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How to update theme?

Hello, if you have WooCommerce already installed please follow this FAQ http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/faq/1960 In other cases please check our general Update FAQ http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/faq/342

Great theme, glad I purchased it.

Are you planning on adding more shortcodes; accordion, tab, and other stuff like that?

Hello. At the moment not but thank you for suggestion, We will consider that.

Hello , i wonder if it is possible to take out menu items (like pages or blog ) without losing them .. or make them not visible in the Menu … but ré add them later …( like the Pages item in the menu … i don’t see the point on using it .. but can i just delete it or hide it ?)


Hello, in Appearance>Menus you can simply remove those unwanted pages from menu list and add them again when needed.


It looks great this theme for my music band, but before purchasing it, I would like to know if it supports qtranslate plugin.

Thank you!

Hello and thank you :) Yes, qTranslate is supported by Eprom WP theme.

Hi !! How can i sell Individual Album Tracks?

I have just installed the WooCommerce plugin for the Eprom Theme and need to say it’s fantastic but there is a little issue i can’t solve.

How can i sell individual tracks from an Album without to create a product itself for each track ?

When i set a new E.P. with lets say 2 tracks i try the Grouped product feature but then i need to create 3 different product. The individual tracks as standalone products and the Album product with the 2 tracks inside. But what i think it’s logical is to select the individual tracks inside the Album you want to buy.

Any Idea ?

HI, But then you have on the Shop List both the releases as a single product and the tracks as single products too and i want to have only the tracks as single products. Can you please upload the image again ? it is not available. Thanks !!

That image isn’t important now anyway. You can assign single tracks to specific category. For example “tracks” and full album as “album”. After that you can use “tracks” category page as your shop page. If you have more questions about this please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Ok thanks will try this out ;-)

Hi! I updated my eprom theme to version 1.4.1. and now there is no event countdown option in the header type

Can you help me please?

Hello, as i see you’ve already started support ticket. Please wait for response from support staff.

Hello, I like your theme and I’ll get it as soon as I’m ready. pls, I want to know if one can have each artist page link in this form: www.xxxxxx.com/artistname

Like this one you mean? http://themes.rascals.eu/eprom/dark/artists/dj-graphicriver/ Yes, no problem with that but please keep in mind that image used here is not provided with the template.

something close to that, but can it be shorten to this? www.site.com/xxxx

Thanks for clarification. Unfortunately template does not have such feature.

Hi, Some visitors to my site are reporting that the revolution slider loads and then disappears instantly for them… all I know is that one was on Windows 8 using Chrome, and Internet Explorer, the other Mac using Chrome. Is there an update to the slider?

Hello, please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com


I updated to the new v1.4.1 and I noticed that the masonry pictures don’t work anymore… All i get is sort of a broken link. I implemented it on the homepage but had to remove it. Here’s the page I’m having the problem www.udanceworld.com/about-us/board-members

Also, when I add more than 7 items to the main menu, the menu sort of ‘goes’ below the logo and it affects my Rev Slider.

P.S: I’m trying to send to your support team but couldn’t get my purchase code.

Hello, as i see you’ve already started support ticket. Please wait for response from support staff.


I’m having trouble creating my menu. None of the pages I created show up under Pages option so that I can drag them over. Please help.

Hello, please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com


I have finally purchased the theme and it is wonderful, but I have some troubles.

When going to insert a video from Youtube it tells me “Video Error: Invalid id”. What is de Video id? I want to show this video:


And I use this code:

[iframe_video type=”youtube” id=”1uEx-qFWMQg” width=”auto” height=”auto” autoplay=”0”]

What is the problem?

And we have a problem now. Archives section does not show any sidebar. Its space appears empty. But in Blog, Post and Search sidebar appears. What happens?

About galleries sorting: Most recently added gallery is placed before the most recent gallery previously created (before highest post number). Please go to Galleries>Sort Items. you can drag and drop items there and check which gallery has the highest post number. After you will move it on top of the list next galleries will be added automatically before this post.

About sidebar: It may be disabled during editing page or post. Please look for Sidebars chapter in Video Manual to learn how it works.

Problem with galleries and archive’s sidebar solved. Thank you.

Hi! I wanted to let you know that the audio player does not work on Samsung mobile devices. In apple’s iOS works fine. Good thing to look out for with an update. Also, the revolution slider does not resize on mobile either. I don’t know if this template is optimized for mobile, but it would be nice :)



Hello, we’ve tested it on Android (Samsung aswell) and iOS devices and it should work without problem. Please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Great Template! Having trouble identifying what size the Revolution Slider on the Homepage is supposed to be set to in order to achieve the demo site’s same position on the screen. Any dimension info for this section of the site would be greatly appreciated!

Hello and thank you! Default image size for a full width slider is 1920×600 Please make sure you’ve watched Video Manual.

Hello, Does this theme work with WPML, Quform and gravity forms?

Hello, WPML works for sure. Gravity Forms probably too – we’ve seen it installed on Eprom Template and we are unsure about this Quform. It wasn’t tested by us.

Hello, I’m aware that this subject has been raised berfore… about 7 months ago. Please add the option to create several Gallery pages and also the option to filter them on category.

Hello, thank you for mentioning that. For sure we will add pagination to single gallery and we are not 100% sure (technical reason) about category filter yet.

hi, im looking to purchase this theme but on the live demo the audio player under images doesnt work (i’m using samsung galaxy 3).. has this been fixed? This is the most important feature for my client so need to make sure the audio player works in mobile before I purchase. Please advise.

Hello, as we’ve tested player is working on mobile devices (including Android of course), however please keep in mind that on some devices and mobile browsers autoplay feature might not work. It depends on those applications or device settings. If your device however does not play music at all please tell us which browser you are using so we can verify issue.

it does not work at all in chrome browser, firefox or opera & in chrome browser it causes an error and stops working & window closes. (on samsung galaxy 3) Please advise if able to be fixed., really like template but I need the audio player to work on mobile, ready to purchase today.

Hello, we’ve responded to your ticket that you’ve started on our suppport page.

interested in this theme for nw project.

Few questions:


can give member certain privileges/content?


Hello I’m not sure what do you mean by “nw project”, WordPress itself support different user accounts and roles. Eprom theme with WooCommerce plugin installed allow you to add “Create Account” page for a customers. However if you are referring to bbPress plugin please keep in mind that it’s not supported by Eprom template.

Hi, thank you very much for this theme. A simple question:

When viewing one of the releases, Could be possible to see the release cover in a lightbox window, for more details to the visitant?

Regards :grin:

Hello, thank you for buying our theme. There is an option to add simple tooltip next to release picture, please take a look at Releases page on Live Preview http://themes.rascals.eu/eprom/dark/releases/ Please check Video Manual (link in Documentation) for tutorial explaining how to use it.

Hi Rascal!

Can i build a “one page” website in this Eprom theme? I saw your Hypax theme and i like this style. What can i use? Anchor or other? Can i put in my website more main menu? What is the size of a page? 4 column?

Thx for your support!;)

Sorry but Eprom does not have such feature, it would require totally different build of template. “Can i put in my website more main menu? What is the size of a page? 4 column?” Please use our ticket support system for such questions at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/


I recently updated the theme to the latest version and the header type of Countdown Timer is no longer available.

Has this been removed or is it now controlled via a different method?


Any feedback on this query?

Hello, please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/