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a lot of problems users are having can be solved with sample content (xml file). then we can follow the logic path for all the pages and features

Hey there,

That’s quite a good suggestion you gave there. :)

I should probably include xml files for sample content, so that people can set up the theme more easily. However, a lot of people have been saying that the documentation is really easy to understand and detailed enough for them to set up their site without any difficulties, even if they don’t have a lot experience with WordPress.



I am having a problem with the homepage “slider”.

When I add more than one slider, the images just appear one after the other going down the page, therefore the slider isn’t working or I am not uploading the slider images correctly.

Could someone please let me know if this can be fixed?


Hey there,

Please follow the directions in the docs on how to setup the slider properly, and you should be good to go. :)

Have a wonderful day,


How does the social networking >> Skype URL work?

Lets say my skype name is: FranzJoseph

How would I write that in to the skype URL textfield?

I tried:

FranzJoseph skype:FranzJoseph callto:FranzJoseph


Non of the above worked.

Could some one please explane it to me?

Thanks a lot.


The following value for the “Skype URL ” field should work: callto://your_skype_id/

Have a great day,


Question. I’d like to order this theme, however I’d like to know how many images I can have on the homepage ‘slider’. This demo shows three, can I add more than that, and if so, up to how many?

Thanks so much, Ms. Retter

Hello, Ms. Retter. :)

I’m glad you take an interest in the Equilibrium theme.

The homepage slider can take up as many images as you want. It can also contain HTML , text, videos, or any other custom content you can think of.



In future updates, could you please consider including social networking icons/links for:

behance zerply linkedin quora

Also, thank you for being so kind in answering our questions. The theme documentation is really wonderful. I didn’t know how to use shortcodes prior to using this theme, now I feel quite comfortable.


You’re very much welcome. :) I’m just glad that you like the theme and the documentation as well.

I’m always looking to improve my themes, so I’ll definitely consider including more social networking icons/links to the Equilibrium theme.

Have a great day,


First, congratulations, great job.

Second, I want have two portfolios and then in the home page I want a “latest project 1” with only four images of the “Portfolio 1” and a “latest project 2” with four images of the “Portfolio 2”, could you edit this for me? If so I’ll buy it.



Thanks for the compliment. :)

If you want me to edit the theme to suit your needs, that’s going to cost you some money. However, you can always hire another developer to do this instead of me, fairly cheaply and quickly as well.

Kind regards,


Really? How much? Another question, what about the font of Equilibrium, its free?

Please shoot me an email at zlatan@onioneye.com and we’ll talk about it.

As far as the font goes, it is called Lobster Two, and it can be freely downloaded from google’s web font repository.



I love your theme!

Just wondering how to set up the Twitter widget like you did on the demo’s home page. It does not show up in the widget section.

Thank You!


Hey there! :)

I’m glad you love the theme!

Everything is explained under the “Custom Widgets” section of the docs. However, the options given in the twitter widget itself are not explained because they’re self-explanatory.

Just drop the widget inside one of the widget areas. After that is done, configure a couple of options for it, and you should be good to go. :)



hi onioneye i’m sorry but i always have scrolling problems when i use the custom menu widget :s. i have used the code you modified in style.css and jquery custom but it doesn’t work s

Hey there, mamadoo. :)

I updated the theme last week and solved this problem, as well as some other minor issues, and now the theme should be working perfectly. That being said, you need to tell me exactly which parts you have modified previously, so I can help you with the process of updating the theme.



great theme!

how can i change the color of the blue “details” circle that appears when hovering over a portfolio piece

Hey there,

Glad you like the theme. :)

The circle is a png image and can be found in the /wp-content/themes/equilibrium/layout/ folder. To change it, just overwrite the image with your own, and you should be good to go.

Have fun working with the theme,


ok thanks I replaced the code in the style.css file widget with this code:

/ * 19. W I D G E T S * /

. Widget li {margin: 0 0 15px 0;}

. Widget_archive li a,. Widget_categories li a,. Widget_nav_menu li a,. Widget_links li a,. Widget_pages li a, . Widget_recent_entries li a,. Widget_recent_comments li a,. Widget_rss li a,. Widget_meta li a {display: block;}

/ * Insert a right arrow on the right-hand side of EACH of the widget’s links, When They’re hovered over * / . Widget_archive li a: after,. Widget_categories li a: after,. Widget_nav_menu li a: after,. Widget_links li a: after,. Widget_pages li a: after, . Widget_recent_entries li a: after,. Widget_recent_comments li a: after,. Widget_rss li a: after,. Widget_meta li a: after {content: ’\ 2192’; float: right; visibility: hidden; font-size: 1.29em; position: relative; bottom: 2px;}

