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DO you have a video section similiar to the page below? http://themes.rascals.eu/themes/?product=eprom

I like this theme and the music aspect I need it to also have a video section. thx

Hello Please make a ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

i dont need to make a ticket..im just asking if you have a video page similar to the audio page…

There is no dedicated video page template in this theme but you can create such page by using shortcodes. Check our video manual as an example usage of them http://youtu.be/QZxVam6VfXU

Hi there, Pre-purchase inquiry. I’ve actually never purchased a theme before (always built from the ground up) so I’m not entirely sure what to expect. I do have a few question concerning this theme:

1. I saw a while back (I think like 10 months ago?) that SoundCloud wasn’t really supported. Has that changed now? I do have a paid account of SC.

2. Is it difficult to create a child theme based off this theme? In doing so, how customizable can I get with aspects such as the dark header color (can I map say a looping background image there easily instead of the black via CSS), or can I use my own lightboxes on certain links? I guess along with that question, is it difficult to create my own derivative functions.php file to enqueue my own scripts?

3. Will this theme break with something like Stratus? Or will the total height of the slider compensate for the needed space (not entirely sure if it’s an overlay or something that exists above the initial body) http://wordpress.org/plugins/stratus/ ?

4. Do you have a directory listing of notable child themes that I could see with tricked out modifications to this theme?

Hope I can get as many of these answered as I can. Thank you for the great theme!

Sorry, also wanted to ask:

5. Can you prevent the slider from waiting for the next slide on mouse hover?

Last question promise:

6. For the event manager, how are canceled events handled? I know it has that ticket sales via email (unless it can also be a url?), and past events become past events. But what happens if the event never happens?


1. You can add SouncCloud streams by using embed code and there is no problem with that.

2. No it’s not difficult to create child theme and when it comes to a customization flexibility you are only limited by own knowledge about CSS, HTML and PHP. About that background question: i doubt you can do it via CSS but there are plugins that can handle this. What do you mean by your own lightboxes? And about last question: again if you know PHP it’s not.

3. Stratus plugin works as i saw and it works as overlay so it has nothing to do with slider.

4. No, we don’t have such thing prepared.

5. Do you mean that mouse hover itself will trigger slide change? That’s not possible.

6. There is no function to mark event as cancelled but you can simply delete it or set it’s date to past and write in description that was cancelled.

You mention this “With R-Panel built in option you will never miss any theme upgrade – if your theme is out of date you’ll be automatically informed and prompted to download the latest version.” in the info – I have not been notified of an update, so I just checked, and my theme is a little behind. Is the updater new?

Hi, There was such function enabled some time ago but due to higher CPU load on our customer hosts we decided to give it up. There is much better solution for that now, ThemeForest has option to send you email notifitactions about recently released template updates.

Ok, thanks. Yes, I have done that but think FTP updating via is a pain sometimes :)

Hello :) Pre-purchase inquiry. We are considering purchasing this theme for our radio station. The player that is shown, does it support a shoutcast/icecast stream? If not, can the player be removed? All information would be great :)

Sincerely, Charlie

Hello, at the moment shoutcast/icecast streams are not supported. About your second question: yes, it won’t be any problem with that. Our template uses shortcodes also for audio player so you have full flexibility in this area. As an example check our video tutorial about managing music in template http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5jgyyBuNfk

Hey I purchased it :) Great theme. Im curious, how can you change the background image of the entire site? I would like to put in an image that will be seen site-wide for the main background

Just purchased and had an initial fiddle after watching all video tutorials. . this theme is seriously looking like one of the best theme’s I’ve ever purchased. . I’m a spiritual rap artist so I’ll be looking to take full advantage of it.

Glad to read it, thank you!

Any sample sites from past purchasers you know about?

Hello? There going to be a update for this feature or not?

Hi, in the near future we have plans to implement this plugin.

Sounds Good Thank You :]

Pre-purchase inquiry. We are considering purchasing this theme for a band site. Does this support TPML to make it bilingual (english+french) ? And could we use it with woocommerce? All information would be great :) Best regards, Lisbet

Hello, Eprom is compatible with qTranslate open source plugin. Unfortunately e-commerce isn’t supported on this template, you would have to link to external site.


