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Mine is the opposite Atilla. The top level menus are in greyish black text and when you hover them it’s a black overshadow instead of something lighter or orange.

Please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Any idea when the update will be sent out? I’m working on two websites and both clients went with the eprom theme. The longer it takes to do the sites, the more they are asking for and I need to get both of them wrapped up.

Hello, 1.4.3 update is already available to download here at Themeforest. It is compatible with WP 3.9+

Did you send out an email to the purchasers? I’m using this theme for clients and have been waiting for them to notify me of an email from you all including the update.

Hello, e-mail notifications about updates are being sent to TF users, also on our G+ https://plus.google.com/+RascalsEuthemes and Twitter https://twitter.com/rascalsthemes.

Hi! Is it possible to add breadcrumbs to the theme?

Hello, theme does not have such feature built-in but as I see there are plugins (like this one for ex. http://loseyourmarbles.co/instant-breadcrumbs) which should do the job.

I can’t get the Twitter apis to work. I’ve done everything exactly as the video.


Is the request settings – GET For the request URI – Do I put the website’s url?

Hello, please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com and provide URL to your installation. We will have to verify issue. Answering to your question – no, there is no need to do that.


This is a great template. I’m having trouble figuring out how to add a title to images like in the gallery demo:


how do I add the title and date like in the gallery images

Hello, those dates and titles are added automatically to name gallery as a group of pictures – not a specific pictures inside a gallery. Please take a look to see what i mean http://themes.rascals.eu/eprom/dark/galleries/bass-party/

Thanks, I see what you mean

how can i install XML demo content for fast setup. i dont found this file in the .zip file

how can i install into tempalte for that work

i bought wordpress template 1 month ago

Hello, please look for template documentation in zip package. Inside it you will find links to Video Manual where template installation aswell with xml import is explained well.


I just purchased your template.

Is it possible to have all the ‘releases’ point to a Product Page instead of a Release Page?

My website is basically a shop and I want the products to appear in the sliders and on the home page, I just don’t need the whole ‘releases’ thing.

Thanks Marco

How do I create another ‘Releases’ page?

Your video manual explained most of my questions. (but the soundcloud tracks)

Please feel free to delete my comments and sorry for the little flood.

No problem :) Unfortunately SoundCloud at the moment cannot be played by internal player as it doesn’t allow to link directly to media file (you have to use SC API to connect) and this media library does not have such feature. We are currently working on our new (made by us from scratch) audio player that will allow to play SoundCloud streams, unfortunately we can’t say when it will be finished yet (WP version is scheduled after we will finish HTML version as first).

Hi! Your theme is good, but it does not seem complete to me that I want to use .. Visitors can create an account to create a profile and distribute / sell their music? Example: http://www.havocbeats.com/ If this is not possible, there is necessarily nessecaires plugin, because musiccentro.com site was created with wordpress, and it allows a true music platform. if you know how, let me know please

Hello! Our template wasn’t designed for such music platform as you described, it’s more intended for DJ’s or music producers. Of course there are plugins such as http://www.woothemes.com/products/product-vendors/ which adds those features, however please keep in mind that we haven’t tested them and we cannot guarantee they will work without issues.

I have a question I want to but this theme I want to know is this theme ad ready can I place google ads with this theme and also I have a radio show does this theme support shout cast so I can embed my player to stream?

Hello, Google Ads are supported and should work without problem. Template internal music player does support external stream however you will need direct link to media file to get it working (i’m not sure if Shoutcast provide such feature at the moment, it did some time ago). Of course you can use external embed code instead to bypass that problem, in that case music will be played by external embed player obviously.

Hello, I need help.

I want to know 2 things.. I have left a link of a screenshot of my edited Eprom theme..


1. I would like to know how i can implement a whole website background, that fills all of the black space. i just want a background with my bands logo with a low opacity, as i don’t like the flatness of the black background


2. How can i centre the main nav menu? it is floating right at the moment and i want to completely centre it

thanks. i love your theme!

Hello, please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Is it possible to modify the releases square size? I would like it to be smaller and to have 5 columns, not 4.

Can this be done with ease?


It’s one font used (Open Sans) but different weight – for main nav it’s weight 800. About second question: well it’s doable of course if you can handle PHP coding and styling however we cannot offer such help via support staff. Sorry.

