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is it possible to set some products monthly and some products yearly billing cycle.

Hi, for now the product items billing cycle set generally for each items.


no responsiv?

Hi, yes for now it’s not responsive design, maybe I will consider to add the responsive design feature for the next release.


in this month or in the next 3 month?

Hi, we will discuss this with our team, since it take a longer time to make responsive design from the current version.


I’m still experiencing this issue:


Hi, the problem because the image has been resized from the image resizer script function, it’s getting cut at the top of the image.


But it’s also spilling over in the bottom right, it should have the nice rounded corner like in the theme preview, correct?

I don’t mind it cutting off on the top, it’s the bottom right corner. it’s preventing us from putting in some images we’d like to add. Thanks! :)

Hi, could not be opened from here.


Hi there, I bought Epsilon 2 years ago and I just updated today the theme cos I didn’t have access to theme options. After the update, I still don’t have access, I get a message saying that I have insufficient rights. But I’m admin on the blog so I don’t understand what’s happening. Any Idea ?

Thanks a lot in advance for your support !

Yes I did, I tried 2 themes (twentyTwelve & twentyThirteen), nothing do the job :( Any other idea to help ? Thanks a lot

Hey there, I finally managed to find a solution. I change the hook right in the functions.php file. So now instead of “edit_themes” it’s “manage_options”. Hope it will help for some future problems ;) Thanks for your support :)

ok great, glad it’s working now and thanks for sharing :)

Hi. I am trying to remove the grey page border on the website.Can you assist?

Hi, could you please more detail regarding your question?


Hi,The webpage has a grey border around each page.See would like to remove it so the webpage displays across the entire screen

Hi, ok please try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

#main-curve-top, #main-curve-bottom { display: none;}
 #main { background: transparent;}


Hello Slideshow dont work…there is no rotation between slides

Please check and advise thank you

Thanks, it works now after ichecked images.! But i have another problem which is anoying..When i go to menu the whole slide goes down…! check image : Any ideas to prevent that? thanks

Hi, did you tried to resize your logo size to 300×100px?


Many thanks for your replies but i switched design to a new template.. Regards

Great product! Thank You. It works great for our clients! APVisions Photography

Thank you and glad that you love our theme :)

Is your support good? Also, can the template not be so… Should I say. White?

Hi, yes there’s styling options in epsilon theme options.


Is there any customer examples I may see?

here the screenshot of epsilon styling option.


hi sir , i have a problem with slideshow it is not working .no imege and no words and i have wordpress 3.9 arabic version i hope answer me as soon as

Hi, could you please provide me your site url regarding your issue?


is this theme still not responsive?

yes, for now there’s no responsive option in epsilon theme.


when will it be made responsive? client loves the design but needs a responsive site

we will discuss this with our team.


How can I remove the ‘We accept’ on the product pages? For example:

Hi, you can remove the words from product-template.php file.


How do you change the “Our Clients” on the bottom right section. I want to change the image and hyperlink a different page.

Thanks in advance for your help.

you need to create a category for client first and add some items there, set the image at Featured Image box.



First of all it is a great theme and I am loving it so far

I am just a beginer and have 2 questions

1. How to I get rid of this space in the contact us page sidebar when we add the contact widget it adds a lot of bank space at the bottom,XhrVFzv 2. How to I change this picture under contact us page,XhrVFzv#1

I have replied your questions in our support forum.


Hello I am still waiting to hear from you

Saya menggunakan wordpress mu, apakah theme ini bisa digunakan juga pada subdomain…yang ada, terima kasih

halo, epsilon theme bisa di install di subdomain, misal atau

Terima kasih

How do I create a customized home page, I want to add a post, gallery etc. .. on the homepage? (like visual composer)


Hi, you can manage this from Epsilon theme options => Homepage section, please follow the documentation for detail.


i bought the theme its unused im selling it for 30USD contact me

Hi, please don’t advertise here.


sir please help me i bought ur regular license sir now i need to return it please sir :( help me

Hi, we have no policy for this, please contact envato support.


Hi, I have not bought this theme I just want to inform about an error, when you click in the login or signup links on the top right then cancel/close the modal, when you click again it appears blank. I believe this happens because the modal “javascriptly” removes the original code that the dialog pulls elements from.

Sorry about my bad english.

Hi, ok thanks for your information, we will fix this issue for next update.


I’m still experiencing this issue: on

Notice the bottom right corner. The image spills over. Previous comments you’ve said you cannot open the website, or they’ve gone ignored. Do you have another, more official way to contact you for support? I really want to get this fixed…

Hi, your site still can’t be opened from here


I found this theme to bit a bit buggy. For one, the fact that the developers information is essentially hard coded into the theme means that if I choose not to put a certain piece of information up then it displays theirs. For example, the contact information. Who uses a fax still? Can I please just turn it off?

The other thing this theme is lacking is the ability to turn parts of certain features off, for example the payment methods. I can either display the payment methods they have selected or none… or I can go in an edit the php (editing the php defeats the purpose of a theme)

Another issue is the spelling, words are misspelled all over the place. This makes you wonder about QA/QC of the product as a whole.

The theme looks nice, but like most other themes it’s 80% there and that last 20% is just so frustrating. I would not recommend this theme at this time.

Thanks for your information and suggestion, we will make our themes better.