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Mowi pan po WooCommerce? Adding Ecommerce? Add it and sales will double overnight!!! wieliego zloty!!!

Sorry for the bad Polish, I’m English… ;) Great Theme… I want it sooo bad!!!

Thank you (Dziekuje) :)

What is that little orange Twitter icon for? It just goes back to the Top of the page. Is that suppose to do something else? That would be confusing if it was.

This is the button to your twitter account.

Dang. I was hoping for a twitter feed or something:) Wont be using that over here in Japan. That is just asking for emails. lol I will try to think of something cool to do with it and let you know how it all turns out. Cheers.


i’m searching an “intro” page and i have big big interest for your, not for this tempalte (i have a website) but just the intro page here :


is it possible to buy this intro page ? when user need to choose the skin ?

perfect for me as an intro…

of cours, i can pay the price of the complet template, but… possible to obtain this page ?

Thanks in advance for your answer, regards



Hi, I emailed you back with some details.

Hi, Autor:) w would like t buy this page, im jusing wordpress do this item works wiht wordpress? All the best frome Germany

No this is simple HTML template. Here you have Wordpress version: http://themeforest.net/item/eprom-wordpress-music-theme/3737930

Great template. However, how do I change the logo to my own logo. I have tried changing it but it wont work? Besides, how do I change the backgroung images too? Thanks.

There was an error message that says about sharing violation. I haven’t even done editing. The website is not finished yet, let alone publishing it. Please kindly assist as I need to finish the website today. Thanks.

Besides, I couldn’t log into the Premium support system.

Servers may temporarily not work, now it’s ok. In the future, when this problem will be present, please contact us through the contact form on the profile page. http://themeforest.net/user/rascals

How can i add fancybox in gallery page but keep tip also enabled?

I cant find a way. Is it possible?

BTW support site seems to be down.

When i say tip i mean the info box appearing when you hover over an image. Support seems still down. http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/ is that the correct url?

Checked some of the classes you have created in css and found what i was looking for. Thank you for the quick responses.

Strange I just respond to tickets on the support, anyway, I’m glad that you handled yourself.

Hi, thanks for this template = )

One question :

When i use the full-player, there is a function to keep the tracklist open by default ? I don’t find it on documentation.



Unfortunately this is not possible.

Hi rascals first …congratulations for this theme simple and nice 1)so can you tell me if it possible to vethx two points on google maps ? 2)is it possible to make visible on the homepage the playlist ? thx a lots regards GG

Hi and thank you, unfortunately but this is not possible.

To anyone on the fence about getting this theme, I just wanted to say that it is AMAZING! Very easy to work with, any problems I ran into I was able to fix on my own by reading the documentation. I had the site completed in less than a week and I’m literally blown away by how great it looks!!! Best theme I’ve ever worked with. VERY well done rascals!!!

Thank you! :)

dude… best fuckin theme ever!@

Wow thank you :)

Hi! I bought the wordpress theme and I couldn’t make the “Revolutions Slider” work. I bought this theme because I wanted to use that particular feature, could you please tell me what I should do to make it work? Is it j.query or something else?


I checked on chrome and it’s fine. On what browser you checked?

on Firefox is not working, i can see it ok on chrome and safari too… but not firefox. Thank you for your concern. regards.

Unfortunately, now I can not see your site (Bandwidth Limit Exceeded). Check out their logo because it can sometimes extend beyond the header, and then there is a bug in firefox.


The “All, DJ Envato, DJ Graph…” select buttons in the “Releases” page are not working on local nor on server. Is there a quick fix for this? Thank you.

Hi, please do not hesitate to submit a ticket via our online help desk: http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/ – our support staff will get back to you ASAP and assist with theme setup.

hi, am interested in purchasing the template. one thing i wonder about: in the “single gallery album”, are the “thubnails” generated automatically? and are the big pictures, after clicking a thubnail, scaled automatically? in your sample gallery, the thubnails and the pictures seem to have the same size. this wouldnt be that good…. thanks in advance for your quick reply. tim

Hi, Thumbnails are automatically scales. You can set up a separate image for the thumbnails and fullsize image. You can also set the video or SoundCloud in lightbox window. See: https://www.diigo.com/item/image/1ioov/thn4?size=o

Hi, i just purchased this great theme and i am a bit confused… there is no other “Header Type” than Homepage Masonry (Content and Nivo Slider), but i want to use Homepage Revolution Slider or Fullslider wich i saw at your demo. Could you help me?

Version 1.0.4

Um, wow. Great template. Haven’t bought yet just waiting for feedback from my friend as we’re designing a site for his music. I saw the wordpress version – really impressed by the music player.

Thank you! :)

First of all EXCELLENT theme! I have a question. I am getting this message instead of the twitter feed:

“Rate limit exceeded. Clients may not make more than 150 requests per hour.”

I’m not sure what this means. Can you help?

Thanks, KM

Of course we will help you, but send to us your question again through our support system http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/. Enter the purchase code before you send a ticket. We will respond as fast as possible. Send us following data:

- Your problem/request
- Theme version

First and foremost its a great theme 2 things though 1. I had to use my own custom twitter JS/CSS script because, like the guy above me, it kept getting this “Rate limited exceeded…” nonsense 2. The music player for some reason is not working in firefox. It used to work 2 weeks ago, but now has stopped working. I have spent considerable time trying to investigate the problem. Then I went back to your own live demo and it isn’t working there either. So there must be something wrong with the code. please let me know when you have resolved this issue. Firefox is a major browser, and it should work there as well

Of course we will help you, but send to us your question again through our support system http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/. Enter the purchase code before you send a ticket. We will respond as fast as possible. Send us following data:

- Your problem/request
- Theme version

includes the contact form file.php?

Yes, this file is included in the template.


Great work!

In page artists.html, the stats numbers on the page-header don’t horizontal align, the first is closer to top.

Hi, Thank you for purchasing my theme.

Please download and reinstall last version of EPROM theme, everything will work perfect

Latest version:: 1.0.6

Help:: http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/faq/342

Does this theme come with the intro page with the choice between the two sides?

Hi, Is not included by default. Contact us when you buy a template, you’ll can help in this matter.