Do you offer this kind of help in other ways?


Sorry, we are not able to pick that task at the moment.

im trying to add the simple music player to one of my pages. but when I click on the shortcode button to add the music player, I have to click the “Insert” button twice, and the second time I hit the button it refreshes the shortcode pop up window as if I never tried to insert a shortcode. please help me with this because this I becoming very nerve wrecking as I am almost completed with the website but this little thing is the only thing holding me back.

Hi, please download latest version and perform update. Version 1.4.3 fixes this issue.

scratch that, its to the point now where I cant add any shortcodes. what is the deal with your theme???

Hello, please update template to 1.4.3 – issue will be fixed.

Hi, i,ve readed that you,re are working o a new redesigned audio player. (and, i know that it will take some time). I love the included player but it needs some features i will love to see (Just a features suggestion):

Waveform display – Progress bar (Like sound cloud player) Cover display inside player Rating/comments enable for release/track

Great theme guys. best Regards.

Thank your for suggestions, some of them might be implemented some other not – we can’t say more at the moment, stay tuned :)

hi there, i’m interested in purchasing your template, but what i’d like is to be able to sell individual tracks through the site. i can see releases have ‘buy’ button for individual tracks.. would that be possible to sell individual tracks or that’d need to be a custom tweak? if so, would you be able to implement it?

thanks, Adam

Hello, Eprom theme is WooCommerce compatible. You can simply add your tracks as a separate products via WooCommerce and BUY button can be assigned as a link to that product page.

that sounds good so far. however, if there’s a list of tracks with ‘buy’ buttons next to them and i click on a ‘buy’ button to purchase one of these tracks, could they be added to the basket without being redirected to that single product (individual track) page? i mean it might be that people would like to purchase ie. 4 individual tracks so it’d be best not to force them to redirect to single product pages to add each track to the basket.. that’s ultimately what i’m looking for.. would that be still possible?

thanks, Adam

As I’ve checked it’s partially possible. Redirect itself is forced by plugin however you can set redirect link to be opened in new tab, after closing this new tab you will be back at the page which you were previously visiting. Please note that in this case cart won’t update itself automatically without refreshing page.

I love EPROM, but I do have one request.

The Event manager is a real hassle for musician’s with lots of gigs. It’s way too tedious to fill out each event, and there is no way to duplicate events so a new one can be created with minor changes.

The ultimate improvement would be to make entering an event a simple page with drop down menus as in an application like BandCamp.

But short of that, allowing events to be duplicated (new events to be created from existing ones) would make things much easier.


Hello, you can already create an event template in ThemeSettings>Pages>Events>SingleEventTemplate, every new created event will consist changes you’ve made there. Can you point us with the link to those menus? We honestly didn’t know that there are any drop downs on that page.

Hello there

I really need to hide the top bar (the one with My Account, Checkout and Cart)

Is there a fast way to do so?

Thanks Marco

Hello, please go to ThemeSettings>GeneralSettings>Header and turn off Show Top Menu

Thanks for all the help so far.

Final thing. I see that when you have no shows, the Widget is shown as div-no.dates while the section on the actual shows page it shows div.no_dates (- vs _ )

I was trying to change the text when there are no shows but in the .php there seems to only be an area to change it on the page div (which works fine) and not in the widget.

Any advice?

Hello, please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Hello, I am about to purchase this theme but noticed in the preview, when I hit the “Play” button to listen to one of the tracks, it takes me to a brand new page that is all black with the player in the middle of the page. Is there anyway to just have it play the songs without leaving the playlist page? That way, people can still listen to the song while reading about the album…

Hello again, issue with play button on Live Preview was resolved. Fix will be included in upcoming Eprom version or you can contact with us via our support.

Okay, awesome! Can I download the theme today with the fix? I am off work starting today and really wanted to get started working on it if possible. :) Thanks again for your help with this!

It’s isn’t uploaded yet but it won’t be problem to send it via email for example if needed.

Hey in Eprom 1_4_3 my single gallery doesn’t show thumbnail picture

Hello, firstly please make sure you’ve read theme documentation and watched Video Manual provided with it. If you did however and still encountering issue please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/