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Hi, your theme is compatible with the latest version of wordpress (3.8)? Can I upgrade?

thanks in advance

Hi, please make sure you have updated version of Template, 1.2.4 is strongly recommended for WP 3.8


I have a few releases that I want to list on the grid page, but don’t want to have dedicated pages. I want the thumbnails on the Release grid page to link to iTunes or some other external site, as opposed to linking to their own page with a track list, description etc., etc. Is this possible?

Actually, found it! You’ve gotta select “custom link” as the release type under thumbnail options.

I’m experiencing another bug.. and it’s also reflected in your theme’s demo page. The theme doesn’t seem to detect the “site title,” because the homepage’s title bar displays as the site’s URL, and then other pages have the page’s name, like Blog |. But no title after that. The same issue is demonstrated in your live demo. What’s the deal with that?

Hello :)

first of all, best wishes !

I have presale questions, would it be hard to :

-add a “buy/cancelled/sold out” feature to the events ? -integrate a player that keeps playing on all pages ? -integrate soundcloud player instead of the original player (so that mp3 links are more secured or hard to steal) ?

thanks !

Hello and thank you :)

1. This can be done manually (as a custom button for example) at the moment as we are working on e-commerce integration with the template, update with those features should be released in this month. It will contain WooCommerce shop integration.

2. Template does not has such feature (like ajax music player for example), every page contains own separate player. Please check our video tutorial which explains managing music in template http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5jgyyBuNfk

3. There is at least one SoundCloud embed plugin that works with Eprom theme.

Hi, how do you get the header type of this page? http://themes.rascals.eu/eprom/dark/galleries/bass-party/ with simple full width image and title+subtitle above? I can’t find it in the documentation. Thx a lot Carole

Hi, this is default header type with background generated. Please note that background image is not included to template and has to be obtained separately.

Yes, of course, I will customize the background. Thank you

Hi Rascals, i want to add embed video on homepage slide but not as a lightbox in NivoSlide. I tryed to do this with other slide pluggins as LayerSlider and EstroSlide pulggins, and in two cases, works fine in preview mode but doesn’t works correctly once published.

Theme supports this not included pluggins to add video layer embeds? Or, how can i do video slide embeds from 960px & 400px?

Thanks in advance.

i’ve done with Rev Slider : )


Hello, im glad that it worked. If you will have any more questions please contact us at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Hi, when I try to add e new release the thumb is not created. Updated to 1.3.1. Any solution?

I solved, was a problem from my side (cache folder not writable). Thanks

Now you update the theme and i can’t add anymore 2 thumbails that slides for releases… How can i do it now ?

Hi, Hello, there was a small bug in, please download most recent version 1.3.1 (if you haven’t yet).

Hi, I’ve 12 release x page. When I try to change page I got PAGE NOT FOUND – Please check that there isn’t a typo in your URL.

Is a bug or an error from my side?


Hello, most probably it’s problem with configuration but it’s hard to say exactly. Please start a suppport ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Hello, im trying to change the font of my theme, i want the same font that you use on the demo theme, i go to Theme Settings and enable Cufon Fonts but nothing changes. Where do i paste this code? Cufon.replace(“HTML elements to replace”, {fontFamily : “ChunkFive”, hover: “true”});

best regards,

Hello, Please watch Video Manual “Theme Settings Guide” (link inside template Documentation) from around 4.00 min. , it will explain to you how to use fonts in our template. If you will have any more questions please start a ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Seems that the WP Pagenavi plugin works only with the default permalink and doesn’t work with custom permalink.

Here the solution:



I would like to open all links in a new window. is there an easy way to do this in EPROM?

There should be no problem with it, please start a support ticket http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

The events i have added dont show on the events page and also not in the shortcode on any other page. It just says “currently we have no exents”

i cant find a way to set the event type. that param is visible in the events overview tho. Can this be related maybe?

Hello, please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

I have the same problem reported by Amsel_Gurkmann. Hope you’ll get out of this!

