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just perfect, cant wait to get this for my site

Is it possible to have the blog / categories display a square picture with the text at the right instead of the large wide picture at the top?

Great looking theme :)

Nice minimalist theme as usual ;)

Nice looking theme!

It would be nice to have several color schemes and the submenus to change color on hover.


It was about time to get a hosting theme like this!


Great Work!!

Penjualan siap ‘overlap’ lagi nh kaya’Nya :D

Good luck ;)

I’ve been waiting for someone to get it right for a long time. I think the theme should be little darker background with darker text but this nothing I can’t fix…. SOLD !! Great Job!

really neat and clean, great job mate!

@all : thank you…............ :)

thanks WPExplorer! :)

Great theme! Everything works SUPER … .....only 1 question:

Where can i change the txt on the homepage ‘Our Clients’ near the buttom? I’ve looked everywhere in the documentation and in the ‘appearence panel’ editor…. but i can’t solve this!

Can you help me???

if you want to remove default title, please open index.php file and find this code (About line 52) :

now change to :
but if you want to change default title, simply change to :
epsilon_clientlist($clientcid,4,"<h2>Your Title Here</h2>");


Thanks! That did the trick. Now it’s perfect!

Really great theme. I particularly LOVE the how slides are created and the control over the content within them. Super flexible!!

However I am a bit frustrated at the lack of control over the Home page content, specifically the three ‘Service’ columns. I had really hoped that this would be a much more flexible area i.e. a fully wysiwyg area as you have with the slides. As it stands, I’m going to have to hard-code my desired content into that area, thus making it non-CMS for my client.

Is there a way around this? Have I misunderstood something?

Thanks and again, GREAT theme!!

for now the homepage services boxes only textarea instead of wysiwyg editor, you can enter your content in html format there.


Thanks for getting back to me.

I understand what you are saying but this means that I still have to have 3 columns of content regardless of the what html I put in them. I don’t mean to be a grump but I don’t want 3 columns of content. I’m surprised that you would have so much flexibility with certain areas, such as the slides, and then force people to have to have 3 columns of content in that part of the home page. It’s kind of odd.


This is really great theme, but I have problem with my Croatian fonts. I don’t know how to use utf-8 in editor. I need some fonts to make it work but it doesn’t work like ??žš?. In General option’s I already setup to use UTF -8, and it still don’t work. if you have some advice please send.


just contact me from my profile page, i will provide you the alternative cufon font that support your language character.


ok thanks for your information.

I was wondering what had to be alerted to get rid of the “starting from $5” heading on the front page?

I’m a newbie.

if you want to remove “Started from” please open business-homepage.php file and go to line 6, you will find “Started from ” phrase there.


excellent work

thank you :)

Hi Indonez, excellent work there!

I’m willing to purchase this awesome theme for my company, but while reading the comments i noticed the error that alkachofa reported, it happens just like that here in Firefox, and in Safari it gets even worse, getting the menus misplaced. Although in Google Chrome it is perfect.

Have you solved it yet?

Thanks for your time!

I will fix this issue in next update.



I tried accessing the demo template in IE9 but the entire template looked displaced, the banner, the button didnt appear, the menu. Has anyone else encountered this issue.

Also can the template be updated with a font size of the menu being atleast 1 size higher than what it is now, also can the drop down menu be upto 2 levels since its a hosting based template we would require mutli-level menus. Do let me know if this can be done so that i can decide upon purchasing the template.

i have not tested yet with IE 9 , soon i will make test and make an update.


hello Indonez,

as mentioned can the template have multi level menus like 3 drop menu and then one more menu to the right of the drop down i mean 3level menus.

Interested in this theme, but a little put off by the comments regarding the browser errors.

Cam we have an update on this?

Also, the menu is quite sluggish in IE8 .

the main navigation use cufon font replacement, and it’s take a second to render the font before displaying to the browser, and i think it’s native behavior from cufon it self.


Hi i noticed major errors in IE8 and IE8 … displacement of elements

In IE7 and IE8 there is a problem with the transparency on PNG files.

I think this theme needs a major testing on browser before it goes to sale.

i buy this theme allready…but can’t used like this right now.

To bad….

of course i have tested in all major browser before submitting the theme, you can checked espilon demo at with IE 7 /8, i checked it from here there’s no problem as you mentioned.