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Any chance that with the WP version you could make it so that artists could register and have a back end built into it that blends perfectly with the site?


Thanks for the suggestions, we will consider it.

Stay tuned.

Ad secretion on homepage iPad blog widget would be nice.

Don’t forget color schemes in wp

Wow, this is the best music theme I’ve ever seen on ThemeForest! Really great work, buying soon!

Thank you! :)

Just saw this, absolutely marvelous. Great, great job.

Thanks crozer, really appreciated :)

Dude I have to say I loved your work on several levels, amazing work!

I’ll do the purchase in the coming days

Thank you really appreciated :)

+1 on a light/white version. Hope that happens!

Hi there,

This is a really nice theme!

Quick question. I have a client who is both a singer and actor that I am looking to find a template for. How easy would it be to put videos on the homepage where you currently have the podcasts?

Also how easy would it be to add a gallery to eiher releases or artist templates, as I need to be able to put up pics, videos and audio tracks on some of the pages and am looking for an elegant solution to handling a lot of content


It’s not easy, you would have to rewrite the script and build a slider that displays videos. Maybe better to leave the music player. Slider Revolution has support for video (youtube and vimeo), you can achieve very nice results.

see: http://themes.themepunch.com/?theme=revolution_jq

You can create galleries using the lightbox. You can add photos, videos … We used fancybox you can see what is possible: http://fancybox.net/

Awesome template, great coding!

We are glad to hear that :), thank you!

Excellent Theme! As soon as I saw this theme I knew this one was the one that i needed! Clean code too!

Thank You :)

I love this theme! Cant wait to get the WP version. One question, how do I get the twitter feed to work? Im in the JS file but Im not sure where to add my username. Or is it non functional?

Thank you! Please update your theme exactly one file /plugins/tweets.php Then go to /plugins/config.php and change your twitter username.

I changed the twitter name in the config.php but im not sure what u mean by “update your theme exactly one file/plugins/tweets.php”...

Download latest theme version from themeforest (1.0.1) and replace your file /plugins/tweets.php on a new file from version 1.0.1.

is it possible to edit the images on the homepage??

Each modern editor is good to edit this theme. Great if your editor has support for html5 tags.

great how do i stop the music player from auto starting ??


remove “atostart” class from your player.

<ul id="tracklist" class="autostart" />

Yep, bravo for this new theme, awesome and very clean code to learn about HTML5 Haha ^^ !! waiting for the WP version now. Best, Thierry

Thank you, appreciate it :) Wordpress soon. Probably today will be light version.

Yep, just a question, where can i change the address for google map in the contact form, i found it anywhere ^^ Best, Thierry

Hello, Open file: /js/custom.js and find code:
address: 'Level 13, 2 Elizabeth St, Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia',
zoom: 16,
zoomControl: true,
scrollwheel: false,
markers: [
{ 'address' : 'Level 13, 2 Elizabeth St, Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia' }
Replace address on yours “Level 13, 2 Elizabeth St, Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia”.

More information can be found on the plugin page: http://www.smashinglabs.pl/gmap

Yes, thanks for help, in the same time, i know where to eat the best fries now ^^ Best, Thierry

Something strange! the icon-dj don’t want to appear on the left, i try with an other and work but not with “dj”, perhaps doesn’t love me ^^ Thanks, Thierry

I found the problem, you forgot this icon in style.css ^^ Best, Thierry


really nice ,I love this theme Cant wait to get the WP version . when wordpress version is available?

Thank you, month maybe less. Stay tuned.

Hi , Great theme – A couple ??? Are the audio players flash ? – Will they play on iPhone – iPad ? None of your audio players have volume controls - Would it be difficult to include volume ? thanks,,,,

Hello and thank you. All players are written in HTML5 . Flash is used only in old IE browsers. Good suggestion, we consider the addition of the volume slider. Currently you can set a constant volume level for the entire template by JS parameter.

Hello i’m having problem to put music playing in the main page, When i open the page the music don’t start playing even if i click in play button nothing happen.

Any suggestion pls