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I have a problem to edit the address on contact page. Please advise.

Thank you.

nevermind, found it. tq

Please make it responsive!! i would be happy to pay for the upgrade PLEASE!!

Hi, i have a problem!

When i want to insert a background image on the right side from the showcase2 position in the wrapping div the pic is only half to see and it is not in the center.

pls. whats the problem i use the same style like the standalone version and it doesnt work


Hey, fist of all – thanks! now i find the image size (260×130) ok i have create a testpic. so now i go to the template css and find the code of the showcase2 1,2,3 module but where i have to put in the link?

...i cant find in the source code of the template css a file for showcase2 1,2,3 i only find in the secondary inner divs the wide , height, background color and so on but no file name. i know i am not a professional but why i can choose in the jommla a background image when it doesn´t work? so why i have to go in the css code? where i can simply change the filename in the template.css?


The image link is already present in the CSS code. You simply need to change the file name to your image file name in the template.css. Ex. background-image: url(../images/dumbbells-bg.jpg) to background-image: url(../images/your-file-name.jpg). When you have done that, re-upload your newly saved template.css file and make sure that your test pic image is in the template /image folder for the color style that you’re using.

this isn’t responsive?

No, this theme is not responsive at this time. Please consider following us for any updates regarding this theme. We do plan on updating this theme to J3 responsive in the near future. ~Thank You

Hi, we have an error message with the Tweet module on the footer, it’s about foreach() : Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/clients/client1/web21/web/beta_argayon/modules/mod_tweetdisplayback/helper.php on line 522

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/clients/client1/web21/web/beta_argayon/modules/mod_tweetdisplayback/helper.php on line 613

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/clients/client1/web21/web/beta_argayon/modules/mod_tweetdisplayback/helper.php on line 626

This the beta hosting before delivery to our customer : http://youcall.lu/beta_argayon

Thanks a lot for your answer. By the way your template is awesome.

Twitter changed the API and you should upgrade/overwrite the module through your admin extension manager. Apologies as we have not been able to update our package yet. ~Thanks http://www.babdev.com/extensions/releases/tweet-display-back

Hello. I am very interested in purchasing this template. I want to know if it has been updated for the latest 3.1 release of Joomla? Thank you.

Thank you for your interest. This theme has not been updated to 3.1 as of yet. The quickstart package is for 2.5 only. We will have an update for this theme very soon. Follow us for our latest.

How do you add a link to the banners at the top of the template in the slider?

You simply need to find another suitable extension that you would like to use. It was later discover that the Autson slider inserted links into the HTML code and was removed from the JED. Once you have installed the new extension through the extension manager, you can remove the Autson slider. If you still want a skitter slider, you might try the Avatar slider here: http://tinyurl.com/kok7ygc. If you need further assistance, please send your admin details through our profile page. Apologies for the inconvenience – we’re working on the update.

Ok we replaced it with your recommended player and it worked perfect, and was easy to install, not sure why you dont include it in your package.

Good deal. We will shortly when we upgrade the package to Joomla 3. We just haven’t had a chance to do so since the removal of the Autson Slider from the JED. Glad it worked for you.

I purchased this item and It’s absolutly amazing! Easy to work and customize. Thank’s for the goob job! Only a couple of warnings, the following extensions are malicious:
  • Autson Skitter Slideshow
  • Plimun Nivo Slider
  • AddThis For Joomla
But keep calm, no problem with that:
  • The template contain the module mod_vinaora_slickshow. That’s a great slideshow module.
  • AddThis…Well…..I have simply uninstalled it! Because I don’t need the extension ;-)
More info here: http://forum.joomla.org/viewtopic.php?t=795946

You’re absolutely right! Good catch! We’re happy you found it easy. We’re working on the Joomla 3 responsive version for this theme and will exclude all of these in the next update. Thank you for your input and feedback.

You’re welcome!!! Finally I use the Avatar Slider as you recommended in the discussion with earthone. With vinaora was impossible to view the slideshow in some tablets and phones, but with Avatar Slider this is solved. Good recommendation! Good luck and forward!

What is the best module to use to display scrolling testimonials on the Home page?

Sorry, I meant of the modules already included in the theme download. I have tried to use the GK4 News Highlighter, but can’t seem to find out how to have it display the entire testimonial. Also, I tried the GK4 Tabs, It displays the entire testimonial, but all the tabs look messy. I can’t seem to turn them off. Suggestions?