. Widget_archive li a: hover: after,. Widget_categories li a: hover: after,. Widget_nav_menu li a: hover: after,. Widget_links li a: hover: after,. Widget_pages li a: hover: after, . Widget_recent_entries li a: hover: after,. Widget_recent_comments li a: hover: after,. Widget_rss li a: hover: after,. Widget_meta li a: hover: after {visibility: visible;}

. Widget_nav_menu. Sub-menu {margin-top: 15px;} . Widget_nav_menu. Sub-menu li {margin-left: 2em;}
  1. Footer. Widget_nav_menu. Sub-menu li: last-child {margin-bottom: 15px;}
/ * Flickr widget * /
  1. Flickr a {border-bottom: none;}
  2. Flickr a: hover {background: none;}
  3. Flickr div {display: inline;}
  4. Flickr img {width: 42px; height: 42px; padding: 0 13px 10px 0;} . Csstransforms # flickr img: hover {-ms-transform: scale (1.20, 1.20);-webkit-transform: scale (1.20, 1.20);-o-transform: scale (1.20, 1.20);-moz-transform: scale (1.20, 1.20); transform: scale (1.20, 1.20);}

/ * Twitter widget * / . Tweets {font-style: italic;} . Read-more,. Timesince {display: block;} . Tweets li { padding: 0 0 0 25px; background: url (images / layout / twitter-feed-icon.png ‘) no-repeat 0 6px; / * Wrap long URLs, strings of text, and Other happy * / white-space: pre / * CSS 2 .0 * / white-space: pre-wrap; / * CSS 2 .1 * / white-space: pre-line / * CSS 3 .0 * / white-space:-pre-wrap; / * Opera 4-6 * / white-space:-o-pre-wrap; / * Opera 7 * / white-space:-moz-pre-wrap; / * Mozilla * / word-wrap: break-word; }

/ * Popular posts widget * / . Widget.popular-posts ul {clear: both;} . Widget.popular-posts ul: before,. Widget.popular-posts ul: after {content: ”\ 0020”; display: block; height: 0; visibility: hidden;} . Widget.popular-posts ul: after {clear: both;} . Popular-posts ul li {position: relative; clear: both;} / * Title styles * / . Wpp-post-title {} / * Thumbnail styles * / . Wpp-thumbnail {float: left; margin-right: 7px; margin-bottom: 7px;} . Wppnothumb,. Wppgen {} / * Excerpt styles * / . Wpp-excerpt {} / * Stats tag styles * / . Post-stats {font-size: 0.9em; display: block;} . Wpp-comments {} . Wpp-views {} . Wpp-author {} . Wpp-date {} / * WP-PostRatings styles * / . Wpp-rating {}

/ * Calendar widget * /
  1. Wp-calendar thead {border-bottom: 1px solid;}
  2. Wp-calendar th, # wp-calendar tbody td {text-align: center; padding: 3px 6px;}
  3. Wp-calendar tfoot td {padding-top: 3px;}
  4. Wp-calendar caption {font-size: 1.3em; font-weight: bold; text-align: center; margin-bottom: 15px;}

/ * Categories * widget / . Widget. Children {/ * Indented lists * / padding-left: 1em;}

and I replaced the code in “navigation lavalamp effect” of the file by the code:

/---------—-------—-/ / * Navigation Lavalamp effects /---------—-------—-/

jQuery ('# menu. sub-menu li'). attr ('class', 'noLava') / / Disable the lavalamp effect on the drop-down menu links
   jQuery ('# menu. current-menu-item, # menu. current-menu-ancestor'). addClass ('selectedLava');
   jQuery ("# ??menu> ul"). lavalamp ({fx: "easeOutBack", speed: 700 returnDelay: 800});

I hope it will help you, because I understand anything: s ….

Dear mamadoo,

Please send me an email, so we can share code and communicate more easily.

Thank you for always being so nice and patient. :)



Allo Again :)

The Modal Contact Form’s sent message has a spelling mistake. How do I correct that?

Thank You!


Thank you for your message. You\’ll get an answer as soon as possible.

Hi there!

If you’re getting that backslash, just open the contact-form-shortcode.php file, found in the /equilibrium/function-includes/theme-shortcodes/contact-form-shortcode/ folder and replace the mentioned text with your own custom text.




I tried to change that line of code like you mentioned in a previous thread, but it did not work for me.

“jQuery( ’#modalContactForm h4’ ).text( ‘your custom text here’ );”

Also, I would like to know if it’s possible to make social networking sites open in a separate window when you press on their icons at the top of the page.

Thank You!



Are you sure you replaced the old file on the server with the modified one because it should be working? Also, don’t forget to clear the cache and replace the “your custom text here” string with your own custom string.

Oh, and it is possible to make the social networking icons open in their own separate windows. You just need to add the following piece of code to the anchors that are being outputted with the eq_social_networks function:


Hint: The eq_social_networks function can be found in the theme-functions.php file.



