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I love the splash page, and animation. Nice work!

Thank you!

Music themes all issing an ecommerce solution and they are not easily implemented for the uninitiated. I would buy this theme but without a simple way to use something like Woocommerce to sell our music/merchandise, this is not very helpful to me. Are there any plans to add a ecommerce solution in the future?

Hi, I understand, today I’ll check the plug Woocommerce. I’ll let you know.

Thank goodness…please keep me updated. I will purchase immediately if you add this or at least confirm you plan to add Woocommerce integration in a future update…

his theme is amazng btw…

We will give this information on our twitter, so stay tuned!

Great theme! Good luck with sales ;)

Many thanks WPExplorer


:) is finally available!

Thank you :)

Great Job, Good luck with sales :D

Many thanks for the appreciation!

How does soundcloud look embedded within the template? I noticed there was a player feature native in the preview. However for us who use the Soundcloud service to track user listens and downloads, I’d like to know how this feature will look and function with Eprom.


Hi, The code is embedded by iframe, in two ways: 1. By default shortcode that you get on SoundCloud e.g:
[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/3235103" params="" width=" 100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

2. In lightbox window by iframe.

The play counts are managed for you when the stream is played, regardless of what’s actually playing it. If you don’t see the stats increase, that might just be a delay in propagating the counts across the servers.

Awesome theme! GLWS

Many thanks for the appreciation!

In your demo ”.contact-form #contact-subject” needs changed to 100% width for media query up to 767px.

Thank you, I’ll check it out.

Amazing job. It looks like you forgot to include the meta “viewport” on the header.php

Thank you, I’ll check it out.

I LOVE this theme!!! What is the real name of the first song that is played when the site loads? It’s called “Madoff – Bomp”, but is that the real name. I’m really interested in finding that artist and buying that song. It’s amazing.

Hi, you can download it for free here: https://soundcloud.com/madoff1/madoff-bomp

Really great Theme! I would like to buy it, but for an dj/musician is really important to sell our music.. Would be really great if u check Woocommerce or something is possible!? Good luck with sales !!

Great addition, congrats ! :)

Thank you Bedros!

Great theme, was waiting for it! Definitely going to buy it today.


Thank you!

Many thanks :)

Hello! First of all, I gotta say, your theme looks really exciting, great work on the design! We are considering to use it for our Event Calendar & Event Photography website. The Gallery would therefore be an integral part of the website and we will have several people (also some without any experience in wp) uploading pictures. With some free themes I tried so far, the use of gallery templates to create and publish new photo albums is quite painfull and complicated, so I’m wondering… how do galleries work in your theme? And would you say your theme is well suited for the tasks I have in mind?

Thank you and again, congratulations on the cool design!

Yes, in Revolution Slider: http://awesomescreenshot.com/02bs5p863

In Nivo Slider dimensions are fixed on 600px. Of course you can change this overriding css styles

Okay, thanks for all the answers, I bought it now!

Thank you!

This looks good… Congratulations! I see a http://www.cssdesignawards.com/ link with a nomination… They don’t usually accept themes, so how did you do it? If it’s a customization for a client on what page is it? I would like to see something different from the preview if available, because I have a custom project for a client that I might use this.

Hi, I added a template and I changed nothing. Template earned two distinctions (cssawards., cssdesignawards).

Good luck.


Simply Amazing!!!!!

I have a question: I tried your demo website this morning and Recent Releases Images had a fantastic “vynil hover effect”. Now I can’t see this effect anymore… are you working on it?

thanks in advance

Hello and thank you! 1. Open “placeholder” psd file on your photoshop. /Eprom/PSD/Placeholders/Portfolio thumb.psd 2. Create your cover side A and side B (with vinyl)
3. Upload images.
4. Create new Release
5. http://www.diigo.com/item/image/1ioov/j3cn?size=o

I hope this will help you

thanks a lot! Tonight I’ll try :D

Please, example ’’home page’’ http://themes.rascals.eu/eprom/dark/ details.

..As in the example how can I do?

Hi, 1. Important patch for Eprom is available. Please install one. http://bit.ly/VgNsmE

2. We recorded a new video for Eprom WP: “How to create Homepage?” http://bit.ly/XNNHbu

cool rascals! I love you! hehe :)

Does this theme allow unlimited widgets?

Yes you can create many sidebars via Admin panel.