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Hi, I’m interested in the topic, but I have some questions to ask before:

1. Is there a way to remove the fancybox gallery and let it equal to the gallery of your other subject NOISA? Example: http://themes.rascals.eu/noisa/albums/drum-bass-arena/

2. Its enable comments releases?

3. There is the option to let visitors download free music?

4. I see many users complaining that they do not find the option to make the demo content xml theme? Its let the theme exactly like the online demo?


Hard to say, because I don’t intstall this plugin. You mean some concrete plugin? I can check if you want. Otherwise I can disbale mobile menu for you or hide.

Thanks for everything. I am convinced that this topic is what I need, once you fulfill that answered my questions in here. I’ll buy it soon.

No problem, thank you!

Best regards, Mariusz

​Hello, When using the search box and typing in a word with an Apostrophe​ in the word, the search box is adding a backslash in the word. For example, if I type in “Win’s” the search box displays “Win/’s” How can I make the backslash not appear?

This also happens using the demo search. I just noticed this problem, but my support has ran out, and I can’t leave a ticket. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks! God Bless!!


Boodaddyz Purchased

This is what i am getting http://themes.rascals.eu/eprom/dark/?s=win%27s Still shows the ”\”


Sorry for delay, please contact me through the contact form on profile page I will send you a solution to this problem.

Drop me a line if I can do anything else for you.

Cheers from your Team @ Rascals Themes


Boodaddyz Purchased

Everything worked great. I appreciate your time, and help. Very much appreciated.

Thanks Again, God Bless!!