Can i adjust the height for nivo slider less then 600px?

Hello Please make a ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

hi, is there a eCommerce option?

Hi, No, at the moment theme is not compatible with eCommerce plugin.

Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /home/audioart/public_html/jaduchipeti/wp-content/themes/eprom_1_2_3/framework/init.php on line 7

The wordpress version is 3.6

What to do now??

Hello, please update your theme version.

Yes did that! :) Thanks.

Now a new problem. For the audio, how can I have cross-browser compatibility?

Currently, I have uploaded a MP3, and it only plays in firefox. In google chrome, I am getting nothing…

I also tried uploading a OGG file, nothing in chrome!

What now?

Hello Sir, I have question . How do I embed audio files to Facebook and Twitter? Can I do that with this theme? which means it will working as an audio player.

Best Aziz

Hello, this player does not have such feature. You would have to use external service for it, like SoundCloud for example.

Hello there!! when does it come out an update for this great theme?

A few weeks ago I read on the comments that with upcomming update we can order events by categories via shortcode. IS there a possibility to order events by month?


At the moment template does not have such feature but probably we might be able to help you. Please make a ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com.

Update will be available on Friday or Tuesday.

when i try to install audio with the audio shortcode, i keep getting the “There are no tracks available.” but I upload the audio thru the “Add New Media” tab but still no luck. this would be the third MUSIC theme that have had issues with the audio and thats the main reason why I even wanted it. the theme is super fuvkin dope but if this problem cant be resolved then this theme is virtually useless, thanks in advance

here is my issue .. http://i1207.photobucket.com/albums/bb462/Only1RichHustle/audio-issue_zpse6a06956.jpg

i have uploaded all my beats the exact way in the video tutorials. but everytime I go to import my list into my release page, i looks like this and I cant select anything. when i do click it and update the page, only one audio file is shown even if i have 5 audio files uploaded.

will you guys add a store?????

Yes we are planning to do that, can’t tell you anything more details at the moment.

The best theme I’ve ever worked, congratulations on documentation and quality!!!

Thank you :)

Working with the theme, Youtube videos do not play with REvolution Slider, how do I fix this problem?

Hello, the most common mistake here is to input whole YouTube link instead just of video ID. If you have any more doubts please check our video manual, link to it can be found in template documentation. If you are still having problem please make a ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Hi I have updated to the latest version of Wordpress and the latest version of the Template and now cannot see any of the pages in the CMS, please explain….


Hi, if you made WP database update it won’t be a problem, it’s probably WP update issue. We will try to help, please make a ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/.

I have made a ticket : )

Hi, what is the best way to make an upgrade for this theme? Do I just overwrite the old one via FTP?


Can you tell me how to change the time format from “military” to standard time?

When you’re viewing the event detail page, in the sidebar, it shows military time (ie 2100) and I would like it to display standard time (ie 9pm) ... this question was asked on page 5 and you didn’t respond publicly how to make the changes…

Also, when you’re on the event-list page, the date is represented by a 2-digit year then 2-digit month… that seems backward, how do you switch it so it reads 2-digit month, then 2-digit year? (example: December 13th, I want to read as: “12/13”)

There is a new parameter added to event_time, complete shortcode can look like that now end_time=”false” military_time=”true”][/detail] – You can copy it to your event details shortcode and replace old one You probably wan’t to set military_time=”false” as default, go to ThemeSettings>Pages>Events and look for it in text box below. Date format (d/m – m/d) setting is located on same page above text box.

Hey man this is one of the best music themes but when are you going to make this compatible to for Woocommerce. I mean woocommerce is the leading wp shopping e-commerce for WP and pretty much all themes now are compatible now with them. I have clients I am using this theme on and they are wanting to sell their products. Please let me know when you plan on updating this. I have been waiting for awhile now. Thanks

Hey and thank you. We are thinking about it but decision wasn’t made yet. Please follow us on http://twitter.com/rascalsthemes, we will let you know until the end of week.