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Hi, what is the left side tabs shorcode?


?Hi i upload the theme as my site. But the Responsive? on Apple is not working and can’t show the menu, On screen samsung is work as well. Please help me on this problem.

Please check your email.

Hi, I’ve been waiting a response in the support system for one month. Is there someone?

Can you send us your ticket ID ?

Don’t worry, I fixed with a developer.

is there any reason why my sites sidebars are so different from internet explorer where it looks fine, and chrome where it is off?

Please send your site URL to support@everislabs.com. Thank you.

I still haven’t heard back. Please update me.

I need help with the infobox. I’ve tried editing the stylesheet so that the boarder with the content is invisible/ transparent but it’s not working. It worked before but since I updated the style it’s not letting me now. Please see mediaray.co,uk/services and drop an email at samir@mediaray.co.uk

Thank you :)

Can you send us your site information to support@everislabs.com ? Thank you.

edited: problem solved, thanks anyway!


Gexso Purchased

Dear EverisLabs Team,

i’ve got a big problem since i updated Wordpress with your er-leaf theme to 4.5.2.

First and biggest problem: You tab feature just disappeared. It is still shown in the source code, but it isnt shown in the normal browser. How can I fix this? e.g: http://gexso.com/de/gexso-studie-technologiewandel-2014/globalisierung-aktuell/

Second and a big problem: Im using a plugin called pdf-embedder. After the update it isnt working anymore. The support team of the plugin told me that it is a common issue if the theme is outdated. e.g.: http://gexso.com/de/gexso-studie-2-0-herausforderungen-globaler-supply-chains-im-technologiewandel/

How can I fix this issues?

Is there any possibility for a current up-to-date version of your theme?

Hello, just wondering if you will have a theme update with an updated Revolution Slider. I think this is messing up my site when I try to migrate to PHP 7. Is a very old version. Thank you! Chris