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Great work. Really gorgeous. The subtle orange emboss is a classic and the name delicious! I love the huge slider, the blog set up with the little pics giving a three column look. Would be nice if more of the demo posts had images displayed. You might think of this. It would be great if that little pic then shows up as a big pic at the top of the post. That kind of surprise is nice. Can you show a full width photo, too? Anyway, beautiful work and good luck with sales. Tim

Is it just me or can you not click on anything on the demo?

Edit: I think your server was just loading extremely slowly. It looks good now!

Good luck with sales!


Yeah, the server has been bugging me these days. The site should load really fast (in under a second), and work without a glitch, but my server sometimes gets in the way of it working perfectly.

Thanks for stopping by and wishing me good luck, AJ. :)

Sincerely, OnionEye

Thank you very much, sir! :)

Thanks, Chris. :)

LOVE THIS !! Such an awesome theme. Is there a different blog style with bigger thumbnails?

Great to hear that! Unfortunately, there’s not a different style for the blog page, but you can easily modify the existing one, in minutes, if you’re comfortable with changing a few lines of php/HTML code. A seasoned developer could do this with no sweat.

i love this theme. also curious if the blog style can have larger thumbnails and if there is a gallery component available in addition to portfolio.

Yes, but you would have to modify the code a bit. However, this kind of change require minimum effort, and can be done in, let’s say 10 minutes, or so. The theme also comes packed with a powerful lightbox if you want to use it in your gallery, blog posts etc.

awesome, nice use of grid… good luck

Thanks! :)

Just looking at the theme again. It REALLY is gorgeous!

I’m delighted to hear that! I guess hard work really does pay off in the end, right?

As far as your last comment is concerned, I’m going to make a blog post, showing off the images in it, so be sure to check it out.

Have yourself a wonderful day, sir! :)

would love to consider it, but i can’t see past the home page on your demo… you need to fix the links! Looks good so far though.

Please try refreshing the page. Everything is working properly and the website should be loading pretty fast because I really worked hard to optimize it for speed. However, my server keeps causing me problems these days, so the site might not show or load properly at times. I guess I should change hosts.

THis looks really nice! I am curious about how images will display within a blog post as well.

Would you be able to post screenshots of the back end, like you did for your other theme?

How are images loaded into the slider that reside in the portfolio entries?

I wish the demo let you into the back end so you could see what needs to be done in order to post an article or portfolio item. As well as how the theme options are handled.

Nice work,


Hey there,

Thanks for the compliment. I’m glad you like the theme. :)

I’m going to make a new blog post in an hour or so, showing off the images, so be sure to check it out.

Here’s a few screenshots of the theme, hopefully giving you a clear idea how things are done on the back-end:

http://www.diigo.com/item/image/1mr8l/wa69 http://www.diigo.com/item/image/1mr8l/xnjc http://www.diigo.com/item/image/1mr8l/xh4m http://www.diigo.com/item/image/1mr8l/btdh http://www.diigo.com/item/image/1mr8l/37dx

Have a nice day, OnionEye

Just an update:

I ended up buying this theme right after my last post. It is really slick and well done. On a shared server at Dreamhost it is fast. The demo server is just really slow. This developer really ironed out details before releasing.

Set up is easy and the documentation is easy to understand. This was a good theme purchase,



This theme looks great. But AntiVir WebGuard with virus signature from Aug. 31. recognizes a Trojan “HTML/Crypted.Gen” at your preview site. I think this a wrong alert but I want you to know that.

Anyway, I like this theme.

Thanks, Frank

Hi, frank! :)

I’m glad to hear you like the theme. As far as the trojan alert is concerned, this is a false alert.

Sincerely, OnionEye

I too dig this theme. I noticed in an above post you wrote “The theme also comes packed with a powerful lightbox if you want to use it in your gallery, blog posts etc.” Does this mean I can use the lightbox in the portfolio, for instance when I click on the blue details circle can I have the video pop up in the light box instead of taking me to a different page?

if so i will be purchasing!

Sure! The lightbox can be activated in the theme options, and there’s also a section of the documentation that explains how to set it up, if you want to use it. However, because it’s purely optional, you’ll have to modify one or two lines of code, but with all the instructions given, I’m quite sure that everybody can do it pretty quickly (a seasoned developer could do it in 5-10 minutes).

wow….... clean enough .

good luck.

Thank you!

Awesome theme, good luck with sales.


I really like this theme.

I just noticed that it doesn’t show up properly on the iPad though. Part of the right side of the theme is cut off when viewed on the iPad. I’m considering purchasing this theme, but my only problem is this issue – since I use my iPad to write and read posts.

Do you know by any chance why the width of the theme doesn’t show fully? And if that can be fixed?

Hey there,

According to NetMarketShare (http://www.netmarketshare.com/report.aspx?qprid=61&qpct=2&qpcd=1&qpcal=1&qptimeframe=M&qpsp=150) the mobile devices are still not at that level of use, where I would optimize my themes for them, but that is likely to change in the near future. Because I strive to make the best quality themes, I’m going to start supporting these very, very soon.

By the way, I don’t see why anybody with some knowledge of web dev/web design couldn’t optimize it themselves.

Sincerely, OnionEye

Congrats, mate. I want to buy these theme, but first I have two questions (as a beginner in coding…). First: Can I have pagination for the Portfolio? Because personally I dislike that category slide thumb thing… And second: Can the post pages have two sidebars? Can you help me with this “I don’t have a clue” things? :) Thank you, mate. – Radu

Hello Radu,

I’m really glad you like the theme. :)

Unfortunately, the paginated portfolio is currently not supported, but I’m sure it could be made very quickly, by modifying the code a bit. As far as the sidebars are concerned, a three-columned post page with two sidebars is not available, but could also be made very easily, for someone who has some coding knowledge.

If you still want to buy the theme, I suggest hiring a developer to do these things for you. Either way, I wish you good luck! :)

Sincerely, OnionEye

Installation and setting up of this theme worked like a charm.

This is one of the most user-friendly and best coded themes I’ve ever dealt with. Also, great design.

Well done!


Wow, I must say I’m thrilled to see such a satisfied client! Reading your comment made me all happy inside because I’m really glad that people like you are appreciating all the hard work I invested in making this theme.

Have a wonderful day,


This is your second theme only and I have already sent some kind words in regard to your previous theme. This is of a better quality and deserves the highest credit.

I love the minimalistic style and the overall colours scheme etc.

Clean and smooth. Well done and good luck with the sale.

Thank you very, very much, FUNKist! :)

I also must agree that this one is so much better than the previous one, both codingwise and designwise, as I’m constantly improving myself.

By the way, stay tuned for more themes.

Sincerely, OnionEye

Small bug in the footer logo php. currently reads

<?php home_url(); ?>

which, without the required echo, leads you back to the current page (an empty link).

Instead, this should read

<?php echo home_url(); ?>

Also: The main page slider does not appear if only one slide is included. Two or more slides are required for it to show up.

Thanks for informing me about this minor issue, Andrew! I’ll straighten it out and provide an update in no time! :)

As far as the sliders are concerned, in general, they are made for slideshows which include multiple slides, of course, or in this case, images. However, I’m still going to update it for people who want to show a single image instead of a slideshow.

Important Update: This and some other minor bugs have been fixed in the newest version of the theme. Please download the theme again, and update it. :)