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I’ve been trying to install the template I bought, but cannot do so. I am using SQL Version 5.5.24 and PHP Version 5.3.13, through WAMP server. Everytime I try to go through the installation, I manage to go to step 3; I then select ‘Default English (GB) Sample Data’ under ‘Finalisation. When I press on install, the process goes through ‘Creating Database Table’ and then goes back to the ‘Overview’ page without going through the other processes. So basically, I never get access to the ‘Remove Installation Folder’ button! No error messages are given. Can you please explain what could be the problem? This is quite urgent!

Hello, thanks for your purchase. This could be a number of settings or configurations on your WAMP server. Have you tried the Akeeba Backup installation? It could also be your max execution time. Please see these posts: http://bit.ly/1lQ1I1d and http://bit.ly/1gS5AcL

Hello, I’m interested in purchasing the Equip Joomla Sports and Fitness template. Does it supports RTL languages ?

Thank you for your interest. It has not been tested for RTL. You would likely have to do a good deal of editing.

Can I get an update on the WP please? Thx

webunderdog – “Thank you! No plans for WP as of yet…maybe early next year.”

Unfortunately, still no plans for WP at this time. ThemeForest has thousands of WP themes to choose from while Joomla is still relatively new on the marketplace. We’ve decided to focus on this end of the market.

Hi. I updated to Joomla 3.3 and it breaks the template. Any idea how to resolve this? Thanks.

This is happening all over the web. Joomla 3.3 brings significant changes to the core and many developers are playing “catch-up” right now. We highly recommend that you revert to your previous version of Joomla by downloading the update package from the Joomla website. You should be able to easily find the package by performing a search for “Joomla update package 3.2.x” – upload your zip package through your extension manager. Please try to remember that just because an update is available (through a click of a button), doesn’t mean you should do it. When you do, always remember to make a backup first.

I just replaced the bootstrap-responsive.css & bootstrap.min.css from 3.2.x and it works perfectly now.

That’s great! Thanks for the update.

Hello, I’m trying to install quickstart, when im pressing the “Install” button in the last step of joomla installation it fails and it returns me the 3d page of the installation again and again without completing the installation, please help me.

Thanks for your time.

I’ve never said your quickstart controls my php.ini. Im not installing joomla on a sub-directory or sub-domain, i dont have another php.ini in the root directory, my host doesnt require a separate php5.ini for php5. the link you’ve sent me is not helping.

I’ve tried to install this quickstart in another vps with WHM and its NOT working.

Put yourself together and please give me serious answers.

When we have come across this problem in our own experience, we have used the useless article we posted before to resolve the issue. If you’re using a WAMP server, please see this thread http://bit.ly/1lQ1I1d. I recommend that you try the Akeeba Backup installation included with your TF download package. It can often correct some smaller misconfigurations as it does contain a replacement .htaccess/ini (whereas the standard does not). If you were to give us access, this is the method we would choose. In the meantime, you’re welcome to explore other resolutions while we put ourselves together. http://bit.ly/1or5wcR

We understand this highly unlikely for you, but we can’t ignore the simplest solution….if you’re running cPanel on CentOS, please make sure that you’ve enabled “all privileges” for your database user and try again. You can easily restart the standard installation process by deleting the configuration.php file and re-uploading the ‘installation’ folder from our quickstart package to your website level directory.

Hi, I know you already have color template packs included with the download. However, I was wondering whether it was possible to customize the color scheme more on our own? I’m comfortable with editing the css, php, and ini files, and was hoping you could point me in the right direction if I wanted to change the shade of green or the black in the background? Thank you in advance!

Absolutely. The color styles are for your convenience, but you’re welcome to customize a preset style if you prefer. If you’re familiar with CSS, you should have little trouble editing the hex color codes in the stylesheet. We recommend the ‘web developer’ add-on for Chrome or Firefox to help you determine the piece of CSS code that needs to be modified…If you run into trouble, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

You’ll want to set your default color style and download the template/colorstyle folder of your choice from your server. You could also open one of the standalone color styles in your download package and edit/re-upload from there. The file would be the template/your-colorstyle/css/style.css. From there, the web developer add-on would be really helpful. If you have a live link and would like us to take a look, send us details through our profile page or to the email in the help documentation. We can be more detailed through email. ~ Thank You

Hi, I bougth this theme and I install quick start packet in joomla . But I am not see to the this theme. Iam getting on front-end page this error: The template for this display is not available. Please contact a Site administrator.

Can you help me..?


Thanks for your purchase. This usually because you have missed the installation of the ‘English Sample Data’ option. This option contains our extended template and demo information as on our site. If you need to restart the process: 1. ) remove the ‘configuration.php’ file from your root directory on your server/file manager and 2. re-upload the entire ‘installation’ folder from our quickstart package (best to use FTP). This will restart the installation process. Near the end of the process, please be sure to install using the “English Sample Data’ option.
If you need assistance, please email us details (FTP user, host, password, database name, database user, database hostname, database password) through our profile page.


I have a client that I think your Template would suit but can I just check a couple of options.

On the header, where the logo is placed, can that dark colour be changed to the same blue, likewise the darker black colour either side and the footer.

Thank you for your interest. These things are all controlled by hex color codes in the template CSS file. If you’re familiar with CSS, you can easily adjust the styling to suit your client’s needs. If you’re not all that familiar with CSS, we can assist one you have made the purchase and can tell us exactly what colors you require for the edits. ~Thank you

Hi mate, did You see this template on ipad 8.1 iOs? Right black box is broken under main headline. I want to buy this template but this error hinder me.



