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Hello, I would like to install this theme in one domain but in two separate wordpress installations (to support two languages). Does the license allow this?

Hello, no problem with that as long as it’s made for translation reason within one site.

I have been having problems since yesterday trying to view the live preview. Is there any issue? All other web pages I can view without a problem.

Our host was then offline for reasons beyond our control. Sorry for inconvenience it may caused.


I created a Child Theme and all is good except my WooCommerce products. The layout breaks using WooCommerce with my Child Theme active. However, it works fine when the original theme is active. I haven’t added any custom code in my Child style.css or functions.php files either.

Hello, please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Hi I just purchased the template Eprom and i’m told that its missing “style sheet” Can you let me know where to find it or how I can get it?

Thank you

Hello, please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Thank you, will do now.

Dear Madame/Sir:

I’m writing you this email because I’m looking for a template where I can sell voices. Your template is quit interesting for me but I have a question, is there any chance to add an audio player in the excerpt. My goal is to avoid that my costumer have to click and go inside the product each time they want to listen to the clip. In that way I’m making the voice research much easier for my costumer.


Hello, thank you for your interest in our theme. Yes you can add audio player to post Short Description and it will be visible on blog page. Please note that’s not possible for Releases, Artists or Gallery pages to display excerpts as they weren’t designed for that.

Hello, friend.

After a lot of searching, I think your theme is the one that suits me the most. I’ve lots of concerns as to building my website, but with this theme, I only have one. I really liked the “releases” part of the live preview, and am looking forward to doing one myself. However, the only concern is the pagination. I plan to build a website with lots of artists and/or music styles, and it will keep on growing as time passes by, so I need to make sure that the theme is ready for it.

Thank you!

Hello – yes, as you’ve noticed Releases page does have pagination available, Gallery has it too (limit wasn’t passed on Live Preview of course). If you will decide to choose our template we can add this feature also to Artist page, there shouldn’t be problem with that.

Great! because I really need the Artist page to be able to paginate too, so that’s great to know. Is there any way that I can see how it will look like? Just out of curiosity (because it’s not really really important), will there be sorting options and so on? Is there a way to preview the back-end part of the site? I’m really really close to buying!

At the moment we don’t have plans to include some advanced sorting options. Just by date or drag and drop in admin panel. At the moment we don’t have it ready but please take a look on our Releases page, it may look somehow similar http://ultraimg.com/images/DkW2.png

Is this theme compatible with woocommerce yet? and say we wanted to sell shirts… is there an option to select different sizes to buy? Also, I was wanting to add a recent posts section to the homepage. is the homepage set up so I would be able to add extra rows and columns into the page and insert shortcode from another plugin to add the recent posts content?

Hello, yes Eprom theme is compatible with WooCommerce. Different sizes of products – template does not have such feature built-in but you should check if there are WooCommerce plugins for that. Please keep in mind that plugins may need additional styling after adding to theme. About recent posts and homepage – yes there is such shortcode available, please check our video tutorial as an example of building homepage in our theme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZxVam6VfXU And about your last question – if such plugin will work with theme and our shortcodes used for placing columns – yes, it is possible

the red box around the date on the recent posts does not fit. it stops before the “4” of 2014.

any idea why?

Hello, please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/


Thank you! :D

Hello again,

I’d like to remove top menu holder, can you pls show me how? :) LOVE THE THEME :)

I would love to send you few order numbers I have, to see if you could recognize one, I have few at the time I bought theme. I need you to verify my order number…

Ok, please contact us via support ticket as mentioned before http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Ey! :D I found my purchase code in ticksy! :D Yaay :)


Love this theme, it has done magical stuff for my website! Only one question: Is there any easy way to change the header text color? In the advanced customization it is controlled by the main color, but I would like it to match the Text Color (because of the header image). Is this possible?

Hello and thank you :) Most of visual modifications can be done via CSS, please check FAQ http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/faq/551

If you will have any more questions please do not hesitate to start support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Can’t wait to get started! Couple of quick ones: 1. What’s the actual size of the entire file? I’m seeing “33.8 MB (35,539,217 bytes)” – Is this correct? (documentation included?) 2. Is there a “launching soon” page built in the theme? Or any faster/easier way we can work on the site while it’s showing a launching soon page with the theme’s feel/look? Thanks for your help!

Hey thanks! Where do I find the VideoManual? Also, with the new EPROM version out, do I just re-upload the theme in WP or need to delete the old install and upload the new one (note that I have not done anything yet to the theme/site. just uploaded the previous version).

I’ve activated “Mantenance Mode”. This means, we can edit our site’s pages and visitors won’t see what we’re working on, correct?

You’re welcome :). Video Manual can be found in template documentation – please check zip package you’ve downloaded. Update FAQ http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/faq/342 During maintaince mode visitors will see Maintenance page which can be built in ThemeSettings>Advanced>Maintenance

Hey, the theme looks awesome and has great functionality from what I see in the demo.

I have one question:

If I activate the child theme and adjust the container width to be wider, will I have to manually change the sizes of the page elements too, or are they percentage based?

Either way I am still interested in buying the theme, I just want to know if I can easily adjust the width.

Hello and thank you :) Unfortunately it’s not easy to adjust width of template as it would require to modify some elements (grid, sidebars etc.) via CSS code. It is doable but for sure it’s not easy task.

hi! I need to put crowdfunding system into my record label site, eprom theme have some solution? Thanks!!!

Hello, no we haven’t (unfortunately) but i think you should look for some sort of plugin for that. Maybe you will find something. Good luck!

Hi, I was needing to know if each track can have a separate buy link for iTunes, Amazon, etc. As of now, I only see one “Buy Now” button for the tracks. Anyway to get it to display iTunes, Amazon, and other buy now links to give visitors multiple options for each track?

Thanks for the help!

Hello, those buttons are added via shortcode so it’s no problem to add them multiple times with different names and links.

I updated wordpress to the latest wordpress which is WP 3.9. I’m not sure if that is the problem with the theme or not but the shortcode manager is not working. When I click the plus sign it comes up and everything but when I click insert nothing happens.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the theme, deactivated all plugins and reactivated one by one and it still doesn’t work.

Any idea?

http://turnitupmusic.com is the website. Ticket ID: EPN-927-65374

Hi, We have a new update that fixes the problem. At this time, waiting in line at the Themeforest. It is independent of us.

hi! i don’t found the “contact form” in the Theme Settings > Pages > Contact Form, just “contact”, some problem?

Hi, No, this is no problem. e changed only the name of the tabs in the previous update.

I have the same problem as wdsrradio.

Running WP 3.9 and the shortcode manager is not working. Nothing happens when clicking insert

Hi, We have a new update that fixes the problem. At this time, waiting in line at the Themeforest. It is independent of us.


I bet more of people have some problem with this. But since the update to 3.9 of Wordpress the shortcut manager stopped working. It doesn’t insert anything.

Hello, We have a new update that fixes the problem. At this time, waiting in line at the Themeforest. It is independent of us.

Ok thanks!!

You’re welcome :)

There is another problem. My site is Dark skin with White colored texts etc. But when a box is selected or want to select a box it turns up completely white. I can’t see or read the text afterwards. Take the social links on the footer as an example.

Yours sincerely

Hello, please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/