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Per Joomla Page “Autson Skitter Slideshow This extension has been unpublished for the following reason: UR7-Under Investigation”

Why is that? Should I worry? It this a secure treat for my website? Should I replace with some other module?

Please, let me know.

Thank you.

We will also have to investigate. The theme comes with a couple other slider options for convenience. If you’re concerned with it, the best thing may be to go ahead and remove the Autson extension. We’ll let you know if we find the reason for this message. Thank you

It should be fine. It looks like the developer may have broken some Joomla Extension Directory (JED) guidelines. It doesn’t appear to have the UR3 security or UR4 hack tag. http://tinyurl.com/c4m4fjf

how do I change the title for the form? I’ve gotten all of the other information in the form edited – except the title. Thanks!

Ok, never mind – I totally found it and feel like the biggest idiot. Thanks anyway!

this is a theme I am seriously considering purchasing, just wondering if you have it available on mobile and tablet devices? I have not seen anything in the content or on the demo site to suggest that. Just want to make sure.

Thank you for your interest. This theme is not responsive at this time. It will be on our next update for J3.0. We suggest you check the demo url on your phone or tablet to determine if this theme works for you. http://equip.webunderdog.net

Which Module shows the menu? I cant get the menu to show, if I do show main menu it shows it going vertical not horizontal and it is in the incorrect place? Also, how do I get the pictures to show for sliders? Thanks Z

Follow the documentation and you should find all the answers. The menu is a component and module (swmenufree) and should be in the ‘navmenu’ position. It is controlled by the component > swmenufree in the admin area. The module only assigns the position and nothing more. Pictures are a little more detailed to explain here, but you will find all you need in the Themeforest download package – check the documentation folder, open the index.html with your browser.

Thank you, I went into the swmenufree component and it is turned on and also the module is in navmenu position and it is shown in all pages… Still not showing up… am i missing something here? Ill check the documentation now. thanks

I understand now. Unpublish the module and publish it again. Go back to the component and make a small change is some sort and save the changes. Go back to your web page and refresh. This extension has been known to do this. My apologies…

Hello, love the theme I bought from you. How do I add elements to the custom typography? I have been searching for this and can not find.

This is the kc cufon font replacement plugin in the plugin manager. You can check out their tutorials in their documentation on their website.

Hi, i’ve changed the charset from utf8 to iso to get the german characters äüö displayed, but it’s only works on the navigation and not for content/articles. i’ve changed it in both css files and added the <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=charset=iso-8859-1”/> tag to index.php.

Plz help

This could be for a number of reasons. I will have to defer you to the Joomla forums on this one. This could be due to your server settings, meta tag used, cache, global config, htaccess, etc. I would try the solutions here and start with the .htaccess as it seemed to work for most people. Please provide us with an update if you resolve this problem or not. Thanks | http://forum.joomla.org/viewtopic.php?p=1234281


I’ve tried installing and I receive the following error at the database info setup screen


I double checked all the database info and it’s correct.

I also tried installing Joomla 2.5.9 version and it installed without errors and without the template.

How do I either install your package without errors or install your template on the Joomla 2.5.9 version?

Well if you have it installed and the templates aren’t showing, simply upload one of the standalone templates through the template manager in the admin area. These are included in your themeforest download package.

Thanks for the quick response. I did upload the template, however I’m having difficulty finding the plugins and modules such as the logo module.

I installed with the sample data, however it’s not your sample data because I installed the newer version.

It seems I’m still missing something. I’m not a whiz at Joomla but I do know my way around it. I’m following your help docs but it doesn’t seem to match the modules in the admin area.

Is there a way to install your sample data?

It sounds like you didn’t install the full quickstart package or that it didn’t take on installation. Our quickstart package contains its own version of Joomla. To restart the process: 1. delete the ‘configuration.php’ file from your server. 2. Included in the themeforest download package is a quickstart zip folder. Extract/Unzip these contents and upload every folder/file to the directory where you want it installed. This will give you all of our extensions used. 3. At the end of the process, make sure you click the install sample data using the “English-GB Sample Data” option. That should do it. It was built on PHP 5.3 and MySQL version 5.0+ – if you continue to have database errors, I would check to make sure that your MySQL version matches ours. Private message us if with your email if you need further assistance. Thanks

Hi, I just bought and installed your template onto Joomla, however for some reason this message keeps appearing when I try uplaoding it through the Extensions Manager “JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file”

Am I doing something wrong?

In the themeforest download you have two options: install the quickstart package with the demo content or install one of the standalone templates through your existing joomla core. Both of which you have to unzip before uploading. If you need help with the quickstart installation and demo content, consult your help documentation included with the download. Private message me if you need further assistance. Thanks for your purchase.

Hi There, Just ftp the the ud equip … folders and installed the joomla to my site. Advice nothing shows up of the template, says its installed but in admin cant find the template or any of the template??