Thanks for your interest, Richard. Unfortunately, this is not an error to be fixed, it is a restriction on the framework and the media queries. The only solution is to edit the code for the slideshow to span the entire width of the content area. We could assist you with this after purchase if necessary. ~Thank You

Hi Mate, thanks for your help. I will contact you.

where are you on acceptable template for joomla 3.3x ?


Acceptable template? What do you mean? You can upgrade the current download to the latest version of joomla by following the FAQ/support tab on this theme.


I recently purchased your template, file are not in the folders like : “equipblue/media/jui/css/bootstrap.css”

Do you mean you’re missing the Bootstrap files from the download or you’re trying to edit the template? This is a Joomla 3 CMS theme so the individual template files for your default theme will be in /templates/equipblue/css/style.css.

Hi, can you call me a tutorial how I can update to the latest version of joomla without the template destroy. can not find

I also note the resolution of graphicnote tried but can not find the bootstrap responsive.css & bootsrap.min

My current version of joomla is 3.2.7

Thx, for help and sry for my bad english

The answer to the update question is in our support and FAQ section for the theme: http://themeforest.net/item/equip-joomla-sports-and-fitness-theme/3646370/faqs/21500. The original bootstrap files are where they are typically located in /media/jui/css on your server or file manager. After you make the update and apply the changes in the link above, the files in the media/jui/css folder will control the admin area and the bootstrap files in your template folder will control the template. ~Thank You

Hi! I have installed the equip sport and fitness and it works without problems in google chrome. But friends, working with IE or Mozilla, see a “destroyed” site. Modules are not in the position they should be. Can you help me? Best regards, Olaf

Apologies, but we do not see our theme on the web address provided. Did you update the core through the admin area? If so, the solution is at the link provided in our previous response. If you need to send us a private request, you can do so through the form on our profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/webunderdog. We will require FTP access and admin access to your website with our theme if you require our assistance with this matter. ~Thank You

Uah, sorry, i´m an idiot :-) www.tushopo.net

We’ve tested your website home page on the browsers stated in our theme description (Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, IE9-11) and all looks well. If there is an interior page having trouble, this could be due to a custom module or some code in the editor of one of your articles. Please send us a link or screenshot if you’re able to see a “destroyed” site. You may have to ask your friends to assist with what they saw on the website. We just don’t see it. ~Thank You


I bought the template, and it works well (I used the akeeba backup), except when I try to use the multilanguage plugin of joomla. I get an infinite loop on login page in the frontend. Is it your template ready to manage multilanguage sites? Thanks in advance

Yes, many of our customers are using this theme as a multilanguage website. This could be a number of things like your .htaccess file (more specifically your logs and tmp folder paths and permissions not being correct). Make sure that you’re not using SEF URLs while or some other rewrite plugin during development of your content. From what I’ve read, you could “try to give your tmp file an absolute path (in configuration.php) and the permission for the configuration.php file to 644” if not already. If you would like us to have a look and you have a live site we can view, send us the link and login credentials for testing through our profile page. http://themeforest.net/user/webunderdog ~Thank You

so is there something else that’s malicious in this as far as components/modules/plugins besides what one other commenter called out? I removed those modules immediately, and I have not installed any extra pieces, but for the year I’m still experiencing frequent crashes due to so many php connections. My host just keeps saying something on the site is causing a memory leak. Any thoughts?

Hello, you must be referring to our 2.5 version. We have a responsive Joomla 3 version of this theme available now. There are many significant upgrades with no known issues.

As far as the 2.5 version, the previous Autson slider is the only known extension that should be replaced. The only other module that might be having a hard time “calling out,” depending on your web hosting provider, might be the Tweet module. It is dependent on the Twitter API and your host might be blocking it. You could try disabling or replace it for a time. Feel free to email us directly or message us through our support page. http://themeforest.net/item/equip-joomla-sports-and-fitness-theme/3646370/support

Hi I would like to say that this person goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service and is highly recomended. regards rick

P.s. Second time customer because of the helpful customer service and attention – very hard to find these days both on and offline.

Hello • I am Saman Samet with user “ saman7955 “ and Email ” samansamet@gmail.com ” . I have bouth Equip Joomla Sports and Fitness Theme from your website . I deleted it after experimental installing completely and tryed to installit on main domain “ www.physicalfitness4u.com “ it is uploaded completely but it dosent recognaize the format and give this massage “The template for this display is not available. Please contact a Site administrator “ . I nedd your help. Whit regards Saman samet

Are you trying to move a website that you have prepared or simply reinstall it again? If you’re trying to simply reinstall it, it sounds like not all of your files may have transferred correctly. Try manually installing one of the individual “standalone” zip folders for the template you wish to use through the extension manager in your admin area. Be sure to set this as you default template as well. These are available in your main download package from TF. ~ Thank you

Hi I am interested in purchasing this theme but have a few questions first.

Please can you tell me if it is compatible with the latest release (3.4)?

Is it possible to make the contents area fill the full screen width? Rather than have it boxed?

Also do you have any screenshot of how it displays on mobile devices and tablets? Thanks Dee

We have information on our ‘support’ tab for this theme if you would like to upgrade to 3.4 after installation. We can assist you with this if you prefer. It will only take a moment to edit with temporary FTP access. It would take a good deal of CSS knowledge to change from boxed to a full width layout, but it can be accomplished. For mobile/tablet views, you can remove the themeforest frame on the demo or view directly at http://equip2.webunderdog.net. ~Thank you

Hi, thank you for your reply. I really like your theme but I do need full width and whilst I am am familar with css, I am not sure I have the knowledge needed to modify the template to full width, so I may have to find one which offers this. I checked and it does look good on mobile devices, the only issue I seen was a black box to the right of the slideshow.

hello, just installed the quick installation but the template are not appearing can you help please ?