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I’ve left a ticket in the support forum with no response.. My artists pages have just started returning 404 errors. Can you please help me asap?! The Content is still there in the back end but not showing in the live site.

Sorry for that delay. Response to your ticket is ready

Hi guys :)
Fabulous theme :) Just noticed that the audio player totally stopped functioning after the latest auto Wordpress update :(
Is there a way to fix this? :shocked:
Please advice ASAP.
Thanks and regards.

Hello, please make sure you are using latest Eprom theme. Please make sure you will backup everything before updating, just in case. If you will have any more questions please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com

I bought the theme, and I really like it but have couple of questions. I have couple of problem with revolution slider: 1) When I create and save I get “AJAX ERROR” 2) when creating new layer with text, and setting up animation it doesnt seems to work, like I get all the time the same effect FADE IN slowly, instead of e.g LONG SLIDE LEFT *even though it is selected (maybe error is because of ajax i dont know) 3) When I create a slide (its only ONE but when I go to page i see arrows on each side, How can I delete it so it’ll be only ONE SLIDE no more). Now I have when I click arrow “next” it’s still the same banner. Any suggestion how to fix it?

Last question: Are you planning on release buttons/icons for social networks for artist? Twitter,Facebook,YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram and so ? I think this would be nice addition to the theme with upcoming update.

Other than that GREAT THEME!!!!

Hello and thank you for using our theme For your first three questions – please start a support ticket we will take it from there. About social icons – we haven’t planned such a thing because we haven’t any complaints about them.

Hi, I meant icons not on the footer, but is it possible to have icons where the artist section is. Now when you got to artist section it shows “LINKS: Twitter, Facebook” as written; what I meant would be nice if we could have icons instead.

Also: is it possible to have widget connected with the artist sidebar in a way that e.g on Jon Smith Artist page has a sidebar widget “latest releases” of that particular artist only, “events” ? As I Can see for now widgets are only for twitter and flickr.

Regarding the revolution slide; I got it solved it I contacted the developer and they said there was a new release, so jsut had to update to latest release of the Slide.

Depends where would you like to place them. You can use button shortcodes for example and style them via CSS. replacing default button graphic. About widget – no, theme does not have such feature.

Hello there

I’m using you theme on soundmasters.org, after some modifications, now I have a problem with the font displaying. As you can see, I can’t get the beautiful and smooth effect on the font that you have on your preview. (look at ‘Latest Products’ or ‘Featured’)

Can you please help me on this?

Hello and thank you for using our theme. Please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com and please provide screenshoot from Live Preview of font effect you wish to achieve.

Hello, i have an issue with the theme, in fact, Tags and featured image don’t show on the blog page and article and i don’t find any settings in the options of the theme. If you have an idea. Regards.

Hello and thank for choosing our theme. Please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com and provide exact URL to problematic page.

Hi, I’d like to know if it’s possible to change the “Navigate…” to something else, or just simply write “MENU” in the nav bar for little formats (like phones or small tablets) I’ve been looking for “main-nav” / “responsive-nav” in the page_header.php and in the r_menu.php but nothing’s leading me to changing the name of the menu. Thanks.

Hello, if you will have any more questions please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Hi rascals,

Great theme. We are about to launch but did a check on the security of the .mp3 files. I understand the tracks in the built-in player are simply stored in /wp-content/uploads/ . We shortened the tracks and reduced the quality. We were surprised to find that when we add the .mp3 to Woocommerce as a product, it asks for the .mp3 to be stored in that same location. This means the file can be downloaded by anyone who simply browses the /wp-content/uploads/ url! Maybe its a fault, or maybe we didn’t read the manual in full!

Where do we store the valuable files that we are trying to sell? They can be stolen so simply the way the theme is set up.

Hello, I’m surprised because I’ve just tested it again and if you will add file with any extension to media library it can be added as a download target to product.

It can’t be downloaded by anyone because you can set limit of downloads to download link or timed expiry after purchase. Links are uniquely generated of course and cannot be used again after expired.

If you have any more concerns please contact us via our Premium Support System at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com. Our staff will gladly answer to all your questions.

Hello, thank you for replying. I understand how the single download works, unique links etc. My question is with woocommerce. To create a product for sale it pulls the file from the media library. This library is open to the public. Can you offer a solution so your customers don’t risk losing their music to thieves? Sorry to be a pain!

As mentioned please start a support ticket and please provide URL to your installation. We will have to take a look at this.

Hi Rascals team. Any news about the “some-time-ago-commented” update of the theme? (Waiting for that audio player improvements etc..)

Best regards!

