..? The menu stays open for few seconds and then closes and opens again on mouse movement… Where can I find options to change the settings..?
2. How can I modify the time after the side menu closes?

Thank you


1. It’s not possible on normal pages – mainly because it would get quite annoying when scroll down the page. I’m looking into other methods of hiding – re-enabling the menu.

2. You can do that in the Add Gallery > Fullscreen > Auto-hide menu time-out option.

thank you

can I protect my photo ? so no one can save it or download it ?


You can use plugins to help protect your images e.g. no right click on the website to download them.

If you’re selling images, you could upload images with a watermark on for demo purposes and the download image after purchase is a different version, this can be controlled via the woo commerce plugin.

thank you for your quick response i really appreciate it

Hi themeva, may I ask how to set the page title to show up on the top of the page on the portfolio grid page, please..? What I mean is that if I choose the gallery type: GRID and then Slide Managers Sets: MASONRY then the gallery appears beautifully but the title page shows up at the bottom of the page under gallery… What should I do to change that to appear on the top of the page..? Thank you


The only way for it to appear above, is to add the Grid gallery in via the Visual Composer, then you can place wherever you need it. If you require any further help, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

I’ve been using the theme for a few weeks and noticed I needed an upgrade for WPBakery Visual Composer. I paid for the theme but now have to pay $30 to upgrade the plugin?


I’m in the process of updating the Theme with the latest version of Visual Composer – it will be available in the next day or so.

I love this theme! I’m facing one issue though – I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but when I add a Gallery, I cannot see some of the Image Effects such as Shadow and Reflection. I can only see three – Frame, Black and White, Frame + Black and White.

Please help!

I’m going to try to add the zoom + hover effect for the next update. :)

You, sir, are awesome! Thank you!

No worries, if you haven’t already – please rate the theme :)

I’m interested in buying this template and I’m curious to know if it is possible to use a background IMAGE in the side menu, or is color the only option?

Thank you


You can only set a color and transparency – so it can display the background image. With regards to the shop page, yep, you can set full width and no sidebars :)

Do you plan on implementing the option to use a background image for the menu anytime soon? Also, can there be a background image placed on, for example, the carousel gallery page? Or would i have to stick with colors there too?


At this time no, however – you can use the customization service which is $10 per month ( cancel at anytime ) to request the CSS to place a background image on the menu sidebar and / or the body behind the Carousel.

Hi, great theme.. I have a few questions.. first, how to link my facebook page to fb icon and second, how to change my logo? :) Tnx

ps.and how to remove “i” button from main menu?


You’re best using the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com for support, many questions like these have been answered already :)

1. You can change the Social Media links via Appearance > Theme Options > Socialize > Facebook URL

2. Logo is Appearance > Theme Options > Header

3. Remove any content from Appearance > Widgets > Information Panel .

I hope that helps?

Thanks, that helps a lot, you are the best!!

Hi; first of all, sorry for my english. I have some doubts.

1.- the link “customize skin” in theme options is broken. I don´t know why. 2.- How to do the circles for the images in ths slidebar. 3.- How to create few products in the same line.

Thanks. i will be back with more questions… sure ; ) sorry.


My apologies for the delay, you’re best using the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

1. It maybe you have the theme installed within a sub folder. If that’s the case, use the Appearance > Themes > Customize instead.

2. Do you mean the products, if so that is automatic with the product widgets. For all other images, you can use the Visual Composer > Single Image with Circle Effect.

3. I’m not sure what you mean by this question?

Hi, sweet theme. Since this theme is integrated with WooCommerce does it support the Stripe extension?


Thanks, -J


I’ve not tested with the plugin, however I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work. The theme is designed to play nice with as many plugins as possible.

If you do have any issues, either myself or Support will be happy to help resolve them.