Unfortunately, there’s nothing with the scrolling capability currently in this theme. If you want this function, you will have to install a new extension. The GK4 News Highlighter allows you to set the character # in the module settings. GK4 Tabs, you cannot turn off the tab titles. It’s best to keep these short. They are controlled in the actual GK4 tabs module and the individual tabs – tab1, tab2, tab3, etc.


How easy is it to change the background color of the main body of the theme and articles, etc? Do I have to do this in the css file for each template? Which items control this? Thanks

If you’re referring to the main body text area, then you’re looking for the #maindiv in your template.css. Yes, you will have to change this in every color style that you are using. There are several other positions on the frontpage and other areas that you may need to change also – ex. maintop, mainbottom divs. A web developer add on for your browser will help you discover what code needs to be edited and where. We use Web Developer add-on for Firefox, but Chrome has one as well.

Is the area outside of all the module locations just called the background? I’m looking for that.

The silver/carbon texture background is the #maindivwrap…You can add/edit/remove the background image and adjust your colors here.

Hi, I have problem with my firewall/antivir – on joomla with this themeplate I got alert with Trojan. I cannot download install files too. Can u fix this?

JS/Agent.NKW is the problem.

Please shoot me a message through our profile page or support tab on the theme and I will advise through email. Thank you.

Im having a problem uploading this to my wordpress I’m getting a message “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” What do I DO?

This theme is not missing the style.css file…Unfortunately, this will not work on WordPress as it is a Joomla CMS theme. If you would like to install this theme to your server, installation instructions are in the help-documentation zip file. You will need to unzip this file and open the index.php with your browser to find directions. ~Thank You

Hello. I would like to use this template for an eshop, do you think it will be compatibl with virtuemart?

Thank you for your interest. This template has not been tested with VirtueMart and we do not know of any purchases being converted for this extension. We will consider this additional feature for our next theme update.

hi. I have purchased the theme but are having problems getting the sample data into the site? any ideas?

To use sample data, you must use our quickstart package to install – not one of the standalone themes with a previous instance of Joomla (i.e. through the extension manager). Our quickstart has its own version of Joomla included. During installation you must install the sample data using the “English (GB) Default Sample Data” option. This contains the information and setup as on our demo site. Full installation details are in your help-documentation.zip file > index.php. ~Thank You

Compatible with joomla 3.2.1 ? Thanks

Thanks for your interest. Not yet…We’re working on the update and should have a Joomla 3 responsive version available next month. Please follow us for updates. ~Thank you


Just hoping you can explain 2 things for me relating to this build giswiz.com.au/julesfitness/

1 – On the Home page i have a gap above the “Meet The trainers” that is not equal to the other gaps in the other modules. This happened after adding the “Upcoming Classes” module. Do you know where i could adjust this?

2 – I have added the same backfground images you have for the showcase 1-2-3 … all images dont fill the total space?? Again, just looking for a quick fix for this.


Thanks for your purchase. Please see this page: http://webunderdog.com/help/help-011514.html If you need further assistance, please feel free to email us through the form on our profile page or at support@webunderdog.com. ~Thank You

you sir, are a bloody legend!! thank you so much!


I have a problem with Gallery page. I have removed the preset images and replace with my own. I have uploaded using Administrator > Components > RSMediaGallery.

My problem is, the image i have uploaded is not appearing on the site. But on the Administrator page looks fine. And the preset images has been deleted. Please advise if i have left out any steps. Thank you

Thank you for your purchase. The gallery page actually uses the Simple Image Gallery plugin. All you have to do is drop your new images into the appropriate gallery folder in the media manager. You can also create a new directory inside the /gallery folder but you will need to change the plugin code of the (gallery) article page to reflect the new folder you created.

I’m sorry, I sent you information for the Joomla 3.2 version of this theme. You are working on the 2.5 version. I will send instructions via email momentarily. My apologies…

Hi. I just purchased this template and I’m having an issue with the right padding. Text is actually outside the template’s frame. Any idea why? Thanks.

Thanks for your purchase. Are you working on a local server or live link in which we can see? If live, please PM us through our profile page with info. We’ve never experienced this or had any reports…it could be due to incomplete transfer or server configuration.

Hi. I can’t find the AddThis plugin. I don’t need it so I just want to uninstall the plugin.

The AddThis custom code uses the flexi custom code extension and is in a module position named ‘addthis’ in your module manager. ~Thank you


Tested to work with jCart

Just want to share, I recently purchased this template and incorporated jCart as an e-commerce website. Working perfectly so far. Thank you.