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i want only use the switcher for my header on my website- Is it possibke to get an Code for an iframe that i cam embed it on my site ?

Thank you


i want only use the switcher for my header on my website- Is it possibke to get an Code for an iframe that i cam embed it on my site ?

Thank you

Hello There is no such feature available in this template but you should look on ThemeForest forum, im sure you will find something usefull.

hi i really like your template,i want to ask you why when i open the index page with my browser the playlist and the details of the playlist doesn’t work like it works in dreamweaver ?what am i doing wrong?

Hi, please send to us your question again through our support system http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/. Enter the purchase code before you send a ticket. We will respond as fast as possible.
Send us following data:

- Your problem/request
- Url to your installation

can you explain me please why the website doesnt loads with google chrome…i tested it with 3 different pcs..And i still have problem with playlist because you didnt helped me..

You need to install the web server, the local host like WAMP server. Why? because a template remotely connect with the services like twitter, google fonts. Additionally tweets are stored in the cache. Long time about which you write is delayed because template is not able to connect to remote sites. Install the web server and you will have no problems.

Hi! Does anybody know if the mp3 player works on iPhones, Android phones, etc.?

Yes, no problem with that.

Hi! Does anybody know if the mp3 player works on iPhones, Android phones, etc.?

Yes, no problem with that.

May I know what fonts is used in the demo site? I can’t seem to choose the right fonts after installing the template. Thank you!

Hi, Google Fonts were used, Open Sans weight 800.

I am not able to set up the map. Please help.

Regards Lmannan@gmail.com

I need to place a button on the player to control the volume of the songs. Can you help me please!

Hello, Help/Support related questions are only answered at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

I dont usually leave comments but this is a really sick template! I would be buying but it doesnt 100% meet the criteria for this particular project I am about to undertake. I may grab it in the future just because! Nice work.

Thanks for nice word :), what was this specific criteria our template didn’t met?

Your Twitter API is outdated, I’ve already opened a support ticket for my issues. Thank you, this template really rocks!

Hello and thank you :).

API is 1.1 and this wasn’t changed from more than half year. You will receive your response on your ticket shortly.

Beautiful theme, great work. I think we are going to buy this to use for a client, but I have a platform/stack question.

If I do not need the contact form, is php still required to run this site, or is it otherwise pure html/css/javascript? Do any other features use php?

Hi and thank you :)

PHP is used to contact from and to display twitter feed.

hey u guys did great work on this template but I just wanted to know is it ok to update to PHP 5.3 when using this template?

Hello, Yes it’s compatible and there shouldn’t be any problem with that.

ok Thanks..

hello, is it possible to put in the 2 you tube films again … i have the team installation film .. but can’t find the other one .. thx

Hi, this Template is just a raw HTML template and does not have video tutorials included. For WordPress version links to videos can be found in Template Documentation which was downloaded with Template package.

Hello, how do you change all the “ORANGE” color to something different? Which are in css holds all the orange colors?

Thank you for your response, i already replied.

Hello? Any response for my reply?

Yes please wait, will be ready soon.

I am unable to get the player working… For instance: The elements page in your Demo – The music player is working fine for me. BUT I uploaded all of the files to my server and the exact same Elements page none of the players will actually play anything. It also seems that there is some additional code in the player in your demo that is not in my files… I do not have anything for the track time of the song while its playing… Either way none of the players working for me and there isn’t anything specific about them in the Documentation.

Nevermind. Found it in the custom.js file. Just had to change the location.

What is the name of the logo font?

I was wondering if the “commenting” feature in this template works out of the box or not?

Hello, unfortunately not because it’s just simple HTML template and it does not contain server side scripts. You have to obtain them separately.

Okay, thanks for the reply.

Is there a way to auto play a song using any of the players besides the one that is on the home page?

Please check template documentation, Elements chapter “You can add .autostart class to the list or player when the page is loaded player will play.”

Thanks. Got it.

Hi, can i use the template with python/django?

Hello, unfortunately template wasn’t built for that system or even tested with it. Spectra is a raw HTML template