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Wow, Nice theme! I hope you have this project in wp version too!:)

Thank you! No plans for WP as of yet…maybe early next year.

I agree with Virageo.

This is a great theme and is totally perfect for the project I’m working on right now. I would purchase it, but I need a Wordpress version as well.

Best of luck! I’ll look out for your future work.

Hmmm joomla doesn’t seem to like it? ‘There was an error uploading this file to the server.’ error on every install


The main file already includes its own joomla files – a full quickstart package. You may need a clean installation (remove previous joomla files) or use one of the individual “standalone” files for use with an existing installation. Try that and if you still have trouble, private message or email me and I will assist. Thank you

After an hour, i realised it had its own Joomla package, lol! working with it now, cheers.

How does the Calendar work? Is this included in the package?

The calendar is included. It is the JEvents extension for Joomla 2.5. You basically setup your events and whether to have them to repeat weekly, monthly, etc. You can read more about it by doing a quick Google search. The JEvents latest events module is included as well.

WordPress please

I seem to be having trouble with the download, it download just fine but when I go to extract the the quick start folder it’s pulling up errors… And the quick start is what I would like to use.. please help.

Thank You Gary Green

Gary, the files have been compressed and have worked for every other instance of this download. Please check your extraction software or consider something that will temporarily work for you. We’ve used WINzip to compress the package. Please let me know if you resolve this problem.

I am just simply using the extraction software that is on my Windows 7 computer and have not had a problem before. I will see if something else will work.

Hello, is it possible to integrate this template into an existing site? I tried to install the standalone-templates but they are without extensions. Do I have to install the whole file or is there an other way to “save” my already created menus and articles?


Before you do anything else be sure to make a backup of your existing site. With the said, you can move the quick start package files over your current installation – without the ‘installation’ folder. This contains all of your extensions. In the event that you move the installation folder, do NOT install the sample demo content. There’s still going to be quite a bit of work to do with the extensions and assigning modules. This is where the help doc will come in handy. Basically, you’ll either have to take somewhat of a hit on the extensions or the articles. You can view of full list of the extensions we used on the demo version of the site if you decide to upload them individually. PM if you need any assistance.

Hello, I tried to move the quick start package over my installation. The templates were not installed. Now I tried to install the whole packase on my pc as localhost. Now only the basic templates and extensions are available. Do I have to install the templates and extensions separately? The folders in the folder template are there but in the backend extensions – template there are only tree site templates atomic, beez5 and beez20.

You have to use the quickstart files and make sure you install the sample data using the English GB sample data during the installation. If you have have the extensions installed, you can simply install the standalone template of your choice. If you move the quickstart files over correctly, you will have the extension in your admin. The biggest thing is to install our sample content during the last step of installation.

Hello,I’ve been trying to upload the full package on a new joomla 2.5 installation it uploads but when it gets to 100% it hasn’t installed. I don’t get any response from the site success or fail.I uploaded one of the standalone templates and it uploaded ok. Help please.

live sefrver at 1and1.com

A quick Google search reveals the answer…Basically, your server file folder permissions are preventing the deletion of your installation folder. Make sure your database has been populated with all the tables – extensions, joomla files, etc. – if it has you can delete the installation folder which is causing the hangup. http://forum.joomla.org/viewtopic.php?p=2721776

It didn’t hang at that step i deleted the installation folder.Deleted and re-installed joomla three times

I have question….. can you tell me where I can find the css sheet for the menu bar so I can change the color of the text?

Thank You, Gary Green

Strange. Are you working from the quickstart or a standalone? It sounds like you might need to re-install the component if nothing is there. http://swmenupro.com/index.php?option=com_jdownloads&Itemid=34&view=finish&cid=13&catid=1. Private Message me and send me your link and login credentials. I’ll see if I can assist really quick. Thx

Working with the quick start…

You the best…........ It was to easy to understand…hahaha Thank you….!!!!

Hi, i just installed the theme and i cant the the membership price table to show correctly?? any ideas?

I’ve sent you an email explaining what you should do in your situation. While trying to assist, I found that your server file permissions are wrong and prevent you from editing any of the plugins or extensions.

Hello, I sent an email regarding this but thought I’d post it here. The PSD files don’t include the logo or shield up front. If possible, I’d like to use it but change the E out for something different until I can pay to have my own logo done.

Thank you,


The logo is just a few simple shapes using free elements we picked up from around the web. I’ve sent you the files you have requested. Thanks

Any plans for joomla 3.0?

Absolutely – when there is a full and stable release. We will let them work out the bugs and issues before we put it into production. Otherwise, we might spend more time in support of Joomla instead of our theme. Thanks for the interest!

Looking for any documentation regarding set up. I found the logo (shield) module but can’t find where the “Equip Sports Fitness” text in the logo area is coming from? Help! :)

Found it. Sorry. Great documentation!

Can you provide any help for the 3/4 slide. I am trying to add background images to the side mods…In your docs you labled how “Changing Showcase2-1,2,3 Backgrounds -”, but never completed the text. I would like to add images, just the same as your preview show.

You’re headed in the right direction. You’ll have to modify the background images in the ‘template.css’ file of the color style theme you wish to edit. Look for the #showcase2-1, #showcase2-2, #showcase2-3 divs in the CSS file. Add your images to the /images folder of the color style folder that you’re using as well and re-upload to your server/directory. You can find image sizes and details in the help documentation. Please private message me if you need further assistance. Thank You

How do i go about editing the home page of the demo?

The home page demo contains all modules and no featured articles. The modules used in the content area are the maintop, mainbottom and contentbot positions. Check your documentation help file – this will explain more in detail. Thank you.

Great theme!

Thank You!

Just installed the theme. How do I load all the demo content?

If you installed the quickstart files you can simply delete the ‘configuration.php’ from your server and re-install the whole ‘installation’ folder from our quickstart package zip. This will begin your installation again. If you didn’t use the quickstart files, remove the configuration.php file and re-upload all of the quickstart files & folders and begin the process again.

Thanks, How do I upload the quickstart files? Almost there, thanks again!

Unzip the quickstart zip folder and move all of the folders and files (multiple) to your server/directory via FTP program.