Where have i gone wrong

Regards JMA

You FTP’d the quickstart files? Or did you already have an existing version of Joomla running? Our quickstart package has its own version of Joomla with it…Sometimes not all of the information carries over via FTP. If you have properly installed the quickstart files (instructions are in your documentation), you can simply install one of the standalone color themes through the extension manager of your admin area. If you need more help, please private message me and I’ll email for more support. Thanks

Absolutely fantastic support, very happy with the template and the service. Feel like a “Gold Member”. :) Thx

are you still updating this?

Thanks for your interest. As of now, the theme is selling well and there are no needed updates to our file. Our next update for this theme will likely be some time after the next major release of Joomla software.

Hello, Your template is really great and I am very happy but I have a little problem. It doesn’t display the pop-up information when a message is sent from a contact form and with Hikashop after recording a customer or an error, no pop-up is displayed. I’ve try with another template and it works.

Okay, so I disabled Akeeba, JEvent, RSMediaGallery, swMenuFree, JCE and all others that are original in Joomla. I left aiContactSafe and HikaShop but the problem persists. So the problem could come from these two? Because as I have said, when I went to try to beez_20 with the form and the shop, the pop-up is displayed. If it should be your template, I thik that other people have reported. Strange.

Private Message us a live link if you would like. The Gavick Newflash and Simple Image Rotator also use JS but I’m not sure if they’re being used on the page in question. We’ve had no reports of this issue…

Okey, I’ve sent you a private message.

Hello, I edited template.css file of the blue template which i use to: #showcase2-1 {width:260px; height:130px; float:left; background-color:#404040; border-left:2px solid #121212; background-position:top left; background-repeat:no-repeat; background-image:url(../images/showcase2-1.jpg);} Nothing happens. If I set the background image in showcase2-1 module it appears, but with thick grey border. Thank you

Can you private message us a link? The obvious question here is…did you replace the image and put it in the blue template ‘image’ folder?

Hi there, i want to buy your template, its great! but how can i do it for responsive?

There is no Support?

Thanks for your interest. This theme is not responsive at this time. We are currently working on the Joomla 3.1 mobile friendly version and will update you when it becomes available.

do you have an estimated date?

Unfortunately, not at this time. We have a number of other client projects happening right now and are unable to give you an estimated release date for this update/version. If you decide to purchase the current version and should need any help or support, please let us know. Thank You

Hi there! i need to change some module position, from right to left,but i cant do it. i try to change showcase but in dosent work i want to do this: http://www.jot.com.mx/media/problems/module-position.jpg

Understood. Will you please send me an email to the address in the help documentation or through our profile. We would prefer to email the instructions. http://themeforest.net/user/webunderdog

Ready, i just send

Love the template. However, I’m having an issue with the images in the showcase2-1, showcase2-2, showcase2-3 modules. When we upload, the 260×130 images are displaying with a thick border frame instead of completely filling the background of the module. Can’t figure out why. Thanks.

Thanks for prompt reply. I’m a complete amateur at this. I think I have (via Google) got the CSS code for the background image, but I have no clue how to upload the images I have into that folder you mention. I would message, but email attached to this account doesn’t go to me. If need be, you can get me at rossdevonport(at)gmail. Thanks.

OK, I uploaded my image via my webhost’s file manager to the black-blue/images folder, but it appears my CSS code might be wrong, who knows.

I’ve emailed you detailed instructions.

Hello, and thank you for your template. I have a little problem with the module LOGO. It’s not displayed with INTERNET EXPLORER but it works well with chrome and FF. Can you help me please ? (maybe it’s because my picture is a PNG ?) Thank you very much

Our logo on the demo is a PNG. It’s most likely the result of editing the code in either the index.php or template.css. Would you please send a live URL or screenshot through our profile at http://themeforest.net/user/webunderdog so we may take a look? Thank You

Hello, thank you for your answer. I just send you an email. Thank you

Is this template is compatible also with Joomla 3.1? Certainly I mean if I´ll install it on version 3.1 and also, please, let me know is there anything that will not work or maybe it´s counting with an upgrade template. If, that´s right, how it works, When and in what´s conditions?

Thank you for your interest. The software version contained in the quickstart is 2.5 and a few of the extensions within this package are not available for J3 yet. A standalone color theme can be easily edited from a 2.5 to Joomla 3 template if you already have an existing site and plan to install through the extension manager. You must install using the quickstart package to get the demo content and extensions. The standalone will only give you the “shell” of the template in which you will have to format and style your own content and positions.

OK, thank you for your answer.


How do i change the page title besides the logo on the main page (EQUIP SPORT FITNESS) . I’m beginner on this.


Ok found it. But seems like my date is not following +8 GMT. How do i change the date settings to follow my time zone. Another thing is how do i change page title on main oage. Thanks

Please perform a quick web search prior to any questions. You can likely find your answer in the fraction of the time in which is takes us to monitor this board as we do not receive notifications from this thread. It is best to contact us through our profile page. To answer your questions: Time zones can be changed in global configurations > server > location settings. Page titles or browser titles will be managed through the menu manager > main menu > through the individual menu items – Home > page display options.

Ok found it. Thank you for your support. Really appreciate that.