Hello, at the moment we are focusing our efforts on releasing WordPress version of one of our new templates – Spectra. Sorry but at the moment I can’t say more than that we wanted to update Eprom soon however we’ve had to postpone it and it will have to wait


Please I will like to add a download button to the audio player. How do I do it?

Hello, please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Please Note: Support staff is available from 8:00AM – 4:00PM (CET) on weekdays and will reply to you as soon as possible.

Hi Team,

This team will works with latest wordpress 3.9.2 software?

Thanks Kishore

Hello and thank you for your interest in our theme. Yes, Eprom is WP 3.9.2 compatible

HORRIBLE SUPPORT. THEY SAY ITS RESPONSIVE AND ITS NOT AS they show in the live preview before you buy it. i´ve been asking for my homepage to look like the one in the example they show and the last response I´ve received is for me to hire an expert. when they say that the site is responsive. I have other sites in WordPress with other vendors, and this is by far the worst customer service. I really need the homepage to look as the one in the example they present and I need a solution this week.

Sir, with all due respect, you couldn’t handle basics of Revolution Slider features. You told to our support that you are in hurry because deadline is close. In such situations common sense suggests to hire someone who can handle job faster. Of course if you still have more time to work on it we will gladly help you. Please calm down and rethink whole situation

Hi, with all my respects also, I have being trying to get your support for over a month. On July 30th I sent you all the passwords and access to my site since you´ve asked for them in order to solve it, and nothing has being done. As I said, I am familiar with WordPress and have several sites and the support of the other vendors has been more effective. I don´t want to enter a discussion, I just want my site responsive as its in the example you put for us to buy the theme. I answered you in ticksy with my passwords again, please help me.

Also I am a woman, not a Sir.


Hi, after doing a lot of custom work we would like to install the dummy content (XML) since we are missing a lot of examples and trying to figure out the Artists page. If I install the dummy content will it delete any of my current content? My pages that are matched up in the theme settings are not named the same as the dummy content.

Hello, as we replied to you in support ticket – we cannot guarantee it will work properly as this XML wasn’t tested in such conditions – please make sure you will backup database before trying.

Hi Kristoff. Can I update to WP 4.0? Are there some problem to update? Thx for your theme, is so good. BJ

is now ready for wp 4.0?. Thx Krisstoff.

Yes it should work without an issue however we still recommend to make all necessary backups, just in case.

ok. Thx for reply.

Hi. Can you please advise if you already have a patch or an updated version of EPROM per Envato blog (sounds very urgent): http://marketblog.envato.com/general/plugin-vulnerability/

Do you suggest we delete the old EPROM version installed for now?

For such detailed information please ask plugin developer directly. All we can say that it’s strongly recommended to update. To make sure i would recommend to perform a backup from host admin panel until update will be applied.

Since my site’s still on dev mode via option off of EPROM theme, do you recommend I delete/remove the entire theme for now while there is still no update on your side?

As i said previously. Please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/ we will send you a patch for Revolution Slider.

I’m also looking for a theme update/Rev Slider update. Thank you.

Hello, as I’ve written above – if you are in hurry please start a ticket to receive update http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com Thank you.

please help change military time format to regular time format… from 13:00pm to 1:00pm… Maybe this option can be included in the next update! Thanks

Hello, please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Please Note: Support staff is available from 8:00AM – 4:00PM (CET) on weekdays and will reply to you as soon as possible.

Hello, I have a question. Im using woocommerce on the Eprom theme and it works great. I tried adding a product slider for woocommerce. Is there a way to use this product slider on the home page?

This is the type of slider you would place MID page of a home page. The slider would have Slots for product images and descriptions. If clicked on it would send the customer to the desired page. I have a few sliders but Eprom wont read the provided shortcodes. So is there a way to do this? do you have a slider available? is there a shortcode you may have?

In this case some additional design work is required. Unfortunately we cannot offer it in boundaries of our support.

Hi. Has a new version been released? Thanks.

Hello, update is planned to be released this week.

Pre-Sale Question:

I love the albums filter, but prefer the single album page as it appears in the shop – bigger picture, songs on bottom …

is there any way to merge? either add the filter to the SHOP page or make the single album page like in the SHOP?

thanks and keep up the good work

Hello, theme does have such feature and it would be only possible with some additional design work. Some PHP and CSS knowledge is required of course.

Hello, Id like to know why the eprom demo has astounding images? and on my site the rev and nivo sliders seem to stretch my images and they lose quality. My images are made of quality so im wondering why this is happening. Can you tell me why this is happening and how to fix it?

thanks guys

Hello, please start a support ticket at http://rascalslabs.ticksy.com/

Please Note: Support staff is available from 8:00AM – 4:00PM (CET) on weekdays and will reply to you as soon as possible.