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Can u help me? Pls check this picture: http://i57.tinypic.com/2j4338k.jpg

How they work this option?

Hello, please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Hi there,

I have a pre-purchase question for you here. I’ve read a couple comments regarding displaying blog posts on the home page. Is there truly no way to achieve this more than the one-line latest news post titles? Surely there is a way to work around?

Thanks in advance, and GREAT template!!

Hello and thank you. Unfortunately this shortcode does not have such feature to display more than just a title. As an alternative you may look for some plugin which would do the job however, we can’t be more specific here as we didn’t looked for such a thing. About you second question: In some areas templates can be modified easily, in some other not – this may vary, it depend on template you are using. Some modifications (like to shortcode mentioned before) can be only achieved via modifications to PHP files directly – this will require some more advanced knowledge, obviously. Please take a look at a part of Eprom Video Manual, it will show you (at least partially) how it works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZxVam6VfXU About last one – we cannot release such information without an agreement of customer who made such page, sorry.

Thanks for the reply, I purchased the theme and have been very pleased so far!! Great job!

Thank you ! :)

Hi! I need to create a number of similar pages to accommodate my sound collection. How can I save the blank page with proper settings as the page template?

Shortcodes gives you an ability to do it in many ways. You can simply create number of pages with different playlists and link all of them on one page. All links those can be placed in masonry boxes for example (or just a simple links instead, if preferred) so it will look nicely. Of course links to those pages can be placed in sidebar too if you want. Everything depends on that what exactly you want to achieve.

That’s exactly what I want to do :) and all I want to know is there any way I can make a template page, so it would be easier to fill more then hundred similar pages of my sound collection!

You can simply copy all shortcodes used in to text file and paste them later on simple blank page (or post). Also please keep in mind that player script has to register tracks from playlist and if their number is high (100+) it may slow down browser during rendering your website. How you will plan it is up to you but please take above to consideration during design process.

Hi there! In advance: thanks for such a great theme! When I set define('WP_DEBUG', true), WordPress tells me:

Notice: wpdb::escape is deprecated since version 3.6! Use wpdb::prepare() or esc_sql() instead.

I found the use of it in your /framework/functions/functions.php (at least there).

What to do? Are you planning to fix this soon? Regards! Colja

Hello, please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

hi guys, loving your theme and want to buy it in the next couple of days..

Could you answer the following questions please..

1. I want to use your theme for a more promotional person theme and just wondered if I have to have the music sample player under the main home page headers..

2. Could I use your releases pages for non music content such as peoples profiles with video

3. do you have an extra tabs shortcode

Thank you and aI look forward to your reply

Hello, thank for interest in our work

1. Music player is not mandatory, it can be turned off easily

2. Sure, why not. You can change names of releases, slugs and other details so it will be “artists ready”.

3. You mean “Insert More Tag” ? We are using standard one, which is provided by WordPress.

Hi, where can I change the text next to the upcoming events footer module?

Got it! For anyone wondering, you have to go to the editor and edit it in the footer.php file.

Hello, If you will have any more questions please ask at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

I submitted a ticket on your site but no response after 2 days (Ticket #177746). I’m getting:

“error Your template is not stored basic settings it is necessary to work properly. Go to the “Theme Settings”, and save default settings.”

Thank you!

Hello. Please hold, response to your ticket will be ready soon.

Thank you for your prompt response! All is good now.

Hi, Very good theme, I love it. Thank you for your work. I want to know how to set up a short code that would display the number of reading and downloading a mix. Thank you in advance for your response. http://misterseb.shost.ca

Hello and thank you! Unfortunately template does not have such feature but maybe there is some WordPress plugin which would be able to do the job.

Hi, where do i choose the “event_countdown” header type? i updated the dummy content events and the countdown disappeared, on “page_header.php” line 202 shows the conditional <?php if ($header_type == ‘event_countdown’): ?>, printed on the header to check and on the ones i updated it changed to “default”. Thanks in advance

Hello, please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Is there a way to post a single track without making a release for it. Our website is a blog about indie musicians. We will be posting a couple songs per day on our site. We’d have to make 100 new releases every month. Is there a way to use your audio player on a per post basis and change the mp3 the player is linked to?

Template offers audio management only via Audio Tracks menu and post them via shortcodes (for more info please check Managing Music in Documentaion>VideoManual). For extended functionality you would have to look for some additional plugin which can do the job.

Hi , i installed the theme but when filling out the contact form the email i receive is not containing the required en filledin emailadres from the person who filled out the form.

Please let me know how to fix this…

kind regards, kevin

Please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/, We have to verify issue.

Hi, I have a problem with the blog page title, It shows the latest post title instead of the page title “News”. Could you help me fix it? Thanks.

Hi, Please open support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Hi, Already did but still got no answer.

Hello, your response to your ticket is ready. Please keep in mind that our support is available during weekdays only, 8:00AM to 4:00PM (GMT +1)

Hi, my countdown option disappeared as well… I just submitted a ticket.

Hello. Please wait, response will be ready soon.

Hi, i would like to know why passed events disappears, i would like to have also passed events displayed if possible. How can i do that ?

Hi, there are many ways to display already passed events. For example you can use shortcode Events List with “type” filter disabled or set to “past”, on your events page you can set display to Events Archive. It is dependent of course what exactly you want to achieve.

Hey there,

I’m having the same “stylesheet missing” error in wordpress. I have uploaded via Cyberduck. Any help?

Please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com

“Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template”

Please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com

is there a link to view the template? the live preview points to an error page.

Our host is currently offline for reasons beyond our control. They promised us to fix it ASAP. Sorry for inconvenience it may caused.

Hi, can you make demo site up again? Thanks

Our host is currently offline for reasons beyond our control. They promised us to fix it ASAP. Sorry for inconvenience it may caused.

Pre-purchase question: is there a “show lyrics” option? I’ll be creating a single artist website with multiple albums and needs an option to show lyrics when the user wants to click on it.

Hello, template gives you many possibilities to input text. Please clarify where exactly you wish to input it and what do you mean by “show lyrics” option.

Something where it not only shows the songs list with audio player, but an option, like an accordion tab, that you can click and it will show the song’s lyrics.

At the moment template does not have such feature but we are planning to add it in future.

Just a quick note to anyone thinking of buying this theme.. I’d recommend you just do it.. The code clean, the site functionality is great and the guys that support this are awesome..

Thanks again Rascals

Thank You! :D