One last question, I swear :)

Is there a way to add a LinkedIn icon & a IMDB icon on my website?

I really need these and I am really good at photoshop. Could I perhaps replace one of the existing icons that I don’t need?

Where would I upload my newly designed logo?

Thank You again!!


No worries. I don’t mind answering your questions. :)

If you’re not experienced with php, I think that the best way to achieve what you are asking, is to do exactly what you suggested, and that is to replace the existing icons that you don’t need with new ones.

The icons can be found in the /wp-content/themes/equilibrium/images/layout/ folder, so just choose the ones that you don’t need and replace them with your own icons, but remember to keep the same file names.

By the way, please take a couple of seconds of your time to rate the Equilibrium theme, on your downloads page, if that’s not too big of a problem.

Have a great day,


This is the best portfolio theme I’ve seen yet.

Very easy to customize.

Thanks guys for doing a great job creating this theme.


Wow, that’s quite a compliment you gave there! Thanks! :)

By the way, can you please take a couple of seconds of your time to rate the Equilibrium theme, on your downloads page, if that’s not too big of a problem?

Have a wonderful day,


hello, onioneye.

first off, thanks so much for making this gorgeous template so easy to figure out for a complete newbie like me. all the comments here and your documentation page have definitely been very helpful.

by the way, i’m having an issue with the instagram widget (for the bottom area). when i use the widget (instagram for wordpress 0.2.7 by eriks remess), the slider stops working on the homepage. the images disappear and when hovering over the image area, the circular arrows are flushed under the headline intro text. is there anything i can do to fix that?

also, i wasn’t able to figure this out… if i didn’t want any widgets in the bottom area, how can i remove all the filler text? i tried putting empty “text” widgets there, but then there would just be a gap and two divider lines in between the “latest projects” and the footer.

thanks again. have a great day.

Hi! :)

I’m so thrilled to hear that you like the theme, as well as the documentation. :)

If you want to remove the widget areas from the footer, you can easily do so in the theme options panel, under the “Footer Settings” tab.

As far as the instagram widget is concerned, I can’t tell for sure what’s wrong with it, because I’m unable to test the theme against all plugins and widgets, given that there are so many of them. I can take a look at it if you want to and try to identify the issue, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll solve it.

By the way, I would really appreciate it if you could take a couple of seconds of your time to rate the Equilibrium theme, on your downloads page, if that’s not too big of a problem.

Kind regards,


Ah, thanks for the tip. Totally forgot that tab was there.

As for the instagram issue, I decided to do something else with the footer widgetized area. Figured that would be the best solution than wasting your time fussing over it.

Thanks again. 5 stars coming your way.

Great stuff! :)

Enjoy working with the rest of the theme,


Thanks for the feedback however I am still experiencing problems with the homepage “slider”.

I read the instructions, it seems pretty straight forward however when I go to add more than 1 slider, nothing appears.

I can get one image up and a customised URL , but when I go to add a second slide it leaves a blank homepage? (no images)

Can you only have one image on the homepage? I am confused…

Please help

Thanks :)

You can have as many slides as you want, and that’s why your issue is really weird. However, you don’t worry because we’ll find a solution. :)

Please shoot me an email, stating your issue, and providing me with a link to your site and your login credentials, so I can solve the problem.




Just bought the theme. Really nice job! SOrry for this question but where do I find the documentation?

Also is it possible to add more image in the portfolios (for now I can just add 5)?

Thank you!

Hi! :)

Glad you like the theme. :)

The documentation is in the main folder you downloaded, when you bought the theme.

The maximum number of images in the portfolio slider can be changed, but it requires some modifications of the theme’s code. If you’re not experienced with php, WordPress, and HTML , I suggest you hire a developer to do this fairly quickly and cheaply for you.




found the documentation.

Two probles still. I want to set up the homepage but in the “page attribute” I don’t have the option “Page Template: Home”. So the homepage is empty.

Also the images are not showing in the portfolio…

Can you help?

Thank you!

Hi again. :)

It’s very possible that you didn’t upload the theme properly. Please ditch the existing files, and try uploading the theme via FTP . If you’re confused about what I just said, then read the “Installation” part of the docs, where this is throughly explained.

Good luck!


Great Theme but could you tell us how to move the logo to the left side of the blog? Thanks!


Thanks for buying the theme. Glad you like it. :)

Moving the navigation below the logo in the header.php, and floating the navigation to the right, instead of the logo, should do the thing.

By the way, I would really appreciate it if you could take a couple of seconds of your time to rate the Equilibrium theme, on your downloads page, if that’s not too big of a problem.

Have a wonderful day,


You deserve 5 stars!!

Thank you or the incredible theme and even more incredible support..

You keep making my day!