We have to analyze it as we didn’t reproduced this bug on our installation, please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

One question: When I click on a tag or category I’m only getting one post per page even though there is more than one post with that tag or category. I already disabled all plugins but still. Thanks!

Thank you!

I have another issue, this is happening after I updated the theme/wordpress to the latest version; Google Analytics is no longer tracking, the code and everything else looks perfectly fine. Could this be another bug? Thank you.

We haven’t such reports before and it’s rather unlikely that template would affect GA code. Please make sure that GA code wasn’t updated last time.

Awesome theme you guys! Does it support ads (i.e. plug-in or custom: image that links to another website for example)? Also, anyone who purchased this great theme wanna showcase their site?

Hello and thanks! There is no problem with adding banners to our template, external links can be easily added to images. Unfortunately we cannot give you any link to our customer site, sorry.

Hello, I like your theme and I am considering buying it, but I have some important questions first.

1. Can a slide have more than one button link?

2. Can pause on hover be disabled for the slider?

3. I notice that the Releases section on the homepage is 3 columns, Is there a 4 column layout for home page sections? It does not need to be for releases, but I need to be able to display 4 items on the homepage with links to pages. A 4 column layout section is important for me on the homepage, not so much on inside pages.

4. How modular is the homepage?

5. Can I easily change what items or sections are displayed on the homage?

6. Do you have a page builder or shortcodes for doing page layout?

7. I see that the Masonry homepage layout in the demo uses 3 boxes. Can the 4 box Masonry layout in the shortcodes be used on the Masonry home page?

8. Can I import demo content with temporary demo images? It’s difficult to get started on a theme without temporary images. If not, can you provide demo image content with watermarks or royalty free images for temporary use?

Thank you and I hope I can use your theme!

Joe Dean

Thank you for your quick response, I will be buying your theme. Thanks!

Hi, I purchased your theme, and installed, then imported the dummy_content.xml, but it looks nothing like the video you showed me. There are no dummy images. What do you think I did wrong? I used the wordpress importer to import the dummy_content.xml. Thank you, Joe Dean

Oops, sorry. I forgot to check the documentation. Thanks!

Hello, I also have the same problem as reported above by Amsel_Gurkmann and danielepol. Events listings not working on events page or shortcode or footer etc. The single event page works. However “Event Type” param is missing. I have sent you a support ticket but no reply. Please help.

I HAVE!! Started/sent a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/ two days ago and no response or reply!! That’s why I posted the problem here to get your attention.

Also have discovered a new problem, the same as ddp reported problem above. Category/Tags pages will only show one post per page. So if you have 10 posts in that category, the wp-navi will show 10 with each page only showing one post. The same happens on search result too!!

I am on Wordpress version 3.8 and Eprom 1.3.1.

Looking forward to your prompt response.

Sir, only ticket you have started is 4 hours old (same as this comment) and there wasn’t any earlier unresponded ticket from you, we are sure about it. Responded to you on Ticksy, you will receive it shortly. Regards

Must be a glitch on Ticksy as I did send one earlier (anyway, sorry if I sounded abrupt in the earlier message as I was getting a little frustrated). Many thanks for your reply and support. Best regards.

Hi! I’ve got a problem with logo-image. No matter of size (200×75 or 200×85) I can clearly see that it became kind of blurred, when it was uploaded for the theme, while the slides images are in good quality after uploading. How can I fix the logo sharpness?

Hello, please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/ and provide url to your installation. We have to look at this.

Hi Rascals, Sorry if we are all sounding like a broken record about the Woo-Commerce support, but I was wondering if there was a time frame on that update or maybe a development blog on how it is coming along? Best wishes!

Ok thanks, so there isn’t any specific time frame on when the Woo Commerce integration will launch? Suppose I’ll just keep my eyes peeled on the twitter page.

It should be released around monday, not before.

Stay tuned.

Great! That is good news and I’m excited to finally get my solo music site started!