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I had to upgrade my server. php safe_mode is no more available with php 5.4 now my website don’t show anymore pics in the slidshow.. Can you give me some inputs on how fix that ?



Hi, epsilon theme used timthumb.php script for dynamic image resizing function, so be sure timthumb.php script allow to be executed at your hosting and please try to chmod to 777 the cache folder of epsilon theme.


I have all of my widgets set up in each sidebar. I have the contact info widget in the contact sidebar, but on every page ONLY the default sidebar shows.

Hello, did you have configured epsilon theme => Pages & categories tab first?


Yes, I have all my pages defined correctly. Contact page is defined as Contact Us, contact widget is inside the Contact Sidebar, but only the default sidebar shows up.

ok just contact me from my profile page with your site login info, let me check directly at your site.


I am just now getting back to this – I narrowed it down to the culprit. I defined my widgets for the home page. Contact page sidebar is showing correct contact info widget. Then I edited the column boxes for the home page in the Epsilon settings – just to take out some extra breaks and now the contact page shows Latest news and Testimonials widgets and that is all. I’m not using those widgets anywhere.

i have bug not success to fix:

look here http://rhost.eu/?page_id=1386 the borders not good should be like on http://rhost.eu/?page_id=1018 how can i fix it ?

did you tried to add

<div class="clr"> </div>
right after your tabs content?


i only open page under wordpress wp-admin dont do anything else, mybe it did auto or something?

how to install slider in home page please ?

Sorry for any inconvenience, but you did not have a “Purchased” badge.


how to have a “purchased” badge ?

Hello, I got a couple of questions for you my friend.

1. Is there anyway i can easily replace the homepages features with for example create a new page, and choose a template for it that over rights the default configuration with the 3 pricing columns?

2. I have had the included .PO file edited into my own language. The problem is im not sure where to put it.. I have tried wp-content -> languages. I have tried wp-content -> themes -> epsilon -> languages. none of them work. There is however the sv_SV.po file in wp-content -> languages that translates some of the page so i know the “function” it self works.

3. How can i edit the footer from within the admin panel?! with that i don’t mean the Copyright story.

4. Is there anyway to search trough specifically the comments for this Theme here on themforest or do i have to go through page by page to find information from other users?

5. Are you planning on creating a FAQ on common questions for this theme? I find myself getting answers very easy for other themes via the FAQ tab alot of the times.

Thank you very much, greatly appreciating your help! and by the way, one great looking theme, now just lets hope i can get it the way i want it.. ;)



1) for now there’s no options for this, it’s only available from theme options configuration for the homepage section

2) did you have added your language and country code in wp-config.php file? please refer to this tutorial for detail.

3) you can manage this from epsilon theme options => general setting => footex text option

4) there’s no search option in comment in themeforest comment page, but I have prepare dedicated forum for our theme buyers at http://support.indonez.com

5) yes, I am planning to create a FAQ and knowledge base in our dedicated forum site.


Hello Indonez,

I am trying to switch the appearance of the slider from ‘horizontal’ to ‘fade’. Unfortunately, graphics and text disappear using this setting. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Hello, if you used the latest version of epsilon theme, this option has been removed, since it’s causing some bug in slideshow section.


Hmm, is it possible to restore it somehow? For me, it worked fine!

Hi there again, Got some additional questions for you while im at it.. :)

6. When choosing a featured picture for slideshow, blogg etc it docent show the picture, comes up with a question mark. Is this a read/write error? If it is, where/what folder do i have to change the permission?

7. For the client logo list on the front page, where am i supposed to add the logos? or is it cleverly created so i just have to create a new blog category named accordingly?

Once again, thanks.

6) did you tried to chmod to 777 the cache folder of epsilon theme? epsilon theme used timthumb.php script and be sure timthumb.php script allow to be executed at your hosting

7) try to create a category for clients first and add some post items there, set your image at Featured Image box, set your client category in theme options => pages & categories option.


Hi, I need to know how to add description on the images in the portfolio lightbox

Hi, there’s no option for this in epsilon theme, since by default it’s used actual portfolio title as a caption in popup lightbox.


Hello Buyer,

If you have any support questions, please submit to our dedicated forum at http://support.indonez.com/


I’m currently using version 1.0 this issue but I downloaded from:


And it’s working on my website:


I’ve noticed that there is a code in the footer obfuscated makes a get a blank image (1px) on your website, I understand it is to monitor the facility.

If I buy this, will not exist that obfuscated code? I have also problems with accented words in some titles, I’ll have to support things like that? my last question, I’ll have updates on this template? until when?


Sorry for any inconvenience, but you did not have a “Purchased” badge.


I’m not asking for support, or to help me solve problems, my question is if I buy the item get assistance, and if I buy the item get updates and if so, until, that is not specified anywhere I’ve seen.

I apologize if I did not properly understand, my primary language is not English


oh sorry for misunderstanding, yes you will get the theme support and free update, you can visit our support forum at http://support.indonez.com/

Thanks for your interest :)

I’m having the same 404 flip as one other user. In IE it forwards to 404 after a split second. Help please.


Usually the problem relate with the .htaccess file, be sure your .htaccess file allow to be executed at your hosting.


oh…just to add to my previous comment. The hosting account used for this site is the “Yahoo Small Business Hosting”. I know for a fact that I don’t (can’t) have a .htaccess file in the root.

Will this be a problem?


Still not working…any answers?

I have replied your question in support forum.


Hi…great template.

Is there a way of changing the “title” font color of the “toggle” shortcode. I can’t seem to figure it out in the CSS file.



try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

.toggle_title h4 { color: #f00;}
replace #f00 with your color hex code.


Hello, I was wondering if there’s a responsive design option for hand held devices for this template. Could you let me know about that? Thanks!

I will consider to this option in next update, but not in close time, since I have change the markup structure and styling.


Hello, I’ve just updated my site to wordpress 3.4.2 and the visual editor has disappeared, and the text becomes white!!

If I change the theme everything is ok, so I guess it’s a Epsilon theme problem. Any idea?

did you tried to deactivate your installed plugins first?

for further discussion you can post your question in our support forum at http://support.indonez.com


Yes! I’ve used a clean wordpress installation, so it has no plugins at all.

ok just contact me from my profile page regarding your issue.

you can post your questions in our support forum at http://support.indonez.com/


I’m trying to modify the text size in the navigation bar. However, when I edit the Topnavigation in the CSS nothing happens…

How do I change the font size in the navigation bar only?

try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

#mainmenu ul{line-height:38px; z-index:100;position:relative; float:left;}
#mainmenu ul li{
  font-size: 12px;
you can decrease or increase 12px in above code.


good morning, I inserted the slider and a portfolio and I was not shown in the Home. Could you tell me why you do not see?